There is a certain form of intimacy
that happens between silk and wool
– it’s called a marriage.
There are times when one partner stands in a silk bathrobe, restless
and pacing towards the other under the wool blanket
on the side of the couch, reclined in solid silence.
The silk suspects the way of silence of the wool
might be suspect, and the wool suspects the silk might be right,
though it is not the feelings that have changed
but the shapes we weave in and out of.
We often find ourselves arranged and re-arranged
together in these ways – pacing bathrobe; reclining blanket.
Because we share a home.
A space where the ties that bind us
do not depend on the seriousness of the dresses
or the threads of the mundane.
In such a space, there are certain coverings,
like pants and shirts and winter boots,
that we can take off
like the layers of ourselves
when we want to be closer than skins.
There are also other coverings,
like a wool blanket,
that is sometimes pulled over our faces and occasional fragilities of emotion.
It might seem like a shroud of indifference,
but there is never indifference between us,
it is only a pause.
The silk needs to be listened to
and it will be, inevitably
with a kindness and patience of rhythm,
we’ll be warm enough to pull the blankets off,
narrowing the distances between us.
And wool is stable weaving,
stable enough like history
to hold into its loving hands the gentleness
of ever-shaping silk.
This is the way we arrange and re-arrange
together after all. Tumbled together for many years
like silver in a polishing cloth,
learning our way of love,
we’re still shining.

A little more:

Just a few musings on the secret threads, the ties that bind us, and the soul and home shared between two people in a deeply loving and intimate relationship. The beginning of the poem is inspired by an essay by Briallen Hopper. The art featured is by Italian artist Pino Daeni whose paintings sweep me away in romanticism – and this one is called “Love”. You can also read my essay The Secret Threads to dive into the mystical world of love and destiny. 

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