for whom my sea
waves come

i kiss him
because i’m a water thing

Portofino, Italy

how far i’ve travelled
across the twists and turns and curves

our knot was knotted many lives ago
from a voice more ancient than us
more ancient than time

from a time before time beyond time

and still i sing the clothes off his body
towards me
as we become night

instinctive and sensual
we are in our moody cocoon

// i once danced for a boy
when skin was prayer
when the sun, sky and earth were
beneath the paws of the white bear

perhaps he was a god –
the one who kissed the lips of heavens
and then shape-shifted
into two rivers

divine and unfixed,
like faith
i kiss him
and i disappear

// tell me do you know when water actually begins?
is it vapour, ice, rivers, rainlife?

in the seas beyond skies

tongues too will gentle walls
like blue sugars it all melts

and he kisses me

and i kiss him

we disappear

because what is love
if not the thing into which we fall to disappear

where boundaries dissolve

or maybe he and i are just water things

creatures from the worlds of timelessness

eternal, lawless

with deep emotions and desires not known by those of only skin

and when soul touches soul on the lips
all kneels

it’s inevitable


Photography by Ibai Acevedo

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Cover art by Débora Rosa.