Dear heart,

Tonight, we’ll dive into the Feminine Mysteries as we begin our talk with the incarnation of higher souls, the stories of virgin births and the immaculate conception, and how conscious conception is possible. Then, we’ll discuss the power of the womb, sexual energy as manifestation, and why it is crucial for us as women to be mindful and discerning about what men we bring into our life.  

Let’s begin. 

Table of contents:

1. The Feminine Mysteries: Incarnation of a Higher Soul

  • Virgin Births and the Immaculate Conception: How is it possible?
  • The High Priestesses: Initiations and Purification
  • The Woman’s Womb as Soul Calling and Manifestor
  • Virgin Mary and her mother St. Anne
  • The Exalted Soults
  • When Child Empaths are Born
  • The Importance of Remembering

2. Power of the Womb

  • Why We Have To Be Mindful of the Men We Choose
  • Sexual Energy and Manifestation Power
  • A Ritual for Energetic Release 

    The Feminine Mysteries: Incarnation of a Higher Soul 

    To talk about the power of the womb, we must first begin with the ancient texts of the Feminine Mysteries. Many people believe that virgin births and the immaculate conception are just myths, and though we’ll never know it all for certain, and though it is almost impossible to do, it isn’t impossible. Whether we believe it or not, whether true or not, understanding the essence of these concepts allows for a deepening, a remembering, and an ability to apply important wisdoms and insights in our every day life as women.

    As a start, we need to clarify that Mary’s conception of Jesus Christ is what is known as “virgin birth”, i.e. without the sperm of a man, and the “immaculate conception” refers to Mary’s conception in the womb of her mother Anne, and Mary’s life thereafter free of sin.

    In theory, and scientifically as well including a few medical cases, virgin births are actually possible – though the chance of it happening for most people is close to zero. Of course, there are also those people who completely negate the immaculate conception, and then, there are those who attribute the birth of Jesus Christ with alien interference. I will share with you my own understanding on the subject – which is from the ancient texts of the feminine mysteries.

    People like Jesus Christ and Buddha were what is referred to as exalted souls, and were the human embodiment of Christ Consciousness, also known as Divine Love Consciousness. It is hard for an exalted soul to incarnate on earth because of the high vibration that it requires to be carried in the human womb, and some believed that it was precisely the ancient feminine mysteries of the high priestesses that hold the answers to these questions.

    These ancient feminine mysteries, as well as many other human consciousness mysteries, are lost or forgotten today for various reasons, but part of these mysteries was the birthing mysteries or the conscious conception of an exalted soul. This was the highest level of initiation for the high priestesses – one that they’d spend years trying to master and manifest. Many people might roll their eyes about virgin births, because our conditioned human understanding can’t really wrap its mind around these concepts, but this is actually possible if one raises their vibration to a really high frequency.

    High priestesses would devote their entire life towards raising their frequency to its highest possible level. Knowing the power of the sacral and the power of sexual energy as manifestation, they would be devoted to leading a life of purity – of high integrity and connection to heart. As the heart is the initiatory pathway to higher consciousness, this was the only way that they could connect to higher consciousness, and thereby, eventually, align their womb to higher souls.

    Purification was one of the main practices of priestesses from the mystery schools. In order for them to channel higher energy correctly they had to create a vessel within them of purity and stability of inner truth, so that inspired creativity and intuition can flow through them freely.

    The more pure you are, the higher energy you can hold and emit externally also.

    Some of the practices of purification were: generating holy emotions, which were all emotions related to the love vibration; living an authentic life; being of service to humanity and the community; clearing and balancing the emotional, physical and mental bodies; developing discernment and clarity of mind; developing a strong spiritual core; aligning to higher principles, values and integrity; harnessing sexual energy and opening the creative channel; and developing the high heart which is the consciousness of unconditional pure love, also known as the Christ consciousness. This then generated higher energy within their auric field, and they would be able to emit and attract from higher levels.

    You can read about how we can purify our own lives, increase our wellbeing, and lead more emotionally, spiritually and physically balanced lives, in my article Ways To Live in Purity.

    For us as women, the womb is our manifestation portal – we call in things through it, depending on our overall aura and energy. By creating a powerful vacuum in their womb, the priestesses would then be initiated as high priestesses as they could now be able to take in an exalted soul and carry it to birth, without physically conceiving. Remember: Like attracts like, and we attract based on our energy, and what our energy is able to hold, and sustain. Many people can be able to attract and manifest something, or someone, but as they don’t hold the energy aligned to *it*, it will then slip through their fingers like sand. So it is not only to attract, but also to sustain.

    The high priestesses would basically hold the frequency of heaven on earth, which is the frequency of the high heart or unconditional love, through which they would open a direct clear channel to Christ Consciousness to be received in their physical body as an “impulse” or stream.

    Christ Consciousness is the unconditional divine love consciousness, or God consciousness, which was embodied on earth by people like Jesus Christ and Buddha. Some people feel more comfortable calling it “Universal Consciousness” or love consciousness, because they don’t want to associate it with Christ or religion, or they are triggered by religion because of their own conditioning and unhealed experiences, and that’s okay. It is irrelevant what one chooses to call it. The essence is the what matters, and it is the same regardless of the name. But just to clarify: Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with religion.

    You can read all about the Christ Consciousness in my article Understanding Christ Consciousness: Timelines, Evolution, Divine Love and The Human Heart.

    It is this stream of consciousness that is known as immaculate, because it is of divine unconditional love; it is free of programming, free of ego, fear of fear, fear of doubt, free of limitations, and free of restrictions.

    The truth is that we all have the ability to tap into this energy and receive it, but whether we can accept it or not, depends on our own capacity to hold it – which in turn, depends on how far along we are on our spiritual, or ascension, path. Is it possible? Yes. But it takes a lot of inner work, connection to heart, higher faith, purification, and devotion.

    Conscious conception was one of the most sacred things that a high priestess could do and if the frequency was high enough, it could be immaculate. Mary was one of the names that would be given to high priestesses, and it is believed that Virgin Mary was the high priestess initiated. Mary’s mother, Saint Anne, was a highly spiritual woman and a mystic who laid the foundations for Mary’s life free of sin and inspired by higher knowledge, values and the purity of unconditional love – so that Mary could then carry the Christ Consciousness and give birth to Jesus.

    Anne raised her daughter in a way that allowed her to then experience something so unbelievable and be able to stand her ground and move forward in love, trust and devotion, despite the resistances and judgments that she faced from other people. It also allowed Mary to raise Jesus in a loving and open-minded way, holding the space for him to fulfill his own soul mission. Each step of our way is part of the Divine Plan and High Order. Nothing is not as it should. 

    You can read all about St. Anne, child contracts and if we choose our parents in my article The Grandmother of Jesus and Divine Plans

    When there is a natural aligning between morality and spirit, a high priestess could be initiated and then begin her work towards achieving the high frequency to bring a higher soul into her womb. Isis and Horus, and Mary and Jesus, were the same mystery teachings repeating themselves through the different phases of consciousness.

    The stories of the virgin birth and the immaculate conception are not just stories – they are a reminder about the power of human resonance to higher spirit and building our own inner essence and energy towards higher consciousness. When our heart is opened with unconditional love, our possibilities are infinite.

    The heart is the initiatory pathway for higher consciousness.

    When an exalted soul is born, also called a high-born, they are a gift to humanity; they are as loving, empathic and compassionate as humanly possible because they come in for a specific higher purpose of taking on all of humanity’s pain into their physical body and transforming it, to release humanity from its pain and evolve the collective consciousness further.

    And when we say “high-born” or “high soul” we don’t mean that they are “better” than other human beings – all children are miracles and gifts, and are initially of high vibrational energy coming into physical form. What we mean is that high soul essences are those who don’t have the same karmic limitations of most other incarnated souls. And for them to incarnate, they need the womb to match their higher vibrational energy – otherwise they can’t be pulled in, and be birthed.

    The more purified a woman is, the more receptive she’ll be to higher essences to enter her and be ensouled through her womb. And this isn’t only for children – this is about anything else she’ll want to pull into her life as an experience. Once the soul is pulled in, it will be imbued with the consciousness of the mother – and it would carry within itself her mystical wisdoms and intuition to serve humanity and move it forward into its evolution.

    The lineage of many priestess initiates of the high souls was actually Venusian, and Jesus himself said that he was “of the Venus star”. This was/is the consciousness of the high heart, love, compassion, empathy, intuition and all feminine mysteries. For more on that, you can read my article on The Venus Consciousness. During the times when women would feel that the patriarchy will take over, many of the priestesses gave birth to boy children, so that they become guardians and bring forth the feminine mysteries, so that they are not lost or destroyed completely.

    In many traditions around the world, and in the old days, when a child empath or intuitive was born, the entire family celebrated them in deep gratitude and joy; they knew of the precious gift that’s been given to them and the entire community because through the sensitive high vibrational field of the child, the wounds, pain and ancestral karma could be healed and transmuted. And so they would all treasure the child, nourish its sensitivity, encourage and develop its intuitive and extra-sensory perception abilities, and protect its loving, compassionate nature. Nowadays, people step all over these gifts and children grow up with lack of affection and understanding, which is the reason for humanity’s disconnection from heart and feeling.

    Spiritually impure people cannot perceive the spiritually pure – they think they do but they can’t. The consciousness they resonate with is denser and they can’t perceive something else. People only see through their own prisms; they can’t see past their own lives and they can’t see through their own judgments. Jesus embodied unconditional love on earth, just like Buddha and other Masters, and yet people doubted him and didn’t recognize the love that he carried. Nowadays people continue to be ignorant and unconscious; in fact, many will even get angry at someone who is loving and kind; they just can’t resonate with something of a higher energy and this deeply triggers their shadows, so they act out.

    I’ve read theories about how Jesus Christ was born of alien interference or genetic manipulation, or of course, that women’s wombs are irrelevant and not powerful, and nowadays, even unneeded for birth. Our beliefs are our own, but the question I need us all to ask ourselves is this:

    What happens to our consciousness when we think that exalted souls can only be incarnated through alien interference, genetic mutations or not at all? What happens to our consciousness when we think that so-called miraculous events cannot be explained and so we pass them aside saying “well, it’s not true, it’s impossible, it’s just a coincidence”? What happens to our consciousness when we negate or diminish the power that we already hold?

    We forget.

    We forget who we are.

    We forget our past and what we are capable of.

    We forget the power of our own consciousness, and our ability to co-create and manifest.

    We forget that the greatest power we hold is the purity of our heart.

    Photography by Maxime Simoncelli

    Power of the Womb

    Like we already discussed, the woman’s womb is really important and women should protect their energy and be very discerning about what kinds of people they allow into their lives. The more purified we are, the more receptive we’ll be to higher essences to enter us and be ensouled through us – or just be attracted to and held by us. Feminine energy is receptive, attractive and it absorbs all in itself. Souls come into the womb based on resonance and energetic vibration of the woman. But the souls can sometimes be an an extension of the consciousness of the mother and the father.

    Purely energetically, any soul will only be able to be carried by the womb of a woman who is on a similar vibrational frequency. This is also why women who are of high vibration will attract many lower vibrational men who want to get them pregnant. When a man gets a woman pregnant, he essentially binds an energetic bond with her energy created by the child they’ll share – and in this way, he’ll be able to “feed” his energy through the bond continuously. And because the child will be imbued by the consciousness of the mother, including all her wisdom and intuition, he’ll be increasing his own energy and consciousness also.

    In the old days, men paid money to impregnate virgins because as a virgin the woman hasn’t had her energy tainted by other men, and the purity of her consciousness will be imbued on both the man and the child she’ll have with him. This is also why priestesses would not necessarily be celibate, though many were at least for a few years to cleanse their energy, and then, they’d be very selective about the men they’ll choose to have sex with for pleasure. In your own life, you can learn to harness your sexual energy and channel it into your creative projects – and see for yourself how your energy will change as you become more selective with sexual partners.

    Articles to consider are: Ways to Purify Your Life, The Spiritual Secrets of Sexual Energy, and Evolution of Consciousness and Sacred Sexuality

    Sometimes as women, our emotions get the best of us. But be mindful. Is this really the right person for you? Is this the man who would love and nurture you too? Is this the man you choose as father of your child? Remember that as women when we have sex with someone, we are ultimately merging energies, and absorbing their karma also. So be mindful with whom you share yourself sexually with. And sometimes our lips can say “no” but our soul says “yes”. We need to be mindful about that and know ourselves and our intentions clearly – because if the soul says “yes” it’s a “yes” as far as soul contracts as concerned. So if this man isn’t the one you feel is right and good for you, be clear on a soul level, and cleanse yourself of the energetic binds.

    Another thing to keep in mind is our sexual energy, which comes through our sacral chakra and womb. Our sexual energy is our life force energy and our creative energy. Children is not the only thing we create as women – we also birth creative projects, ideas, books, songs, music and ventures. So when a psychic sees a “birth” in our aura because of its high creative vibration, this may manifest not only as a child birth, but also with you publishing a book for example.

    Our sexual energy is also the strongest and most powerful manifestor. It is a snapshot of spirit matter that materializes. It is a spark of strong current that at the time of orgasm goes out into being, gathering all our existing energy into itself.

    What this means is that – when we are being sexual we are ultimately solidifying everything else in our life in that moment of time.

    We must remember that – how we practice our sexuality is essentially how we practice what we are materializing in our life.

    Every time we are sexual with someone, we are ultimately merging and absorbing their energy into our own field, because during sexual intercourse we are at our most vulnerable state. Especially for a woman, this is how she pulls in another spirit into her womb. I cannot stress this enough –

    It is absolutely important for women to be more discerning about who they choose as their intimate partners.

    A ritual for release.

    If there is a man you are currently energetically bonded with, and are having a hard time letting go of, you can try this simple cleansing ritual. Will that cause harm? No. Will it cut the energetic cords? No, I don’t believe in that. Will he feel it? If he is intuitive, he might feel a pull back of your energy, which in turn, might trigger him to “keep you”. Will he contact me again? Maybe, depends on his own will and feelings. So why do it? This ritual is about you, not him. You would do it to clear your mind, and to set an intention, which you’ll then dedicate towards, and reinforce with your own actions.

    The ritual: If you menstruating, on the first day of your menstruation, write his name on a piece of paper, with the intention of letting him go in peace, so that your mind is clear and not obsessive about him. Make sure though that you do this with love in your heart and not wishing him anything unwell – as all comes back. Fold the paper three times, each time holding love in your heart and gratitude for the times you did share once, because all people are purposeful on our path and have brought us something of value. Then, put the paper under your pad. Keep putting him under each new pad until the end of your cycle. When your period ends, hold love and graitude again as you hold the paper, and discart it, not looking back. Of course, you then have to continue supporting your path forward with your actions. If he rings you, which he might because he’ll feel your energy pulling away, don’t be running all back to him or giving him mixed signals.

    As an alternative, you can try a spiritual bath to cleanse and clear your energy and aura, which I write all about in my article The Art of Spiritual Baths. 

    Art by Freydoon Rassouli.

    Closing thoughts.

    Whether or not the concepts and theories from the Feminine Mysteries are true or not, whether or not it was possible for higher souls to be born miraculously, whether we believe it or not, is actually not important. And we’ll never know it all anyway. What matters is the essence of these – because it is about energy, intention and will.

    Feminine energy is powerful and we must understand and recognize how powerful it is. As women we attract, draw in, and like a vacuum we pull in things and people towards us. Some of these will be great, while others may not be appropriate for us at that moment. The saying “You attract what you are” doesn’t imply that if you attract something “not good”, that means you are “not good”. A big part of “who and what we are” is knowing and discerning who and what we are not.

    People nowadays swipe left and right, scroll and scroll, and make choices that aren’t necessarily conscious and heart-aligned. So if there is anything you could take away from this talk today, may it be this: Be clear in your intention and heart, and align it to your actions. And when something comes in to your life, practice discernment and your free will of choice. Choose wisely. Choose not only with lips, choose with your soul also. For it is ultimately our every day choices that shape our path forward.

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