Due to the sensitivity of the topic, the content on this page is private and a part of a paid lecture. Available for purchase only, contact me for details. 

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Sample Table of Contents:

1. The Feminine Mysteries: Incarnation of a Higher Soul

  • Virgin Births and the Immaculate Conception: How is it possible?
  • The High Priestesses: Initiations and Purification
  • Conscious Conception: The Woman’s Womb as Soul Calling and Manifestor
  • Virgin Mary and her mother St. Anne
  • The Exalted Soults
  • When Child Empaths are Born
  • The Importance of Remembering

2. Power of the Womb & Sexual Energy

  • Why We Have To Be Mindful of the Men We Choose To Be Intimate With
  • Magnetic Manifesting for Women
  • The Spiritual Secrets of Sexual Energy
  • Quantum Entanglement and How It Affects You
  • Soul Ties and A Ritual for Energetic Release
  • Spiritual Bath Rituals for both Protection/Cleansing + Attraction/Manifesting
  • A Sacred Prayer for Psychic Protection