“I am my beloved’s and my beloved’s mine” ~ Song of Songs, 6:3

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About + Table of Contents: 

Mystic Nights is a storytelling series in which I sit down to share and cultivate a sacred space for mysticism, esoteric understanding, philosophical principles and ancient magical wisdom. Tonight, we’ll talk all about love – about Twin Souls and what I call, The Eternal Lovers. My Mystic Nights series are inspired by my conversations throughout the years with renowned mystics, Shamans, philosophers, esoteric astrologers and famous clairvoyants, as well as my own knowledge, intuitive insights and mystical experiences. 

What I find beautiful about the concept of twin flames and what I want to leave you with, dear reader, isn’t about how to find one – because that’s something that may happen naturally anyway as you progress on your soul evolution – but rather to unveil and understand the essence of this deep soul heart connection, the many layers of wisdoms that it holds within it, and embody this beautiful love applying it in our everyday gestures and life – as we become more loving and more compassionate human beings. It is my belief, that all relationships can be meaningful, purposeful and truly special, regardless of the word definitions we give them, and we should allow ourselves to be experienced through them. Love is always a blessing, it is always a gift. And/but when we are blessed to share a sacred love with another person, this is something we must truly treasure in our heart for always and forever, regardless of the name we choose to give it – because our eternal beloved is a seed of God. Love, and God, are not a concept – these are an inner experience available to us to be experienced in the present moment. The way towards twin flames, soulmates and all deep soul bonds is to embody the frequency of heaven on earth – built in the church of your skin, in your heart.

This lecture will allow you an opportunity for a deepening, as you come into more love and more understanding about what true love really is, the higher purpose of sacred relationships and how to build deeper intimacy.


Table of contents:

  • Introduction: The Secret Threads
  • What is love?
  • The song of alchemy
  • The masculine and the feminine aspects of love
  • Twin flames in popular media
  • When I first learned about it
  • Plato’s Symposium and the sacred belly energy
  • What are twin flames?
  • New births, the feminine mysteries and conscious conception
  • Noli me tangere: Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene
  • The higher purpose of twin flame relationships
  • Different views: oppositions, misconceptions, and romanticism
  • Why is esoteric knowledge hidden
  • Travel of the soul: How a soul “splits”
  • Why we choose to incarnate
  • Plutonic relationships versus authentic twin flames
  • Signs and astrological markers of twin flame relationships
  • How does it feel to meet them?
  • Why we don’t meet them when we’re “ready”?
  • The courting dance of hawks
  • How do we meet them?
  • How angels speak, true lovers speak
  • Along the way, their image within us
  • The warm heart and our right partner
  • Along the way, their guiding hand
  • When eternal lovers meet
  • Telepathy and Quantum Entanglement
  • Conclusion: The beloved is a seed of God

Q&A at end of lecture:

1) What can I do if my twin flame and I can’t be together because of circumstances?

2) What can I do if I am in a marriage or relationship with someone with whom I don’t feel a sacred love and deep intimacy?

3) How can I meet my soul’s partner?