“I am my beloved and my beloved’s mine” ~ Song of Songs 6:3

Dear heart,

This is part two of my series Mystic Nights. Think of it as nightly stories where I sit down to share and cultivate a sacred space for mysticism, esoteric understanding, philosophical principles and ancient magical wisdom. May it be of benefit to you wherever you are in your life. In the first series, Trust and Signs Along The Way, we talked about how to find answers and listen to our heart. Tonight, let’s talk about love – about Twin Souls and what I call, The Eternal Lovers. My Mystic Nights series are inspired by my conversations throughout the years with renowned mystics, Shamans, philosophers and clairvoyants, as well as sharing my own knowledge and mystical experiences. 

What I find beautiful about the concept of twin flames and what I want to leave you with, dear reader, isn’t about how to find one or what the signs are – but rather to unveil and understand the essence of this soul heart connection, the many layers of wisdoms that it holds within it, and embody this beautiful love applying it in our everyday gestures and life – as we become more loving and more compassionate human beings. It is my belief, that all relationships are meaningful and purposeful and truly special, regradless of the word definitions we give them, and we should allow ourselves to be experienced through them. Love is always a blessing, it is always a gift. And when we find ourselves sharing a sacred love with another person, this is something we must treasure in our heart for always and forever, regardless of its name. And remember: Love, and God, are not a concept – it is an inner experience available for us to be experienced in the present moment. 

Let’s begin.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction: The Secret Threads
  • What is love?
  • The song of alchemy
  • Twin flames in popular media
  • When I first learned about it
  • Plato’s Symposium and the sacred belly
  • What are twin flames?
  • New births and conscious conception
  • Noli me tangere: Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene
  • The higher purpose of twin soul relationships
  • Different views: oppositions, misconceptions, and romanticism
  • Why is esoteric knowledge hidden?
  • Travel of the soul
  • Why do we choose to incarnate?
  • Plutonic relationships versus authentic twin flames
  • Markers of twin flame relationships
  • How does it feel?
  • Why we don’t meet them when we’re “ready”?
  • The courting dance of hawks
  • How do we meet them?
  • How angels speak, true lovers speak
  • Along the way, their image within us
  • The warm heart and our right partner
  • Along the way, their guiding hand
  • When eternal lovers meet (Telepathy and soul recognition)
  • Conclusion: The beloved is a seed of God

It’s a secret only our heart knows. A mystical calling of love that weaves and spreads like the air all around us pulling us towards itself. It’s a desire burning with an eternal flame. It’s as ancient as the beginning when we built our heavens. 

And then there we are … throughout our life not really knowing why we love something or why we were drawn to a face, to a voice, to hands, or how we even came this far, but we feel it more than one life should allow. It makes sense to us even when we don’t understand why. It runs as a stream in our being, woven in and through our soul.

It’s these secret invisible threads of destiny that pull us forward in life, in the form of desires, as we go deeper into the unknown; it’s all the times when our eyes shift towards the distance as if we are looking for something, waiting for something, watching for something, listening for something.

What are we seeking?

A psychic once told me: The one looking for you is the one you are looking for.

We feel like it’s a part of us, in us, though we’ve never had it in our hands – not yet. That thing that deeply possessed our soul. Along the way there were hints of it: glimpses of almost but not yet, of almost but not exactly, of childhood echoes that faded away yet still lingered catching our ears in the wind-blown leaves. The desires that pulled us so wholebodily and wholeheartedly even when it didn’t make any sense were the secret threads connecting. Until one day we find ourselves before the landscape, which embodies everything that we have been looking for our entire life, and the echo that called us for so long swells into the sound itself.

And we know.

Here, finally, is the one I was made for.

It is difficult to know when love begins; it is less difficult to know it has begun” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What is love?

Love is everything.

It is what gives life meaning. Love is a sense of being. Love is what makes sense and why everything is happening. It is the answer to all the questions, even those we don’t know how to ask yet. It is the immortal face of our beloved imprinted on our souls beyond death. It is our soul’s recognition when we meet the eyes of our eternal lover. Love is what gives us meaning. Love is what matters to us most deeply. Love is why we are living and it is our sole purpose to express and experience love wholebodily and wholehearedtly.

On a deep level, we are always yearning and seeking for union and togetherness because this is where we came from. And we will always long to connect to someone or something, because it is precisely this desire that inspires our soul to grow and evolve.

Love has many shapes, speeds and movements.

Compassion, joy, forgiveness and openness are all just different shapes of love, different movements of love, different speeds of love. When we express them through our actions, we become fully embodied in love, allowing the divine to breathe through us and mold us into the one we were always meant to be. And when love isn’t embodied, through our lips and through our hands, it is remains only a beautiful idea floating in the sky. We have to be able to build love, contain love and emit love.

Love is the song of alchemy. 

The alchemical union between fire and water symbolizes the unification of opposites. This is the binding process of love – the melting of contradictions and transforming two into one, to merge and give birth to a new state of being.

The lovers represent the two opposites who yearn for and are immensely attracted to one another. This duality is reflected in every aspect of existence and is existentially experienced in our human relationships. Every attempt to merge with another is an expression of the passionate urge to re-establish the oneness from which we all came from.

Psychologically, each partner in a relationship usually mirrors the emotional, mental and spiritual condition of the other. In other words, our partner usually mirrors the unfulfilled, undeveloped and unconscious aspects of ourselves; what we feel is missing within us, we’ll see in the other, to be awakened. In this process, we come closer to ourselves and our true essence, as this earthly experience allows for more depth. This doesn’t mean “like attracts like” always. To know ourselves, we also need to know who we are not. Some partners of ours will exhibit qualities that are not our own – and by the way we respond and react to the situation, we’ll know ourselves deeper.

To integrate all of our parts and aspects, we need to be willing to fall completely into love – into all of its dimensions and humaly manifestations of joy, bliss, pain, struggle and the abyss of uncertainty, necessary for growth.

Love is the song of alchemy – opposing forces of water and fire perfectly align together. And somehow it always makes sense, as this sacred union, as we, become the sweetest elixir of everlasting life.

Love transforms us. We become softer, more tender, kinder and more forgiving. I’ve seen some of the hardest men become romantic and gentle in the feet of their beloved.

Ludwig van Beethoven once famously wrote in a letter to, what he called his Immortal Beloved:

You, my Life, my All, never doubt the faithfullest heart of your beloved. Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours.    

True passionate destined love has fascinated us throughout history; we long for it, desire it, need it and it gives us life. It is our guiding star. And in many ways, we are destined for emotional impact. Many mystics and spiritual teachers will say that it is precisely our devotion to love that is our greatest purpose.

And I believe that love was created so that we disappear in it; love exists so that we surrender completely into it and through its shedding of our layers and identities, we will come to our true essence of oneness, and of unconditional divine love.

The truth is, there are no definitions when the heart speaks.

There are no “signs” or shoulds or even question marks; when the heart speaks, it knows and we follow it. Whether one chooses to call it a twin flame, a twin soul, a soulmate, “the one”, the beloved or the eternal lover, it is irrelevant. Love is felt deeply in the heart, in the soul, and if we listen closely, we know. 

The what or why don’t matter in the emotional and spiritual landscapes where no words would ever suffice, where no words ever mattered. In fact, when you meet your true beloved, you’ll just know, and no definitions would matter anyway. Because when we love, we love, and don’t need validation to love someone on such a deep soul level. It’s inevitable, undeniable and insatiable. 

In our talk this evening we will discuss and unveil the mystical secrets about the twin flames, though I want us to all remember that love is love is love – and what matters is, regardless of whether we believe in twin flames or not, to believe in something beautiful, sacred, pure and greater than us; to believe in a northern star guiding us along the way and align ourselves to a higher principle such as tenderness, kindness, compassion and forgiveness. We believe in so many things, such as fears, doubts, insecurities, propaganda, and the mainstream media, so why not believe in something divine like love – in something that ultimately makes us better human beings.  

Twin Flames In Popular Media  

Twin flames became more known and discussed in the media around 2014. Prior to that, they were mainly mentioned among spiritual groups, though even then, that concept was rarely touched upon. Google results from 2000 show very little in the way of search results for twin flames, with nearly every one of them being linked to spiritual or psychic websites. And suddenly, today, we hear about twin flames everywhere. There are songs about them, magazine articles talking about them, and suddenly “everyone” is an expert giving advice on what are the signs of meeting them. Twin flames have become a popular subject and a debate, often hysterical, among the young generation, where unfortunately some people defend toxic relationships as being a twin flame journey, or just putting a trophy on their relationships, as if one love is more important than another.

In my opinion, all loves and relationships are meaningful, and there is no need to categorize them, because by doing that, we are ultimately robbing ourselves of the beauty of love and exploring another person.  

Another thing that happens is that when something is minimized to a popular click-bait meme on social media, retold and recreated many times, it ultimately loses its true essence. And when there is so much dilusion, hysteria and non-sense attached to a certain topic, knowledgeable people begin to hesitate even talking about it because the information begins to be twisted and misinterpreted even further.  

Among the noise in popular media, we must remember what the nature of twin souls is – and it is about unconditional love; about a love that doesn’t hurt, doesn’t abuse, doesn’t possess nor dominate nor control. Twin soul love, and all true sacred relationships, raise us towards our highest self, towards God, towards believing in the greatest power in our existence which is eternal love. Such sacred love gives us power, inspiration, passion, devotion, and purpose. It is mutual. And it is already with you, inside of you, because you are already together.

When we only look at the surface level of something and are interested in it only until it fits our own narrative, which is what happens with the popularization of spiritual concepts, and simplification of wisdom as social media memes, we miss the essence of it, and we fail to have an inner experience of it thereby expanding our own knowledge. 

This is what happens to us – we get lazy, we simplify things, we watch Youtube videos and read five minute posts to “enlighten” ourselves, and then walk around thinking we know everything about something, so no need to actually learn about it. We miss so much. This is how we lose ourselves. And this is how humanity fails to evolve.    

My intention this evening is to remind us all about the essence of twin souls, because I believe that remembering this kind of love is what we all need today. And whether it manifests in itself fully and physically as our one, or partly through other people’s faces, lips, gestures and hands, love is always a blessing, it is a gift.

Art by Lee Boogle

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul, so as to unite him to source. A man’s highest calling is to protect woman, so as she is free to walk the earth unharmed.” ~ Cherokee proverb

The first time when I learned about twin flames was many years ago from a Shamanic teacher Dakota Earth Cloud Walker. This sacred love felt so right to me, it felt so known to me deep in my soul – even though I had never heard of that specific definition. Truth be told, I’ve never obsessed about it, nor have I looked for mine, and I can’t even say whether I fully believe or not believe in the “twin flame” terminology. Perhaps it’s because I really don’t define love or my lovers in that way, and I truly treasure all my past intimate relationships. But what I will say is that ever since I was a little girl, as far back as I could remember, I’ve believed in eternal love, sacred love, destined love – a love so powerful beyond all time and space, undeniable and inevitable – a love that when two souls are meant to meet, nothing on earth will prevent their meeting, no distance will be too far, no time will be too long. It’s the eternal lovers, the immortal beloveds

The concept of twin flames though caught my attention and since it felt true and multi-layered I wanted to dig into it further. And the more I dug into the mystical texts, and ancient scriptures, the more I saw that this was something experienced and known throughout history and throughout many cultures and belief systems. From Plato, to Sufism, Shamanism, folklore, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Esoteric Christianity – so many ancient mysticism texts talked about twin souls, and how the soul splits to enter the earthly realm of duality and reincarnates for the purposes of evolutionary growth through divine eternal love. Most of the knowledge and teachings I’ll share in this article come from the scriptures of Peter Dunoff, also known as Master Beinsa Douno, who was a famous Bulgarian philosopher and spiritual teacher from the late 19th century, as well as the renowned American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce.  

The most important thing about twin souls that I want us all to remember is that through deep love we come back to our kindness, compassion, tenderness, generosity and true love. So believe in love, believe in its power, believe that it moves through you and there is someone loving you and yearning for you just as you have dreamt of them and longed for them your entire life perhaps. Don’t suffice for pain disguised as love. Look up towards your guiding star, look deep within your heart, and your heart will tell you your truth – then, all we must do is follow it. True love will always lead us where we are meant to go. The heart knows, always

Because love, when it’s true and pure, regardless of its shape or form, is everything; it is our lifeline.     

Plato’s Symposium 

One of the most popular originators of the idea of twin flames is from the Symposium by the Greek Philosopher Plato, somewhere around 385 BC.

In the Symposium, Plato presents the theory as Aristophanes, in which he explains that the original human has four arms, four legs, a single heart, a single head with two faces and two sets of genitalia. These original humans were what we now call twin flames, and there were supposedly 72,000 twin flames. It is said in the Symposium that they had great power, which ultimately became a threat to the gods; their great power was their unconditional love which is what makes humans immortal, eternal and powerful beyond belief. However, the gods knew that they couldn’t really destroy them completely because these humans were their energy source, which is vital to the survival of the gods in the higher dimensions; and so Zeus decided to split each original human into two. Eventually the two’s became incredibly sad because of their separation from one another, and they started to die, thereby causing the gods to lose their energy source. Apollo came to the rescue and began sewing them back together; the belly button was the only remaining sign of their original form and it was said that they would forever desire to reunite with their other half, throughout time and space.

In The Symposium, Plato describes the intense characteristic of this kind of sacred beloved’s bond, saying, “…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment.”

The belly button holds great symbolism; it is the root of our consciousness and the way to oneness; it is the gate of the spirit. In early theory, the navel is known to contain the DNA of our soul, and therefore, it also contains “our original brain” as well as our personal Sat Yug. Our navel consciousness, or Sat Yug, is the space which is all, has all, and knows all. In Zen philosophy, our navel is where monks say they “think”. The navel is the entry and the exit of the soul; at birth, our umbilical cord is what still connects us to oneness, and as it is cut, we enter the duality of this incarnation. According to Yug Rishi Shriram Sharma, the navel is “the doorstep of the divine powers” and is the nucleus of the soul-based consciousness. 

What are Twin Flames?

The idea of twin flames is that each soul has its own spiritual correspondence or twin, which is their exact polar opposite – and though each is unique and whole on its own, they share the same soul’s purpose. When the soul was created, it was manifested from the infinite source in the image of God, as one. Before incarnating on Earth for the first time, the soul split into two in order to enter duality. One twin was polarized in yin, or the female soul, and the other in yang, the male soul.

In other words – since Earth is a plane of duality, we must go from oneness to duality, and so we enter it as a projection split into two the first time in the beginning of our incarnation cycle. We project only half of our whole soul, either our yin or the yang. 

We then go through our rebirths feeling as if a part of us is missing, because we came from oneness, and yet it is precisely this desire to merge into our oneness that always pushes us towards soul growth. 

As a yin projection, we will always look for our yang complementing counterpart, and vice versa. We will look for it externally among the other incarnated souls, and yet our true beloved is already within us.

Something important to remember is: We are not incomplete without our twin soul, and our twin soul is not identical to our soul.

By merging and marrying our inner yin and yang, we become better lovers in our lives and experience deeper connections on Earth. There are specific times during the rebirth cycles of our soul evolution when our twin soul will be incarnated into the physical form also – and yet our inner beloved is still within us. This is because physical projection does not affect our spirit-mind dynamics. Wholeness remains in the unseen essence of our being, which is within us. While physical projection in this realm’s duality is temporary, our essence is eternal.   

We all have a twin soul, and angels have a twin soul also. Once separated into two sparks, flames, or streams of consciousness, each twin evolved on their own throughout their rebirths. At some point during their soul evolution, they will be able to recognize one another again, and meet physically on Earth.

Each of the twins has left a particle of the other; and their energy has forever imprinted on their souls, which is why they are always connected through their heart because the heart is the initiatory pathway to higher consciousness, and their souls will recognize each other upon meeting. They are connected in eternity. Twin souls embody a deep unconditional love that is eternal, pure, and in its highest form.

This kind of love is divine and sacred in nature, and through its expression and embodiment, the universe awakens. It is said that thanks to the merciful will of the creator, twin flames vibrating on all frequencies will reunite to restore the oneness of all creation, destroy duality and evolve consciousness to its next level.

Many people believe that humanity is on the verge of a quantum leap of consciousness through which our planet will ascend from the third to the fifth dimension. This inspires the enlightened to connect with each other and take responsibility for the higher level of consciousness. 

Edgar Casey predicted that by the end of the Age of Aquarius we would have become an entirely telepathic civilization, which is what the nature of twin souls is. This is a state of consciousness of the fifth dimension, which is all about unconditional love and the high heart; and twin souls have a special contribution to the unity of the individual and the collective consciousness. It is their eternal love that transforms everyone else around them.

New Births

It was said that in the future, as consciousness evolved even more, more twin souls will begin uniting on Earth but they will not be born in the same body; they will continue to be born in separate bodies though they will have one common body that will unite them. With their separate bodies, they will function as two poles in the larger body. This larger body that will unite them will be finer, thinner and invisibly envelop their two bodies with its powerful forces. Through that body, they will be enveloped in light and exchange light with each other; and from the sphere formed, streams of consciousness will be born that will surround them.

The day will come when through this, the twin souls will birth children in different ways than now. Anything that the husband conveys to his wife, through this light body surrounding them, will be absorbed by her in its greatest purity – and this purity will attract into her womb the soul of their child. Naturally, this child will have the perfect alignment with its parents. When the soul of the child appears in the energetic field of the woman, she will receive fluid in her solar plexis that will envelop the child, and a few minutes later, the child will appear before its parents, looking just like them.

This is not something new. In the old days, high priestesses were able to conceive without sexual intercourse, or man’s sperm, because of the power of their womb and their spiritual advancement. This is also how many people believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by Mary who was believed to be a high priestess initiate. Mary’s mother, Anne, was a known mystic and high initiate who too conceived Mary immaculately. It was through Anne’s womb and highly evolved energy, that she could hold and raise a child of high principle and purity such as Mary, who would then be able to materialize the high soul of Jesus Christ in her womb.   

As per the women mysteries, high priestesses would devote their entire life towards raising their frequency to their highest possible level, by leading a pure life of high integrity and connection to heart, so that they could connect to a higher consciousness and thereby align their womb to various star systems. By creating such a powerful vacuum in their womb, they would be able to take in an exalted soul without physical conception. They basically held the frequency of heaven on earth, which was opening a direct clear channel to God for Christ consciousness to be received as an impulse.

High priestesses would focus on purification cereminoes, and generating and building holy emotions, which are all emotions based on unconditional divine love. They lived by high moral and high principle based upon truth and spiritual integrity, and devoted their lives towards developing intuition, higher consciousness and living in loveThis takes a lot of inner work, connection to heart, higher faith and devotion.

Conscious conception was one of the most sacred things that a high priestess could do and if the frequency was high enough, it could be immaculate. When there is a natural aligning between morality and spirit, a high priestess could be initiated and then begin her work towards achieving the high frequency needed to bring a higher soul into her womb. Of course, for something like this to happen, the woman’s energy has to be very pure, so to become a vessel of attracting and materializing spirit in her womb.

Since twin souls activate our higher consciousness through the initiatory portal of our heart, such a sacred union also serves as a purification force and speeds up our alignment to the frequency of the Christ consciousness. This is because when united with our twin soul, we are essentially uniting with God.   

Noli me tangere

In western new age philosophy, it is usually discussed that Jesus Christ had a twin soul incarnated; some say it was his mother Mary, and others say it was Mary Magdalene. The argument that it was his mother Mary is that both of them incarnated without physical conception, and this thought was mainly argued by Edgar Cayce. A more popular idea is that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ true twin flame.

What do I believe?

It is not up to me to say what is true and what isn’t, and personally I don’t think anyone could ever know for certain all there is to know in the spiritual realms, especially about twin souls and the life of Jesus Christ. I don’t think we are meant to know it all anyway. But rather than getting stuck on which theory could be right, what I think the question should be is:

What is the higher purpose of twin twin souls?

Because once we understand the essence of the relationship, all else is just an avatar or a possible manifestation of it. And it is understanding the essence of things, that allows for greater awareness and expansion of perception, which is what spiritual growth is based upon.

The higher purpose is a twin soul relationship is unconditional sacred love. Through that love, we align to a higher truth, and to God. And there is a mutual evolutionary soul growth.

Back in the day, and it was actually shortly after I had learned about twin flames, I came across a passage from the Bible, which talked about how after Jesus’ crucifixion, Mary Magdalene went to visit his grave, saw him ascended, and in the hopes to touch him again, she reached out her hands towards him, and he said:

Noli me tangere.

Noli me tangere means don’t touch me, or cease holding on to me.

Why did he say this? In this simple phrase, we see the enormity of unconditional love, of the link between human beings and heavens, of how we must transcend the physical and allow love to be a bond of heart to heart. This love is the only one that would fulfill us rather than basing love on a sexual relationship. It is eternal, it is immortal and it is more powerful than anything else in the universe.

There are many theologists who still argue whether Jesus and Magdalene had a sexual relationship and I find this quite irrelevant. Whether they did or not, is not important. Through him, she expanded her heart and had a safe space of acceptance for who she truly was; someone who saw past her past and image, and loved her for her heart, and inspired her to be the best version of herself. And through her, he perhaps had to face his own human mind biases or the judgments from other people who would see a woman prostitute as one of his devoted followers. Both of them, in their own ways, opened their hearts for more love to come in.

I may not know many things, but I know a woman’s heart when she is in love. Whether it is with her parents, children, God or a man, her heart expands, opens wide and her love becomes eternal, immortal and gives her such power and strength that she can lift mountains and trucks with her bare hands. This is where faith resides. Such love is a stability within the core of us, through which a vessel is created; through which inspired creativity flows continuously.

Love is what transforms us into better humans.

And when love speaks through our lips, we speak like angels.    

Different Views on Twin Flames

Before moving on we should understand the many different views on twin souls by spiritual teachers and mystics, both opposing and supportive of the concept. This will give us some context and background on the reasons why some discuss the topics while others don’t, even if they know of it.

Those who may believe but choose not to share it:

Some teachers believe that while twin souls exist, they should not be emphasized in their teachings – and the reason is that human nature is to almost immediately romanticize something, especially something as tempting as “the other half of our soul”, and the teachers didn’t want these spiritual concepts to be romanticized. For example, the famous esotericist, philosopher, social reformer and clairvoyant, Rudolf Steiner believed in the existence of twin souls but didn’t want to discuss it for these reasons.

A lot of people nowadays turn to spirituality to escape or to heal – and because of that vulnerability in the students, many spiritual teachers are careful with what they choose to share and when. There is a responsibility that we carry as spiritual guides – discerning what information to share and what not to. I discuss this in greater detail below on why esoteric knowledge is hidden.   

Then, there are others who just choose to focus more on inspiring and guiding people and seekers towards soul growth and inner work, since this is what the essence of the twin soul relationship is anyway. They feel that if they talk about twin flames, they might be perpetuating toxic or unhealthy relationship patterns in their students. They feel that the majority of people in the spiritual community are just not at the right level of consciousness yet, to fully understand the essence of the twin flame dynamic and would instead stray away from their inner soul work as they distract themselves with illusions. 

Those who oppose it because of misconceptions:

There are also those who oppose the concept of twin souls because they feel that it implies that we are incomplete without them. This is a misunderstanding on what the essence of twin souls really is, as it never assumes we are “incomplete”. 

We are already whole and complete on our own, so this is not what the divided-into-two soul implies. It also doesn’t mean that our souls are identical to our twin soul – we are all unique.

We do share our heart connection; the love of their soul is our own and is already within us, and the more we align to our own heart, the more we open our heart to it, the more of that sacred love we’ll experience through others, also. This eternal love is the ever burning flame in our heart. In fact, the higher purpose of twin souls is to come back to our oneness within and become the embodiment of unconditional love – which always starts from within – but it is this desire for them, for our inner eternal beloved, that pushes us towards becoming higher expressions of ourselves through soul growth.

What actually happens is that the more complete we feel within our own selves, the easier we are aligned to them. This is why some of those in the spiritual communities may have a harder time being with their twin flame in this life because they are always focused on something not enough within them, something they need to “work on”. This is important of course, but we must remember that we are already enough and focus more on self-acceptance, and integration, rather than constant diapproval of self and finding something “to fix”. And yet –  each of us has our own soul cycle and particular path in this life. For some, it is more about solitary work, and for others, soul growth is more in the context of relationships.

Those who oppose it or dismiss it completely:

And then, there are those people who oppose or dismiss twin flames completely. 

Some actually get angry at its mention saying it’s completely untrue, fictional and those who believe in it are not serious spiritualists. I would say that these reactions are too extreme.

For one, we shouldn’t judge nor invalidate things because that would suggest a function of an unhealthy ego. Anyone who is engaged in the idea of opposing or denying something of a spiritual nature is essentially only showing that their understanding of the universe, and the nature of spirit, is limited. Truly awakened spiritual teachers are always opened and allowing others their unique experiences, rather than being stuck in right or wrong, good or bad. We are all on our own unique sacred paths. I personally have found that one of our greatest lessons is to learn to trust ourselves and that often means to face oppositions.   

And for some who oppose these concepts, it is merely not on their soul path to know about twin flames or experience sacred unions and that’s okay also. We should understand one important truth – that we all have our own perspectives, no matter how enlightened the teacher is. There is this story about the elephant – and a bunch of mystics were sat around him, and were asked to describe what they saw. Each of them had a different perspective of the elephant from where they sat – and yet the elephant is still an elephant, and yet each person was right in their truth from the angel they were seeing. The point is: we all have our views and can be all right to share them, no need to blame or shame or negate someone else’s.   

We should try not to discourage people from their own beliefs, as long as they are healthy and balanced, because we all have our own paths – and as spiritual teachers we must guide them towards deeper understanding, greater perception and curiosity and openness and discernment, so that they can then walk their own paths as they feel they need to, and awaken their own innate wisdom and intuitive power.

If there is something you believe in, which inspires you to be a better human being, to open your heart allowing more love in, to be more loving, kind, compassionate and forgiving, and it doesn’t come at your detriment, and it doesn’t harm others nor yourself in any shape or form, then I don’t see why you must be discouraged to believe in it. If it harms none, believe in it; and if you must believe in something, believe in the goodness and purity of heart; and if you must have a guiding star, may it be true love.   

The hidden truths

There are certain spiritual concepts that are just too sacred to share openly and publicly. Sacredness has lost its meaning in our modern day with all the over-sharing online. To bless something is to protect it – and often times, those who do really find themselves in such divine relationships, wouldn’t be out there talking about it and putting a trophy on their partner.  

And then, there is another reason why information on twin souls is limited in the ancient scriptures – which is that twin souls are a part of esoteric knowledge and the mystical schools. Esoteric, by its very nature means, hidden or available to only few. Certain esoteric knowledge and wisdom was meant to be shared only with those few more advanced spiritual students and devotees; those who had been initiated into this knowledge, and who had the ability to perceive its truth. This is why a lot of the older information on twin souls was scripted in more cryptic ways, or just discussed in closed circles, thereby finding it harder to find or trace.   

Why is esoteric knowledge hidden?

In the old days, spiritual teachers and mystics would not share certain esoteric information, or spiritual and occult knowledge from the mystical schools, until their students were advanced enough to receive it and perceive it; until they were initiated into that knowledge. And other mystical information was just “cosmically blocked” for a time in history until we, as a collective, were initiated for that universal knowledge to be perceived; until we had reached that level of vibrational frequency for its resonance. This was also known as occult or esoteric obfuscation. 

When esoteric knowledge is shared before its time and people are not ready for it, it can become dangerous and problems will arise. So one of the most important things to know and understand, as a spiritual/esoteric teacher and seeker, and have spiritual integrity for, is that some information is meant to be taught or shared and some is not meant to be said or shared. Because a truth out of its place or out of its time or out of order can become dangerous and even evil.

When certain truths and esoteric wisdoms are known or shared before their time or before the person is ready, they can become dangerous and at the detriment of the person, because the person doesn’t know or have the ability yet to process it and integrate it within their current consciousness. In pure esotericism good is all that is in its place and bad is all that is out of its place; for example water is good in its place in the ocean, in our cup to drink, in the flower pots to nourish the roses, but if it’s out of its place, water can be bad – it can take out our fire and we’d freeze, it’d overwater the flower pots, or it can flood a house. Therefore, any virtue, no matter how holy it might be, is good only if it is in its place and harmful if it’s out of place.

Information has its own timing, and it comes to us when we have the ability and capacity to understand its essence. Imagine going to a psychologist and suddenly they start bombarding you with truths about your childhood and behavioural patterns; this would be disturbing to you and even trigger deep wounds or reactions, which you just don’t have yet the tools and ability to process or perceive them, and would instead ultimately distort your advancement, awakening or healing process. The same is true for spiritual concepts such as twin flames and soulmates. Higher knowledge always protects itself. This is why mystical texts, including parts of the Bible, often times have parables to share knowledge – which is often times much deeper than at first sight. This is also why psychics will sometimes be blocked to see something because the person is not yet meant to know it, and needs to evolve on their own timing and free will.

But as time progressed, a lot of esoteric and mystical knowledge became more accessible, spreading through the internet and social media, and then turned mainstream or even “trendy”. Many people took those original spiritual concepts and retold them through their own perceptions, to fit a more simple narrative, and without any prior spiritual education themselves. These then were further interpreted, or rather, misinterpreted, and ultimately had the potential to alter the soul growth of the person.

Travel of The Soul

To understand how the soul “splits” to form twin souls, we need to first understand the soul and the process of incarnation. From a 12d reality all is one, which is also known as source, universe, consciousness, oneness, and the Godhead. From there on, the soul divides itself into streams of consciousness with the intention to expand itself – this is what then becomes an oversoul, soul groups, soul families, who all share similar resonances and vibrations. From there on, further down and down the streams, we ultimately reach the 3d level, which is the manifested physically reality here on Earth, where we incarnate into the physical body. Whenever we meet someone from our oversoul, we will inevitably feel that soul recognition even if we don’t understand it; and some of them will be our soulmates.

As we already talked about: To enter this reality of duality here on Earth, the oneness needs to split its projection into two. The first time the soul entered the 3d realm of duality, is when the twin souls formed. Since then – they go their own paths and incarnations, and can occasionally meet physically if both of them incarnated. 

In that sense, our twin flame is the highest soul recognition closest to us and the godhead from where we came from; in other words, our twin flame is the closest to us from our oversoul, which is why the recognition is just so powerful and the love is so overwhelming. This is why we can’t really meet them or sustain a relationship with them unless we are truly walking our unique authentic path of self-acceptance and higher love – because otherwise we would not be on that level of recognition, and have the ability to take in the love that is required. Authenticity and an open pure heart are what all sacred relationships are based upon. 

Twin flames are the mirrors of our soul, even a clearer mirror than our soulmates and those from our soul family; their main purpose is perfect union with God; they are the eternal lovers, the eternal love. Twin souls share a strong telepathic connection and their meeting often awakens and activates the kundalini, if it hadn’t been already activated. There is strong unconditional love, acceptance and recognition, there is love at first sight, and the strong attraction is mutually felt, deeper than anything else previously experienced, which could also be a little frightening.   

Why do we choose to re-incarnate anyway?

When we feel a higher dimensional being in our field, often times, especially for those who are empaths or highly sensitives or psychics, it’d feel like you; and it is you; it is a higher aspect of you. When we are in a denser reality, like our 3d reality here on Earth, things are more obvious because this physical reality is highly dense and more individuated.

So one of the reasons why we choose to incarnate into progressively denser realities is to have the opportunity to work on our vibrational frequency and ascend to a higher dimension once we leave the physical body; we can only do that through having a human mind because it is easier to then clear karma and reach higher states of consciousness; we can’t “ascend” if we are a pure energy body.

Realities become more diverse and denser as we go down the dimensions. For example, from 6d to 5d the soul has more individuated overlays. So what was once in 6d is then splitting into more parts in 5d, and we can then experience all of these individualities more completely and clearly; we can mix things and threads together, and see ourselves more precisely in these split threads of our consciousness.

We can’t really know who we are as a soul until we go into our denser realities – and it is our 3d reality that is our best place for self-knowledge, as things are more tangible and individuated. When we come into the 3d, we start to realize a lot of specifics about our soul that we could not have accessed in 5d; everything that we thought we knew in 5d becomes even more individuated, more precise, clearer, so that it is potentially more understood – so that we raise our consciousness. We see how we respond and react to aspects of ourselves that are reflected here through others, and then have the opportunity to decide what we can do to raise our vibration; we see who we are or who we no longer are; we get to know ourselves more, and develop, on a soul level.

Essentially, this reality allows for depth.      

This is how we choose which reincarnation to take and into which time during the history of the earth would be the best one for us to come into, to balance ourselves, and thus, reach higher states of consciousness. You will incarnate at the best time and the best place that would give you the opportunity to balance and harmonize yourself; know that, trust that.

This is how our so-called higher self, or soul members, or angels, are able to help us and guide us – because they are part of us, but they see things from a higher perspective, with more awareness. And to connect to anything higher, all we ever need to do is just align more deeply to ourselves, listen to our heart, understand the language of our feelings, and clear our inner space; let love and compassion within you, and generate the holy emotions of the high heart.

When we meet soulmates, they activate and catalyze parts of us to be awakened. When we meet a twin flame, we are ultimately meeting our closest soul mirror, which awakens us on the deepest level possible towards higher consciousness and oneness with God. Anything that wasn’t clear before, becomes crystal clear now, to be faced and integrated.

This is why only those more developed souls are capable of holding on to a twin flame relationship, and it comes more rarely during the soul evolution and rebirth cycles on Earth.

Many mystics and spiritual teachers believed that a person has 777 cardinal rebirths and 12 of them are called epochal. Epochal rebirths are those in which twin souls meet on Earth. How the relationship will progress depends on the individual soul level growth of each beloved – and this is why it is so rare to meet, because the souls need to be very advanced to be able to handle the powerful energy of their bond. Once united, the soul then ascends towards the Godhead, and this is why many people also believed that twin souls re-unite towards the end of an important soul cycle.  

Plutonic Relationships

Often times Plutonic relationships are confused for twin flame relationships because they are just as passionate; there is a primal passion that is undeniable and unstoppable. Twin flames are individuals who are extremely self-developed on a soul level. Through their union they are able to merge their energies even further and reach God in a way they could not have done before; their sacred union causes even greater soul growth. Plutonic relationships also cause growth, but at a very high price; they can be extremely painful and often include co-dependency and abuse, both of which are not part of an authentic twin flame relationship.

While it is true that even twin flame relationships in their earlier stages will face difficulties, they are not defined by these intense power struggles, painful yearnings, abuse, toxicity, and co-dependency. Furthermore, Plutonic relationships always have issues and themes of fear and control; they are attractive and destructive, and feel almost impossible to leave, which makes them addictive and causes people to be completely immersed in them. 

Because of the intense passion that is felt in the Plutonic relationships, people believe that it must be a twin flame relationship – because what else could that overwhelming passion be? 

But intensity and love are not the same thing. Plutonic relationships are defined by the demanding, controlling, possessive and primal part of love, and while twin flames also have a primal passion that is beyond what one will ever comprehend unless they’ve experienced it, it is a kind of love that raises us in ecstasy, rather than limits, imprisons or destroys us; and like I said, even though twin souls will also experience intense struggles, their relationship is not defined by them.

Plutonic relationships are very overwhelming and spellbound – they are addictive, they are passionate, they are intense, and we can’t just walk away. We are shedding layers and layers of ourselves, we are experiencing heart palpitations, we are feeling like we’ve never met anyone like that in our life, and these connections lead us down to the depths of psychological bonding that creates intense attachments; and this will make us think it is true love.

And it is because of this intense amount of passion that people often want to contain it in a definition, or to label it, so to better understand it and make sense of it all, which is why they say it’s a “twin flame relationship”. Twin flames are about unconditional love, which is about acceptance; it is not about dominance and control.   

In our own lives, we might sometimes find ourselves drawn into the arms of the dark tall handsome man, thinking it was love, only to then end up in hell. And we might feel like we never want to believe in love again, and that our heart led us astray. Were we wrong to follow it?

I believe everything has its purpose in our life. And perhaps it is precisely in our moments of primal passions that we are led into the important paths we need to take. In meeting our Hades, Pluto, a charming king, or a beast, we ultimately come to meet parts of us that we would not have faced before, and in many ways, we meet the conditioned and limited definition of the partner we might have created in our psyche. We are faced with decisions which will ultimately unveil our true self – the way we respond to the dark lord will show us who we are or aren’t. In these underworlds, we have an opportunity to face the wild landscapes of our inner world. We find out what we like and what we don’t like; we integrate parts of us into our wholeness, and into a more complete understanding of who we are and what we truly desire.

If we defeat the beast, or outwit him, forsake him, accept him, love him or even kill him, no matter what our own story is, we come into a knowledge that we wouldn’t have arrived at otherwise; his mere existence is a necessity for our truth, and a deeper love, to be awakened.

Like Persephone, when we descend into the underworld, we come across winter and darkness; it’s a hard time indeed, but one that allows for reflection and deepening. And if we learn from our experiences, sharpen our instincts, and come into emotional clarity, this is where we can become Queens. And we’ll shine bright, brighter than ever before, with an open heart, and in love.

On the other hand, when the soul is starved of what it needs, there is a danger of being seduced into following the wrong path, which is why to self-love and inner harmony always come first. What’s right for you may be wrong for someone else – and this is why it is also important to remember it is our path, and ours alone, not anyone else’s. Sure, we may bump into some things in the dark, and even regret it initially, but maybe it was exactly as it had to be. It is important though, to tend to our inner wellbeing, our soul’s longings and follow the true desires of our heart. Ultimately, we will go where we need to, and there are many hidden treasures along the way. 

Art by Frederic Leighton

What are the markers of twin flame relationships?  

Astrologically, no one knows exactly and if someone says they do, I wouldn’t believe them. This is because twin souls are so rare to observe, and to even know, that there is no way to ever know for sure. Most authentic twin flame relationships wouldn’t even feel the need to label themselves, and go have their charts read by an astrologer; they just know they love each other and that’s enough.

Due to the essence of their soul connection, I would assume that there are probably some significant oppositions and mirroring between their charts. Not only will they have sign oppositions, but they will also have their aspects mirrored. For example, both of them may have stelliums, which is a rare occurence, but placed in different houses – one may have is in their 3rd house, and the other in their 11th house, the two houses of which are actually also mirroring themselves. They will also have complementary aspects to support them; North Node/South Node connections will be key as well; and perhaps some Pluto aspects, both hard and soft, because they usually go through intense kundalini awakenings and there will always be some transformation. However, their overall relationship isn’t defined only by the Pluto aspects, which is what makes it different than a pure-based Plutonic relationship. 

Moreover, it is believed that they will also share many common characteristics and themes throughout their lives. This is because they are energetically and telepathically strongly linked. For example, maybe both of them are night owls, or are more active during the night, or have the same way of expressing themselves energetically in specific situations. They will also share similar experiences during the same times or years, for example, maybe both of them lived in different countries during their teens. There is also a high chance that you have felt them throughout your life if they were re-incarnated into the physical – even though you never knew them yet. For example, maybe they broke their arm and during that same year and month, you might have felt some pain in your arm. There is no way you’d know that though unless you’ve shared that with each other after you met. And since the connection is telephatic and both individuals are more soul developed, we’d expect to see some psychic or extra-sensory indications.

Physically, it is also believed that they usually look different from one another, for example, one of them is light haired, blue eyes and the other is dark haired, dark eyes. However, they have similar manners and movements. There is also usually a big age difference, or difference of social class/status, or just something that is a little unconventional, in order to move past a societal boundary towards an unconditional love, and be an example for other people, in addition to breaking their own judgments and biases.

There is also a strong link to the other’s parents, for example, your twin’s parents may be part of your soul family, or past life family members, and there is an immediate bond or recognition you feel for them also.

In Japanese mystical texts, it is also said that twin souls are part of the same zodiac sister element. For example, if you are a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), your twin will also have major planets in those signs also, in addition to the oppositions.  

You might also notice that your twin will have physical attributes from some of your previous soulmate relationships, like they’ll be the sum of the things you were drawn to intensely in others. For example, they might have the similar height, beard, facial features, clothes, hands, eyes or even voice, like some of your significant previous partners, or crushes. This is because their face and energy were imprinted in your soul, deep within, and all those times you were looking for them, you found features in other people, which was what initially drew you towards them.

How does it feel

When you meet them it feels like a coming home – like a sense of peace, comfort and relaxation that you’ve never felt with anyone else before.

Art by Leonid Afremov

Meeting them feels like home, there’s a sense of peace, serenity, comfort, and of inner knowing – like a long lost part of you is now finally with you. There is a deep peacefulness that you feel in your heart, mind, body and soul when you are with them, and no matter how hard your day was, everything is now better just being around them. Their tone of voice and scent is known to you and very attractive; it gives you pleasure to listen to their voice. You support one another unconditionally. You love one another unconditionally. Things that would have bothered you in other people, or would have been deal breakers, are somehow okay and you just accept your partner as they are, thereby shifting your own perspectives and biases. While any relationship will have its disagreements and even conflicts, you are both devoted to work through things and resolve your connection into peace again. And it flows naturally. The growth and lessons you both learn happen easier and more rapidly, because there is love upon which you show respect, devotion and deeper understanding. You take care of one another, fully and completely, and their wellbeing is your priority – there is no selfishness or stinginess. You don’t feel drained in their presence, but instead – you feel peaceful, re-energized and inspired after talking to them. 

There is a strong telepathic connection between you, even before meeting. After the meeting, you might start having memories of the places where you’ve lived with them in past lives, or any other past life activation. You mirror to one another your internal worlds and emotional landscapes of feelings, patterns, doubts and concerns, and yet you complement one another’s talents and abilities, walking in your soul’s purpose. You are the marriage of yin and yang. You feel each other’s emotions and thoughts regardless of physical distance or how long you haven’t spoken to each other. You feel their energy in your room, in and on your body, when they are thinking of you in a sexual way, even when they are in a different country and there’s no contect between you.  

    Art by Marco Proietto

    There is a deep pleasure in you when in them, and a deep sadness in you when in them; their body and feelings are as if yours because of the powerful energetic bond through the heart. There is a deep and strong devotion and loyalty towards one another, and unspoken vows as if you are already married and completely committed to one another. There is a primal passion and powerful sexual attraction that is mutual; making love to them feels like it’s out of this world. The heart connection is strong and your entire being opens and expands when you think of them; you want to share every part of yourself with them. You know them as truly and as deeply as you know yourself. You see and accept them with clarity.

    It feels like you are always with them; it feels like an unbreakable bond which allows you not to fear or doubt the connection, and get lost in fears of abandonment that they’ll leave. You might have had visions or dreams of them before meeting, throughout your life, or knew since childhood that there was someone, only one, out there for you that you’d meet someday. You realize that all your previous soulmates and other relationships prepared you for the reunion with your beloved. 

    When you look back at your life, you realize that all the times when things didn’t work out or were seemingly postponed, or blocked, or even “sabotaged”, was because on a soul level you knew there was someone you were meant to meet, and you were waiting to meet them.

    Through them, you come closer to your higher self, and to God. You experience a whole different dimension of wholeness, openness and connection to the divine within yourself, including new awareness, insights and soul expansion, which were previously unknown or inaccessible to you. This is because you are basically tapping into your own soul, opening a direct channel with higher consciousness through the initiatory portal of the heart, and awakening very deep parts of your higher consciousness, which you could not have reached previously. This may be a challenging process depending on where you are on your path and soul evolution. Through them, you activate the high heart and Christ Soul because twin flames are linked eternally through the heart portal and the physical contact activates it even further, like a catalyst for a fundamental shift of consciousness.

    Why don’t we meet them as soon as we are “ready”?

    Well, because once we do meet with someone with whom we share such as deep passionate bond and soul recognition, the union is so deep and ecstatic that we basically want to experience one another and indulge in one another and enjoy one another all day and all night long – it becomes a continuous ecstasy while in physical form, and basically all else takes a backseat including our work and purpose. If you had an important aspect of your soul purpose to complete as part of your individual soul evolution, you’d have to probably do it before the meeting, because otherwise it’d be harder to focus on it after. Love is intoxicating and ecstatic and even sweeter when it is experienced physically with those with whom we bond on a deep spiritual level.

    In and of itself, these soul bonds are already serving their own great purpose and it is not to say that after the union you will not be involved in your sacred work, contribution or your other aspects of your soul purpose and spiritual evolution, but sometimes we just have some things to do on our own.

    Art by Lee Boogle

    Have you seen the courting dance of hawks?

    Hawks are solitary and yet they are monogamous. They find their partner in the big wide sky, dive deep towards each other in free fall and then more slowly, engage in a romantic courtship as they fly circling around each other in a lover’s dance. They build their nest, mate and take care of their little ones together, until they fly away. Then the mates separate for the rest of the year, each of them apart and solitary as their nature is, until next year, when the time comes again, and they find each other, again; no matter how far away they’ve flown away and sometimes it’s thousands of miles, somehow in the vast blue skies, they find each other, again.

    Like hawks, we have our own paths, and part of our paths are meant to be experienced without our beloved. When the time comes, and it will, we will meet, and fly together, recognizing each other regardless of how many years or lives have passed.  

     Let it find you.

    When it’s time for souls to meet, there is nothing on earth that can prevent them from meeting, no matter where each may be located.

    If you truly believe and desire, deep in your heart and soul, that experiencing such a sacred bond, whether you call it twin flame, soulmate, the one or eternal lover, then you will experience it; because this is what your soul needs and wants for this life, incarnation and soul evolution. You would not have had that desire unless you were meant to experience it. So take refuge in the quiet corner on your heart, and know, deeply know, that as rivers flow to sea, what is will always be. And when you do truly need that experience, then it will happen on its own anyway – even if you are strategically hiding from it, it will find you.

    Art by Lee Boogle

    How do we meet them?

    Know you are already with them.  

    If we can truly sit with ourselves, in our entirety, and feel okay with all of our parts, this is true love. Because true love is about acceptance. Find acceptance and approval for yourself right here, right now, in this moment, as you are. Marry your inner beloved. 

    Know, deeply know, in your heart and in your soul, that you are already with them. Because you are.

    You are your beloved and your beloved’s yours. 

    You are him and he is you. You are the eternal beloved. Because you are one. You always were, through all life times, married. Such sacred marriage never happens here on Earth; it happened already in an ancient time, all the way back when we were building the Heavens. Know you are already together. Destiny will do the rest, in its own timing.  

    How angels speak, true lovers speak

    In the angelic realms, which are a higher dimension, it is said that you can’t speak or even pronounce any word, which you don’t love. For example, if you don’t love apples, you will be unable to say “apples”. This is important to remember so that we can understand the language with higher spirit better; it communicates with us, and us with it, only through love. This is also why when angels speak through humans, everything suddenly lights up with joy because there is something new in the way they begin speaking – suddenly, the person starts glowing with joy, because they are speaking out of love and of the things they love.   

    In that way, all we can ever say to our beloved is of love. And our eyes will sparkle, and our faces will glow, and everyone around us will light up as well. When humans speak of love, they become angels.

    Along the way, their image within us

    Twin souls have imprinted on one another; each bears the image of the other in the depths of their being. In other words – each person carries in themselves the image of his eternal lover. The image may be smudged, but it’s there. It will always draw us further towards itself; our eyes will shift as if we are searching, watching, desiring, waiting for something; in the people we love or are drawn to, we will recognize parts of our beloved, we might even think “this is it” but it is never quite it, it is almost but not yet. Until one day, we will stand before the one who embodies everything that has possessed our soul, everything that we’ve been looking for our entire life, without knowing why, and we will know, finally, here is the one I was made for.

    Along the way, our beloved will manifest through the words, gestures and faces of people we love and are drawn to. This is why when we finally meet our beloved, we will see how they share similar features to some of our previous partners; or why we were drawn to certain songs or movies, perhaps they were their favourite.

    Because of the deep soul imprint we will be born with the desire, and perhaps even the knowing, that there is someone out there for us. Every person who incarnates on Earth carries this hope, no matter how vague, that they will meet the one who’s possessed their soul for as long as they can remember.        

    You already know this.

    Each one of us expects, whether consciously or unconsciously, to one day meet the eternal lover whose face we already know, even if we can’t really see it. We carry this image so deeply within us, buried so deeply inside of us, that we just can’t see it clearly. Sometimes, we might see someone, and say “wow, this is it!” but then turns out, it isn’t. It is easy to get discouraged along the way – because is that thing we feel deep within us, that desire, true? Does it really exist? We get frustrated but then continue our search. Until another one comes, and we get overjoyed and ecstatic, but the same story might repeat. 

    Don’t give up hope. There was indeed something that you recognized in them, a part of your beloved, and perhaps it was your beloved manifesting in them to send us some love, through the lips, hands and face of another person.

    When we meet someone we fall in love with, or just have a loving experience with, or even when a love song comes on, or beautiful flower, or a thought, a feeling, a dream, know that this is your beloved thinking of you, desiring you, wishing you happiness and sending their love to you; know they are reminding you of the mysterious eternal connection you share, and always will. Our beloved will take shapes and forms – might be a rose, a song, a person we fall in love, a beautiful face of a stranger passing us by on the street; just receive it and be grateful for it. There is no need to label it or rationalize it; just know that no matter the shape, no matter the how, you belong to one another, you are one another.     

    Often times, these experiences of almosts or disappointments will continue to be repeated until we learn and realize the sacred side of love and harmonize from the within. At that point, once we truly accept that “I am my beloved and my beloved’s I” – that we are already one – that we are already married – that he is I and I am him, already – then, the two find each other and see each other.

    We don’t have to force things. Twin soul unions are not hard – they come with ease and harmony, and the love is mutual.  

    If someone leaves you, or if you leave someone, it is because they weren’t meant for you. And when it is our true beloved, fear of separation doesn’t really exist as much – because on a soul level we know we can’t be separated. So there is no doubt – there is only trust. We might still have human tantrums and conflicts and disagreements and every day annoyances, but somehow we find a way to resolve our relationship into peace – when we tune into our heart, we don’t fear or panic distance or separation.    

    The secret to knowing whether this situation or this relationship or this person is the right one for you is based on the synchronicity and ease. If you find yourself in chaos while trying to reunite with this “ideal partner” and somehow nothing ever goes right, then this is telling you it is not right. Focus on yourself: who are you as a partner? What do you offer to another, and what do you need to thrive and feel fulfilled in a relationship? Focus on your wellbeing  – because if it indeed a twin soul or a soulmate, then the best thing you can do is create more love within yourself. Ask yourself – is it love for me to be in this situation, to be treated like that? And if the answer is no, you must leave. If it’s meant to be, and the other person grows as well, they will come back to you. If not, another one will come who will love you the way you need.

    The path to deeper sacred love shared with another is first love self. But if you’ve gotten this far into this reading, you already know this. I feel sometimes in the spiritual community there is almost a misunderstanding of self love that leads to an almost obsession in some to work on themselves constantly, always fixing something within, always perpetuating something not yet good enough, not yet “ready” – to the point that they stay away from relationships. We are not here to become spiritual – we already are spiritual beings; we are here to remember our spiritual wisdom and apply it towards our human relationships.

    It is being in relationships that allows us to change, and through being in them, and experiencing ourselves through them, we grow and get to know ourselves better. So don’t be too introspective. Don’t be afraid to delve into something as you are right now, accepting of where you are on your path right now.

    Find your warm heart

    And who is our right partner anyway?

    There are many people whom we will love, and each will have their own love story, and perhaps, even life story. Not all love stories will be life stories – and there are different ingredients for who our right partner may be, such as attraction, shared values, trust, etcetera. Even one marriage can be split into few marriages, as the partners and visions change throughout the years – and that’s natural. We all change, and no matter how long we’ve lived with someone under the same roof, there will always be something new we can discover in our partner. There will always be a new angel, a new shade, like a painting. We need to be willing to re-explore and re-learn about one another, and all the ways we kiss, hold, and need to be cared for. 

    A perfect partner doesn’t exist every relationship takes devotion and commitment. The Dalai Lama talks beautifully about the warm heart. It’s when our heart is filled with love, and we feel loved and we express love, and we feel peace and comfort and soothing for our soul; we feel emotionally connected, deeply connected and we share a soul’s path of kindness and generosity. This is how our heart opens in a most beautiful way. So find your warm heart – a heart that trusts in life, that laughs and loves fully.

    If the situation or relationship flows with ease, develops smoothly and naturally, without drama and obsessive craziness, then you have indeed met someone special – be grateful for that.

    Along the way, their guiding hand

    To allow your twin soul to come through you, and manifest, you have to open your heart to its powerful love. All twin souls follow the law of love, the Christ consciousness embodiment, and so focus on your high heart; focus on opening your heart allowing more love to come through you.  

    When we fall in love with our eternal beloved, we come into the fullness of love and God manifests through us; we become the embodiment of angels speaking sweet love and everything around us changes; we shed the old identities and unveil our true essence. We become better, kinder, more generous, more compassionate, more tender; we feel a sense of peace in their presence while also being ecstatic, and more alive than ever before.    

       Eternal lovers never marry on Earth; they are already married in the heavens.

    Twin souls are already married and promised to one another; they exist in each other long before they meet on Earth. They feel married to one another already, even if they haven’t seen each other yet.

    If one twin soul is in the invisible world, they will become the guiding hand of the other, which will also send you what you need, through thoughts, dreams, feelings, people and even animals on your path, and will manifest its eternal love to you through other people. One thing is for certain –you are always connected.

    The twin who is still above in the invisible world will choose someone who will look like him, and will manifest through him, so that you can experience a deep love. Even if it isn’t the same, appreciate it and atreasure it; try to have patience and recognize the love being sent to you through the words of others, through the gestures of others, through the love of others.

    When eternal lovers meet

    When these eternal lovers meet, they can’t say a bitter word to each other and will be capable of creating together great things in life, which will inspire everyone else around them; the twin souls become the direct channel of pure love, the embodiment of divine love. They don’t even need to say I love you because they know for sure they belong to one another at first sight. They know that their bond is sacred, and that the power that created them is indestructible and unbreakable, regardless of whether they are together or apart. Their relationship may be weakened, the moment when they will finally reunite may be postponed, but they can’d be separated forever. There can be no end to their pleasure and happiness, and in divine timing, they will be meet in a destined way.

    The love at first sight that people talk about but rarely experience, is real for the eternal lovers. It’s an instant powerful soul recognition. And the crossing of their paths is pre-destined, arranged by the higher realms, which is why they often meet very unexpectedly. It’s serendipity. Strong spiritual energies are involved in provoking and orchestrating these sacred meetings, stronger than electromagnetic in nature, and nothing can be stopped. 

    Twin souls are forever connected through the heart; the other soul can be at the other end of the world or in the invisible world, but they are always connected together. This is the Law of Love. Space and time are irrelevant, and are incapable of interfering. This is why it’d always feel like no time has passed by when you meet, or re-meet, after years of not talking. Time and space don’t exist, and the only thing you feel is each other, and even in your thoughts they look the same.

    While the twin souls are separated, there continues to be a pulsating astral and telepathic communication between them, even if they are unaware of it; it’s the heart connection that they share and all the powerful imprints on each other’s souls, which remain throughout their incarnations. Imagine spending lifetimes with someone, or even one lifetime, where you shared a powerful love with many experiences, such as passion, children, and anything else of depth and meaning. There is an imprint of this on your being, in your soul, where the karmic remnants exist. Just imagine how hard it is to forget someone even in this life, someone that you loved deeply and passionately. They will always be connected, be able to meet again, which is also what’s known as Quantum EntaglementIn this way, they will be magnetically pulled towards going to the same place, at a specific hour, where they will meet; they will undoubtedly come together. 

    The beloved is a seed; all soulmates and our twin soul come together to form one wholeness. By loving other people, one will be able to love their soulmates more, and all people more. The beloved is a window through which we see all other souls and their immense beauty; so when we are in love with our soul’s beloved, we love everyone. When we love other people, we are making a connection to our twin soul, regardless of where they are, psychically and are energetically sending them love. And when we meet our beloved, all contradictions will disappear.

    True love is selfless and unconditional. It is pure and it is changeless. It doesn’t depend on who the person is, or even what they say or do for us; love is love because it is its nature and true essence. And if our love doesn’t change for our lover, then it is pure and true.

    The love of true twin souls, soulmates or beloveds, that appears out of the blue, by synchronicity in your life, is a real blessing and is the highest form of love among human beings. Whether it is romantic, or within a family or friendship, it is special and divine – it is a gift and we must treasure it for there is nothing more powerful than experiencing love at such a deep level. In the cases when it is romantic, it is an instant soul recognition, and an almost always a love at first sight. And it is mutual. And it is known. And it feels like home. The feelings are deeper than anything ever before, and you understand why it hasn’t worked with anyone else before; in their eyes you finally see the one you’ve been looking for. And if that love finds you – appreciate it, hold it tightly and do not let it go; nurture it and tend to it with attentiveness and care each day, because even if soul meetings are destined, it is only our own individual everyday choices that would shape the relationship, and whether it’d continue, thrive, or fall apart. And be grateful – because love is sacred, it is blessed and bears the seed of God, which means eternal love.

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