What you seek is seeking you ~ Rumi

We’ve never had it. At least not yet. That thing that deeply possessed our soul and pulls us as secret invisible threads, known only by our heart. We’ve had glipmses of it, hints of it, of the almost but not it, of the almost but not yet, of a knowing unseen whispering “you’re getting closer as I am approaching you”. We feel drawn to certain songs, to certain movies, to certain people; our eyes shift towards the distance, as if looking for something, waiting for something, watching for something, listening for something, and suddenly we feel an urge to buy an airplane ticket, or to walk a new alleyway. And maybe nothing happens. But somehow it’s a stepping stone, a twist in the road, an opening, that ultimately will lead us where we were meant to go. And into the arms of who we are meant to be with. These desires weave and weave under the souls of our feet, until one day they surface, with temptation made of water, made of air, and they reach their hands, for merging. These knots were knotted a long time ago, in the unmanifest. All those things that we felt in our soul and in our heart along the way, will have no other choice, than to someday shape. And then there we are. Standing before the landscape, which embodies everything we have been looking for our entire life; everything that we’ve known even without knowing, everything that we’ve felt and desired more than one life should allow, and all these echoes that called us for so long now swell into the sound itself. And we know. Here, finally, is the thing I was made for.

The word desire comes from the Latin desiderare: “to long for,” but the Latin desiderare comes from de sidere: “from the stars.” From the stars. Our desires are our gifts from the stars; they guide our heart towards our destiny. In our imagination, our love and longing actually lead us towards our greatest paths: l’amor che move il sole e le altre stelle… “the love that moves the sun and the other stars.”

One of the greatest spiritual truths is that:

If you have a strong desire for something – this means that you are meant to experience it because otherwise you would not have had that desire in the first place.

It is said that one of the reasons why we incarnate is because we’ve had unfulfilled desires from past lives, and it is these desires that generate the birth and are the driving force throughout our life. By following our heart’s desires we therefore follow the path of our destiny to fulfil our soul’s purpose. Often times in life the strong feelings that we suddenly experience towards something, when we are mystically being drawn to it, are the precursors to the physical manifestation. Because what you seek is seeking you.

The heart knows, always. 

Our heart is an intuitive center. The first thing that it does is that it scans the collective consciousness and then it embodies that as a desire, an urge, a yearning, a feeling, an idea, a passion or an inspiration. In other words – by the time we get that desire, there is already a need for it created in our world, desiring us in return, yearning to be experienced by us. So don’t doubt. All the messages that are truly coming from your heart are a part of what you came here to experience and contribute to this world as you express your unique self. Everything is interwoven in our world and our heart accesses it all. It is the vehicle to the cosmos; it is the initiatory pathway for higher consciousness. The heart knows, always.

Threads of destiny and life.

The invisible threads, of fate and destiny, pull us forward in life in the form of desires. In ancient Greek religion and mythology, the Moirai are the three Fates, are the incarnations of destiny ensuring that every being, mortal and divine, would live out their destiny by the laws of the universe. For mortals, this destiny spanned their entire lives, and was represented as a thread spun from a spindle. And in East Asian beliefs originating from Chinese mythology, there is also the Red Thread of Fate, also known as the Red Thread of Marriage, stating that an invisible red cord connects the fingers of those true lovers destined to meet in their divine timing. No matter how tangled the cord would be, it could never be broken and the universal forces will align to make sure that the meeting happens.

There is also the concept of The Web of Wyrd, which reminds us that it is our own actions every day that weave the yarn for the day after; a web marrying fate with destiny. Wyrd is not just referring to our individual life paths but to the universe itself; a vast spider’s web where everything is interconnected, multifaceted and all future possibilities are available to us, as we weave our cloths of life. Our own paths are like a rope of interwoven tiny threads – streams of our consciousness. The choices we make, the emotions we emit, the energy we transmit in each and every moment, send a ripple of vibration through the fabric of space-time. We are all energetic threads in the fabric of all that is, and we cannot take any action, have any emotion or focus any intention without it vibrating through the fabric of the universe. It is all connected.


In the same way, we also share energetic threads with people with whom we’ve been emotionally and spiritually intertwined with. In quantum theory this is known as entanglement, which is the term used to describe the way particles can become correlated to predictably interact with each other regardless of being separated by an arbitrary spatial distance. In other words, entanglement suggests that once part of a system, two particles will remain in communication with each other even when separated; and this is because they will carry their resonance and particular vibrational energy. Since we as humans are also made of energy, this further suggests that such connections and interactions exist between individuals also.

Soulmates find each other; somehow somewhere they just do. You can’t miss it. Paths align. Because it’s energy. Because they share a longing, a yearning, a desire, a remembering, a knowing of one another, even before knowing each other in this life.

Everyone from Plato to Hinduism and Buddhism, talked about the soul re-incarnations and that past life connections and soulmates always gravitate towards each other because it is known, familiar and feels like home.

You’ve imprinted on each other like muscle memory in your energetic field, and vibrate on a certain level that is recognizable only by you. No matter how physically apart you are, separated by time, space, and even if you haven’t yet met each other in this reality, there is an energetic pull, an energetic thread connecting you. In the same way, you will create new energetic threads with other people in this life when you bond on a deeply emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Let your desires lead you.  

You have to let your desires lead you down the path of what’s meant for you and shape you into who you are meant to become. You already are who you are meant to be, but it is our desires that shape us into our expression of our soul and heart.

True desire makes our soul feel free; we feel fulfilled, and both ecstatic and at peace.

Often times we might think our desires may lead us astray but that’s only because we haven’t seen the full picture yet. Let’s say a woman is in a relationship and then another man comes into her life who stirs up all her feelings; she knows in her heart she needs to follow that love, and so she leaves her current relationship. However, things don’t work out with the new one and she ends up leaving him also. Now, she might feel like her desires led her down a road of, perhaps even, chaos, but give it some times and introspection and space, and she’ll know the truth within the core of her. She wasn’t happy in her relationship and the second man was a catalyst for her to finally step away and follow what makes her more happy, more loving, more true to herself, more free in her soul. Whether that means she’ll be with him or not, is irrelevant, and usually she won’t be because catalysts have their specific purpose of being catalysts. That second man was a stepping stone, through him she experienced herself in a new way, maybe she even realized her self-worth, maybe even through some hard lessons, but eventually she ended up on the right road for her; and years from now, she will look back and realize that in that chaos, things were actually aligning and re-aligning themselves for her highest benefit, towards a life of more truth, of more fulfillment, of more love.

When we start connecting to, and aligning to, our heart, and follow the true desires of our heart, anything that is no longer supporting us or guiding us towards more love, will be falling away, to make room for more love, and deeper more authentic relationships.

Understanding the core desire.

In general, as human beings we have an unhealthy relationship to desire – we either don’t understand it and go to extremes, or we completely shut it down. Many people fear or misunderstand desire because we’ve been brought up to believe that desire causes suffering, or that it is wrong to feel, or to be accepted by another. But the only thing wrong with desire is the associated guilt from feeling it; and the thing that causes suffering is when we suppress, oppress, run from, deny, push away from, desperately try to change or control, disown, reject and misunderstand our desire and our feelings; and the regret from not pursuing what our heart truly wanted.

Desire is a life force; it is the reason we are alive; it is what makes our heart beat. It is always ahead of us because without it, we’d feel empty and purposeless. To get rid of desire would mean to get rid of life itself. To live a purposeful life we must live wholeheartedly; we must devote to loving passionately; to smile, to give, to create, to even make tea and taste food passionately and intentionally. Sometimes we fear that if we fall into our desires, like we fall in love, we’ll lose ourselves; but this is how we find ourselves. And of course, I should mention, that when I say follow your desire, I don’t mean to do that when it harms other people, and to just do things without accountability and responsibility – this would imply misunderstanding the true essence of desire, because desire is about us rather than imposing our will on someone else.

True desire is rooted in the purity of heart.

In order to live a fulfilling life, physically, emotionally and spiritually, we must come to love desire, and truly understand it rather than misinterpret its core. For example, is it the job you desire or the stability; is it the man you desire or the feeling of being loved and loving someone?

To love our desire means to accept it and understand that it is a part of us – it is already a part of our being, and our soul. In the same way, your soulmate is also already part of you, and with you. The physical is only a matter of time; divine time that often we don’t have much control over, which is also why one of our greatest lessons as human beings is trust.

Our guiding star.

Another thing about desire is that we need have a higher principle, or a guiding star, that we align our desires to. It could be integrity, love, truth, whatever it may be, we need to have one – otherwise, we’ll be all over the place. What are your core values? What guides your forward in life? What is your inner truth? What is the core of who you are? What do you stand for, what do you wholeheartedly believe in?

Once we have our guiding star, we need to walk our way following that and staying true to that. For example, let’s say it is love. Then when you have to make a decision, you’ll let love guide you, you’ll ask, “Is this of love? What would love do in this situation?”

We also need to then hold ourselves to our principles, and embody them. We need to stay true to our heart and have our choices and actions reflect our intentions and desires; we need to be loyal, respectful, honest in our communications, and caring for the wellbeing of others; we need to have integrity, commitment, devotion, self-accountability, and need to keep our promises.

Eventually we will become a conduit of our star, thereby becoming a guiding star for others also.

There are things bigger than us in this life; forces and invisible threads of destiny that pulls us forward. And yet it is our own choices that will pave the way. If you are meant to meet someone, you will, but what happens after is up to you, both, together. If you feel, truly and deeply, in your heart that you want to write a book, start writing it. The rest will unfold. Don’t doubt because the heart, being the intuitive force that it is, knows that your creation is needed. Let life and desire mold you into the beautiful person that you already are; into the unique expression of your soul; so unique, that God experiences himself uniquely through you, through your each feeling, each emotion, each thought, each gesture and word. No one else can feel like you, no one else can touch like you, and there is someone, or something, out there, calling you towards itself, because it too wants to experience itself through you, and there is nothing else, and no one else, that would ever be able to feel like you.

The heart knows, always.

And someday, you will stand before the landscape, or the person, who will embody everything you’ve been looking for your entire life, everything that possessed your soul, and you will remember how along the way all the almosts were just hints of him, just glipmses of him through others, and you will know: here is the one I was made for.

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