Humanity evolves, consciousness evolves. Time evolves us. And our human body also changes to reflect this evolution of our consciousness, so we can’t expect that ancient practices will carry the same effect today. We need to continue the deep esoteric wisdom of the immovable truths, while also adjusting the practices so that they serve our wellbeing and our rising.

When we approach the topic of sexual energy there are usually polarizing beliefs; we go from very rigid beliefs to very casual ones, and yet we are missing the essence. Sacred sexuality is something that has been known throughout humanity and seen through ancient esoteric texts from both Eastern and Western mysticism, including Tantra Philosophy and Christian Mysticism; it was usually seen as a way to connect to God, the divine and the higher self. But one thing we need to keep in mind is that – as consciousness evolves, so do the “truths” and what we might be “connecting to” nowadays may no longer be what we intended or initially thought. In other words – while we need to treasure the deep wisdom of the immovable truths, we also need to adjust the esoteric teachings and their practices because the collective energy has changed, and our bodies have changed.

As human beings we tend to believe in what has been truest for the longest time – and so, many people continue to base their beliefs and practices on very ancient texts. The problem with some groups who practice tantra or sacred sexuality is that they cling to ancient interpretations and practices that are simply just not applicable anymore and must be adjusted to reflect our current consciousness and energy. We are not the same consciousness we were ten years ago, or twenty years ago, or thousands of years ago.

We must remember to discern what is immovable truth and what needs to be adjusted. The inability, or unwillingness, to do that is what causes a lot of conflict worldwide and is what many dark occult practices are based on.

In the old days, sacred sexuality, mystical and tantra practices were used for healing purposes, for manifestation ceremonies and for initiation rituals to connect to God or higher consciousness. The ancient mystics described eroticism as aliveness, vibrancy, vitality and ecstasy; it was the antidote to death and the way to experience a higher connection. Just like mysticism, eroticism was described as a transgressive force negating the “known” to break the boundaries of reality and take us outside of the limitations of life. These practices weren’t limited only to Eastern mysticism, they were also seen in Western mysticism. 

In Christian mystical texts, mystics often not only used erotic language and imagery, but also the sentiments and experience of human sensual love to describe their experience of connection to God, as seen from the biblical Song of Songs and the ecstasies of Saint Theresa. There were talks of love, sensual delight, vitality, bliss, passion and ecstatic union with the beloved, such as God or Christ. Within the romantic love tradition itself some Christian writers also correlated human and divine experiences of love, as they did not see it as separate, but rather as inseparable in meaning under the Christian conception of love. All the while, they incorporated the importance of blessedness, grace and virtues such as loyalty, devotion, humility and faith, that are needed to attain the connection to higher consciousness. We can also see the symbolism of our soul and our desire through the love story of Eros and Psyche in Greek mythology. Eros meaning desire and the God of sexual pleasure, and Psyche meaning breath of our soul. Through their love union, we remember to breathe life into the desire of our soul.

In many mystical traditions, sexual energy rituals and ceremonies were used by priestesses to be initiated into the higher realms. And in some magick circles, these practices were used for manifestation purposes – because our orgasm is essentially a snapshot of spirit matter and has powerful energy which materializes.

However, in the old days, sexual practices  and sacred ceremonies were done by people who had clear kundalini channels, and remained in a space of open heart; they were also devotees of higher faith and kept their energy clean. Continuing to say that sacred sexuality and tantric practices are a way for healing, manifesting or connecting to God and higher consciousness, perpetuates unhealthy ways of being because our bodies and our energy have become denser and such practices are no longer applicable to everyone

Nowadays, sex is something that has been completely externalized in its focus. It’s an objectification of sorts and a complete misuse and abuse of its sacred energy. Furthermore, people have denser energies and their heart center is closed off. Yet they continue to seek it as a connection to the divine. That just can’t happen if we ourselves as individuals haven’t healed ourselves first. 

Another thing that also arises is that people are not educated on sexual energy – they don’t understand that through sexual intercourse, two karmic paths merge, and especially for the woman – she absorbs the energy of the man, which stays with her for years after. This means – that any “problems” he has, will also be ingrained in her own energetic field, as if it’s her own. 

Our heart is the initiatory pathway towards higher consciousness.

In Christian mysticism this is portrayed by the Sacred Heart, or the heart of Jesus Christ who was the embodiment of the divine; the merge between heaven and earth. This is what connects human love to divine love, as the two can co-exist. When our heart is blocked, we are blocking our connection to the higher realms and stay within the lower realms, as it is the heart that sits at the core of our energy. We can experience divine presence in our immanent everyday experience of love, if we know how to connect deeper into our high heart, which bears a sacred quality.

Sacred sexuality is a practice of embodying and becoming the energy and expression of love; not as means to get love but as a transformative path. To do this we must first connect to our own spiritual self, realizing that we are spiritual beings and understand the magnitude of the energy. And the only way to do that and be connected to our spiritual self, which is part of our higher chakras and higher realm energy – is to first heal our emotional body. Our emotions are the vehicle of our spiritual body. When we have a lot of unresolved wounds, this weighs our energy and keeps us trapped in our lower body; it also blocks our heart center which is the pathway to the higher realms. Once we begin the process of integrating all the aspects of our self through healing, we will come into our wholeness, and begin the see the divine in us; once we see the divine in us, we will also recognize it in our partner. Not everyone is someone we should be sexually intimate with; be discerning because every time you open yourself sexually, you are merging your energies and absorbing all of theirs. During sex, we are at our most vulnerable and especially for a woman it is how she pulls in another spirit into her womb.

How we practice our sexuality is essentially what we are materializing in our life.     

A lot of new age articles nowadays are talking about sexuality as means of manifesting, what is known as sex magick – because as I mentioned above the orgasm is the snapshot of spirit matter and this is an immovable truth. However, the problem with all of this – is that what they are manifesting will not necessarily be what they intended.   

As our heart is the initiatory pathway to higher consciousness, whatever blocks our heart such as unresolved wounds, fears, trauma and emotional pain – ultimately becomes the block that we need to dissolve before being able to step into openness.

Erich Neumann suggests that Psyche (soul) cannot truly love and merge with Eros (sexual desire) in the dark. As Psyche she requires vision; this vision is the third eye vision of inner truth, of both suffering and real love, of true acceptance and wholeness.

The female consciousness connects to God through the sexual energy and the male consciousness helps to clarify the connection. This can become a very healing experience for both, if both are initiating from the clarity of the high heart.  

Evolution of Consciousness

One of the things that has changed in our modern world is the way we carry energy in our body. Our consciousness is not the same as it was thousands of years ago or hundreds of years ago or even ten years ago; the density of the human body has become denser because of the evolution of consciousness. However, we have become more fractured and fragmented in our energy, and have stored and accumulated more fear, doubts, trauma and unresolved wounds into our emotional body, which sit at the base of us.

As we move forward and become denser, our sexuality intensifies and we must begin to lighten. This is because part of the cosmic order is that we fall on the ground again – hence why humanity goes through crisis and downturns, so that it heals itself and the lower realms of its energy. Throughout the history of humanity, the human consciousness has a very clear pattern of accumulating trauma and pain, and then releasing it to heal and grow.

We carry more weight in our lower chakras, which can happen through fears, doubts, shame, guilt, unresolved pain, wounds, questioning, hardships, and deep trauma. In our lower part of our body, or our second chakra, is where we carry our sexual energy.

This is the problem with new age teachings of manifesting through sexual energy – because it is not appropriate for people whose energy isn’t clear yet. Our sexual energy is the strongest and most powerful manifestor; it is a snapshot of spirit matter that materializes; it is a spark of strong current that at the time of orgasm goes out into being, gathering all our existing energy into itself.

What this means is that – when we are being sexual we are ultimately solidifying everything else in our life in that moment of time.

We must remember that – how we practice our sexuality is essentially how we practice what we are materializing in our life.

Whether we are aware of this or not, however we feel and whatever we carry in our lower body, our orgasm solidifies it and makes it stronger and more real. If we are carrying a lot of pain, fear and unresolved wounds in our body – usually unconsciously – we are essentially sending this out and manifesting it. This also means – that every time we are sexual with someone, we are ultimately merging and absorbing their energy into our own field, because during sexual intercourse we are at our most vulnerable state. Especially for a woman, this is how she pulls in another spirit into her womb. I cannot stress this enough – how important it is for women to be more discerning of who they choose as their intimate partners.

It is absolutely crucial that we must understand how sexual energy works, the power that we hold, and our manifesting abilities, which are usually done unconsciously. This is why many sages will tell us to learn how to harness our sexual energy. Tantric sexuality is about weaving and expanding the sexual energy, which causes healing through such a deep bond – but this is no longer applicable because who, and what, are we weaving our energies with? The great amounts of toxicity present in our modern day is something we must discern, and we must focus healing inward, rather than externalizing it and expecting someone else to heal us through ancient sexual practices. Not only are these practices no longer healing, but they could also be detrimental to our wellbeing if we get involved with the wrong person or if we ourselves haven’t healed yet. Unfortunately, our world today is predominantly unhealthy, predatory and many people are ill-intentioned. 

In the earlier times, orgasm was more connected to spirit, the divine, our heart and God; so when we were being sexual, the kundalini channel was clear and we were connecting to God and higher consciousness. But the denser we became, the more fractured, fragmented and disconnected we became through trauma, hardships and collective wounds, and our heart energy became closed-off; this makes the kundalini channel more unclear and separated.

Throughout the evolutionary history of humanity, the human consciousness has a very clear pattern of accumulating trauma and pain, and then releasing it to heal and grow. Our current times are actually a time of purging and releasing on a collective level because the energy was becoming too dense and so, it needed to lighten and “fall”. This is why many teachers and mystics have been coming out in the past decade and trying to shift our focus towards healing; because this is what we as individuals need in order to clear our energy. Otherwise – we are only perpetuating wounds and trauma, and keeping ourselves trapped in these lower densities solidifying our lower states of being.

This has happened many times in the past also. Great teachers such as Buddha and Christ came along during times when humanity needed to shift their focus in order to adjust for the change of consciousness – and their teachings reflected the immovable truths while adjusting for the consciousness evolution and expansion, so that they were of maximum benefit and healing to the world. A change in our perceptions is a natural way of expanding and aligning deeper to our spiritual selves – so it is a most natural process of our evolution of consciousness.     

However, nowadays some spiritual teachers continue to focus on practices from the old days without taking into consideration the shift of energy. For example, they continue saying that sexual pleasure brings us closer to God – which it could but that’s not the absolute truth and it is an irrelevant practice or belief that is both incomplete and misunderstood. These thoughts and narratives are no longer applicable because human consciousness has changed. Humanity’s sexual energy is no longer connected to the heart and so it can no longer connect us to God, as it perhaps did before.

We need to be more conscious, more heart-centered and go into the higher channels of our body and energy.

One way we are kept in the lower realms is through porn. This is further magnified through objectification and normalizing casual sexual interactions rather than learning why we need to be mindful of whom we are connecting to and why our sexual energy matters and how it actually changes our state of mind also. In fact, people who watch a lot of porn, or involve themselves with casual sex or multiple sexual partners have worm-like things, or astral parasites, attached to their auras and energetic fields, which also affects their overall wellbeing.

We clear our energy channels through self-love, loving others, kindness, joy, devotion, acceptance, appreciation and healing our emotional body. 

People need to feel love on their own first, which will then allow them to be more heart-connected and more open, authentic, and truly intimate with another. By clearing inner blocks, we unveil our heart and are able to connect more deeply. Only then the sexual energy can be manifested through the higher realms.

We can see the misuse and negative manifestation of sexual energy reflected in our modern society; it is easier for people to express hate, criticism, fear and complain, rather than compassion, empathy and kindness and express their love and feelings towards someone. This disconnection from the heart has also contributed to the poverty of souls and the loneliness epidemic. Perhaps even casual sexuality has become a coping mechanism for some people to escape deeper emotional connection, or escape from stress, pain and fear of rejection, or as some self-esteem or self-worth validation. And in some cases, it becomes an addiction, not just to sex, but rather it becomes an addiction to unhappiness. This is because all those unresolved emotions are connected to sexuality and when they are negative, our emotional body becomes a pain body; so anything related to sexuality will be experienced as pain or emptiness, rather than pleasure.

Sexuality is sacred and has the purpose to rise us towards our connection to the divine, as individuals and as a collective. Even in Sanskrit the meaning of Tantra is “protection of the body” because it referred to healing of the body and the protection of its sacred sexual energy. We must harness and properly understand the power of our sexual energy, and be more conscious and aware of how we engage with it.

Transformation of eros love can happen only through the purity of our heart and our soul’s truth. Connecting through another way, will not take us closer to our higher consciousness, but would rather keep us in the lower realms. Because we find ourselves in a phase of humanity experiencing density in our bodies, self-love and healing are something we must first do by ourselves, before connecting with another on an intimate level. Once we remember this wise inner truth, we will embody our spiritual expression through which we can deeply transform one another through sexual energy.

Our heart is the initiatory pathway to higher consciousness. So love consciously. Connect to the heart because this is the portal of connection. Accept yourself and integrate your emotions without resisting them. Love gently until having the capacity within yourself to start loving with longer broader strokes. Tears and pain will transmute with more grace. Within the feelings of love, you will find yourself. And with the integration of all the aspects of your consciousness, you will come into your wholeness, and holiness, remembering the core of who you are and able to truly connect to another, on a deeply spiritually and emotionally fulfilling level. 

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