Our body skins are beautiful and while they protect our organs, they are not rigid boundaries to the world outside of us. Beneath the outer skin, there is another layer of skin – invisible skin – of our emotions and the soil of our soul. This is our bridge to connect to everything and everyone around us. As empaths, sensitives, clairvoyants, clairsentients, claircognizants and spiritual seekers or just humans – this is our biggest blessing and yet it is also our biggest challenge. As highly attuned sensitive beings, we are open to perceive the greatest treasures of our world – to see beyond the veil – to feel love wholeheartedly and wholebodily, and to experience the deepest connections that many people could not even dream of. And yet – we are also open to absorb negativity, feel great pains and even mundane daily stressors can bring our entire energetic field down. To keep ourselves tender yet protected – it is not needed to thicken our outer skin nor harden our hearts; we just need to take care of our energy – to nurture, protect and bless ourselves.

I am often asked about psychic protection and though I’ve talked on this topic few times before, I will provide a much more detailed article today. Let’s start at the beginning.

The desire for protection is natural and in times, much needed. But we need to understand the root of the situation, whether it comes from within or without, as well as our intention for it, so that the spiritual work of approaching protection is more efficient. As all else in spirituality, we can’t stop at the surface level – we need to dig deeper.

Often times the desire for protection is really a wish for no afflication, no trouble, no hardships and no difficulties to fall on us ever. This is understandable yet it cannot be sustained because this desire is expressed as something external to ourselves – we wear an armour, a vest, a shield. But when the day comes and we can no longer wear that vest – then what?

This is where we must understand the true essence of protection. And it begins with our inner state. In times of need, or danger, we must remember to be like iron. In old traditions, iron was the metal called upon because of its protective qualities. We use iron to nail down a baby crib and keep the little ones safe. We use iron to protect our lands with a fence surrounding our loved ones’ house. And then there’s the iron in our blood. Too little – we are pale. Just right – rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. Iron is strong, reminding us that we too must be strong and in times of need, we’ll armour up with all tools we’ve got. But we must also have the internal strength – and in knowing ourselves, we become strong and rooted, understanding what is our energy and what isn’t, so that we can know what tools we need to use for that particular situation. Iron also reminds us that we what we truly need isn’t just mere surviving but it is thriving and florishing with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. And some good loving. And some good laughing from our bellies. We need vitality and aliveness from within. Iron endures. Over times it changes its shape, just like us, yet it continues to be resilient. Even too much heat cannot destroy it – it’ll just change its shape as it melts down. Like iron, we must shapeshift and be okay with that, while remaining resilient and rooted within our true selves. We do this by having a strong core value system and by keeping our heart filled with love. We must also be discerning and set strong boundaries. Our openness, tenderness, trust and generosity are not meant to be shared with everyone; and while we must wear our armour of protection, we must also know when and for whom we may take it off.

Let’s begin with the symptoms of psychic attacks.

Symptoms of Psychic Attack.

  • noticing a presence as if someone is watching you
  • a heaviness or fearfulness in a certain room in the house
  • sensing a cold spot in a room or on part of your body for no reason
  • feeling someone touching you when you are all alone
  • a burning sensation at the upper back just below your neck
  • sudden thoughts as if not your own, and/or of a particular person
  • a sudden feeling of tiredness, sadness, lack of motivation and/or lack of self-confidence
  • drained feeling, energy or fatigue without cause
  • sudden illness with flu-like symptoms like a headache, that cannot be explained
  • inability to sleep
  • waking up in the middle of the night sensing someone in the room
  • sudden and frequent nightmares such as being tormented, tortured or raped
  • oppressed feelings
  • negative thoughts
  • sorrowful feelings
  • wanting to be isolated

During psychic attacks, our energetic field or aura, are weakened. Our mind, body and spirit are attacked by someone or an entity outside of us. It may feel like emotional burdens or lack of safety, as energy attacks can be very subtle in the beginning. Most often they express themselves as excessive negative thoughts and worry. This doesn’t have to be from a distance, it can be the result of being in a situation with someone who is manipulating you, or abusing you in some way, whether emotionally, verbally or physically. For example, when in circles with “friends” who are envious, mean, rude and negating you in some way – their energy may often attach itself to you even after the interraction has stopped.

What To Do. 

If Self-Induced: First, you need to be clear whether this is self-induced or coming from the outside. Ask yourself: Are you constantly worrying? Are you thinking negative thoughts about someone or a situation? Are you gossiping or spreading rumours or thinking badly about someone? Are you angry or have some envy? Are you grieving or have been through a traumatic event recently? Are you feeling unsafe?

If the answer to these is yes, then it is self-induced and you can absolutely make it better without worrying it is coming from an outside source. Ways to help yourself: do something fun and pleasurable, focus on your wellbeing and bring some peace into your daily routine, do an aura cleanse such a salt bath or shower or spiritual bath, go for a walk and be in nature more, buy some beautiful flowers for your home, rearrange furniture, re-decorate, and cleanse the house to move the energy around.

If Unconscious Attack: These are negative thoughts and emotions by others against us, and often known as the “evil eye”. They are usually unconsciously done and there is no specific intention. It can be because someone is jealous of us, envious, triggered or angry, and then starts projection onto us.

What to do: disconnect from that person, reject their energy, reject their compliments, put up your energetic shield, ground yourself, cleanse your aura with salt showers or spiritual baths, don’t engage, don’t think about them anymore, delete them or block them.

Sometimes we can’t just disengage because perhaps it is a family member. Sometimes people go through times of anxiety, worry, sadness, anger and when they can’t deal with it themselves, they start projecting that onto us. Other times, even if they are not projecting onto us, if we are highly sensitive, we will feel it in their aura and it will affect ours as well. In these times of hardships, it is important to have some alone time where we can re-charge our own batteries, and focus on our wellbeing, so that we re-connect to ourselves within. If we don’t feel well and are just sponges of other people, we can’t really be there for them neither, right?

If Conscious Attack: This is when a person is consciously and intentionally sending you negative thoughts and emotions. The intention is to harm you in any shape or form.

What to do: pray, spiritual baths, aura cleansing, protection oils and crystals, house cleanse and protection, throw away anything related to that person, delete and block them, disengage completely, wash clothes and bedsheets often, move around the furniture in your house to shift the energy and especially if they’ve been to your house – so that they can’t visualize your space. You can also talk to a spiritual priest who specializes in this field and do good deeds for other people.

If Emotional, Physical, Mental Abuse: Any kind of abuse, especially when done in front of others to humiliate you in any shape or form, such as verbal abuse, in intended to weaken you. The auric layer will become shredded and the perpetrator can then insert energetic hooks into the victim’s field. When it comes to gossiping – remember that those who stay passive when someone is talking badly about you, are just as “active” in their humiliation of you. You must surround yourself with people who have your back even when you can’t hear them.

What to do: get out! All of the previous tools must be used as to cleanse yourself, protection yourself and disengage from the person completely. Do not go back to that person even if they apologize – people don’t change, and abusers often use the good nature of others to continue to abuse them. Remember that abuse can be very subtle until it escalates further. Focus on building friendships with those who deserve your kindness and trust. Be mindful of who you surround yourself with. Seek emotional and mental healing and counselling, when needed.

Now let’s look at all of these spiritual protection tools in more detail.



Before we dive into how we can spiritually protect ourselves, we have to first know why we feel drained or attacked.

Looking back at the symptoms of psychic attacks, we can see how it can be easy to confuse whether they are self-induced or by another person. And so, the first thing when it comes to spiritual and psychic protection is learning what’s ours and what isn’t. We do this through self-development.

i. Know Thyself.

By truly knowing ourselves, we can learn to discern what’s ours and what isn’t. Shining awareness into the previously hidden corners of our psyche is what makes us more conscious and more rooted within ourselves.

Empaths, intuitives, and highly-sensitive people need to cleanse and protect their energy constantly, which is what the rest of this article will be focused on. It is important to acknowledge our true selves and our unique sensitivity attunement, so that we can understand what is going on. Often times if we don’t equate this with a psychic attack, the energy will continue to deplete us, weakening our barrier and immune system eventually even causing us an illness. We may continue to treat the illness for its physical symptoms, such as s cold for example, but without fully understanding the root cause, it will persist or come back after, again.

Other times, it is just our own energy or something we are going through in our current situation that is causing us depletion, worry, exhaustion, numbness and emotional imbalance. It is important to know ourselves, so that we can know exactly what we need to feel better. If the root of our energy imbalance or overwhelm is because of our own selves, then we’d need some other tools that tackle the specific issue and cause.

One simple exercise to check if it’s an external attack or not, is to take a long salt bath. If after the bath, you feel completely different and all negative energy is gone, then it wasn’t “you”. If however you still feel low, then you might want to take a look at why you feel that way, what has been happening in your life lately such as a stress and worry, and how to feel your emotions that need to come out. Our feelings are not the problem – they are the solution and they are our inner compass on what is going on inside of us, and what we need most. Learning how to understand our feelings, and what they are telling us, and how to navigate through all of our emotions is what must be our first step in life. You can read my article on The Brilliancy of Feelings. We should regularly check in with ourselves and understand where we still hold anger, disappointment, hurt, etcetera. This is not to guilt ourselves but just to acknowledge our emotions and work with them better; to learn what they are teaching us, otherwise they will just dwell within us, we’ll radiate them and project them.

Self-development is also about learning the patterns and old beliefs that have been rooted since childhood. We all have stuff – that’s not a bad thing. But we need to be aware and resolve that – to face it by validating its existence within us, as part of our past and then facing it to resolve it into inner peace. What matters is to have a peaceful and calm understanding of the reality of how our past has effected our current behaviours, attitudes and beliefs. If we still carry unresolved matters that are not made aware of – we’ll often float around like leaves in the wind, not knowing where each feeling and emotion came from; is it intuition or projection, is it ours or theirs? We need to become the root of the our tree that is our body.

Spiritual Entanglements: It is important to understand that people who have opened themselves to one another through love and a strong emotional connection will share a strong energetic bond and energetic ties through the quantum entanglement. If you are a highly sensitive person, or an empath, or clairsentient, or have ESP, you will be feeling them into your energetic field no matter how long time has passed since you’ve separated, no matter how far away from you they live, no matter the last time you talked or saw one another. You have both shared a quantum entanglement and even after separation, you are a part of this energetic thread; their energy will still be affecting yours. This means that if you are not aware, you might suddenly have thoughts or feelings of what the other person is thinking and feeling; and you will also pick up on their experience and what they are going through as if these experiences were felt through your own physical body. You are connected to this energetic thread and whatever affects them, will affect you. It is of absolute importance to understand how to set boundaries for yourself, that it is okay to say “no” to the energy coming in, and to learn how to discern what’s your energy and what’s someone else’s that you are feeling as your own. And so, if you are experiencing quantum entaglement, as the energy of someone that you’ve been deeply involved with, whether or not they are in your life currently or not, it is important to set energetic boundaries and find a way to shift the focus, cleanse the energy, and channel it into creativity which would connect you to something of purity and to a higher source – so that you are not left vulnerable to the other person’s thoughts and actions which could be negatively affecting you. You have to find a way to shift your vibration, whether through creativity or change in routine, and through extreme discipline, so that you can get back to your own self grounded within. It will be difficult to do this, so just be patient with yourself and try to focus on creativity as much as possible, while also staying grounded with various methods and tools. And when you feel their energy come in, immediately shift out of it, acknowledge it because it is coming from someone, and say “this is not mine, I reject it.” This is not to disassociate from your own feelings, this is about feelings that are not your own, and you know they are not your own. This is why it is important to understand what’s truly going on based on who you truly are. Be mindful. If you truly are an empath, clairsentient or have ESP, it is for your wellbeing to learn boundaries, protection and how to discern energy.

ii. Grounding Techniques.

Aside from knowing ourselves, thereby discerning where the attack or depletion of energy is coming from, we must also ground ourselves. When our energy is highly sensitive and light, it may flow a bit higher than our physical body. Especially when we feel into everyone else’s energetic field, it can be really difficult for us to stay into our own body. When the energy becomes overwhelming, regardless of why as this is relevant for all of us humans, we must ground ourselves. When we are grounded, we become unshakable, strongly rooted into the core of who we are. There are many ways how to do this but here are some of the ancient grounding techniques, used across cultures and throughout many generations:

  • place your hands on your head or on your crown chakra
  • wear a talisman such as a necklace, bracelet, small object in your pocket – something that is near and dear to your heart; that you associate with a loving memory to remind you of a safe, pure space
  • take a shower, which is what yogis call “water washing” and say it must be done daily before bedtime to cleanse all energetic dirt from our aura
  • go for a walk, which is what yogis call “air washing”
  • walk and/or dance barefoot
  • listen to drumming
  • body scanning: touch your feet or even paint them with bright red polish
  • start humming, especially with a lower voice tone, from your belly
  • focus on the five senses: touch, smell and eat something that you love and/or watch something funny and/or do something pleasurable for your senses, whatever it may be. You can read my article on Awakening Our Senses for many exercises on that topic
Susan Seddon Boulet


There are many protection ceremonies and tools that we can use but I will share my favourite ones, that I have personally found most effective. Remember that when it comes to spiritual protection, the main ingredients are: be aware and alert, know your intention, and fill your heart with love. A heart filled with love is the strongest protections against all psychic attacks. Send love to your nemeses; it is hard to do but necessary to give them gratitude for their teachings and not hold anger and resentment in your heart. 

Spiritual Integrity: Before I go on, we need to be clear on spiritual integrity. Remember that your intention should be focused on you and not the another person. Never influence other people and their free will. Never obsess about them or think obsessively about them. Never wish anyone harm nor send your negativity towards them. This is highly unethical and carries serious karmic consequences if you do abuse your energy, power and doings. If you are performing a psychic protection ceremony because of someone’s psychic attack – just focus on washing away their energy that was sent to you, and wish them peace and love on their separate path. We must respect the spiritual laws and have the integrity of never entering another’s space without their consent. 

i. Cleansing The Energy. 

We should regularly cleanse our aura and energy fields. Water is perfect for that as it is a natural cleanser, purifyer and protection. When you take a shower for example, make it a conscious ritual. As you wash your body – wipe outwards and away (for example, shoulder towards palms and away) and say, “Water wash away any negativity, wash away my worries and fears.” Wipe inwards towards yourself to invite joy and peace of mind. Always focus on yourself though – if someone has hurt you just wish them peace – never mess up with anyone else’s energy and free will – and never wish anyone else harm even if they have done harm onto you because essentially it is still your energy that will always come back to you once you send it out. You can always just say, “Thank you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you” which is the Ho’oponopono Prayer when someone has hurt you and you want to just release them from your energetic field.

We have four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Our well being is a holistic system and we should cleanse and take care of all of them. Cleansing our thoughts and emotional body radiates inner beauty which shows physically and visually on our face and in our eyes. Dance, go for walks and move your body to spread around your energy. Get creative – by cooking a new meal, by seeing something new, by painting – by anything that gives you pleasure. Share joy and happiness with the people that you love. Stay away from gossipers and people who judge and critisize with negative energy. Don’t judge others yourself and don’t focus your energy on them. Every time we involve ourselves with the negative energy of others, we essentially  absorb ourselves with their energy – where attention goes, energy flows.

We should also make sure we cleanse our house or the space we live in. Clean the house, do the laundry regularly, sleep on clean fresh sheets and make your space beautiful for you. Have plants and flowers around the house, and don’t hold on to clutter. Allow the in-house energy to flow and move freely. And always have fresh air inside – if you smoke, do it outside.

ii. Salt.

Salt is a natural detoxifier, absorber and clearer of negative energies from your skin and your environment due to its hygroscopic ability. It is used in almost all healing traditions around the world. Rub your hands and your entire body thoroughly with salt, or take a handful of sea salt and add it into a bath – we will discuss spiritual bathing below. You can also place small bowls of salt and water, or just salt, in the corners of your rooms and house, wait a few days for it to absorb energy, and then collect it and throw it outside of the house, like in the egg cleansing. You can also wash your floors with salt and water – to cleanse the house. You can also fill up a bowl of water, add handful of sea salt, and dip your hands in it for a few minutes. And for continued psychic protection, sprinkle some salt at the front door of your house, which keeps negative intentions from entering.

iii. Sweating it Out.

Similar to salt baths and shower cleansing, you can also sweat it out with a sweat lodge, sauna or steam room, all of which remove toxicity and purify your body and energetic field.    

iv. Be Mindful of Who You Surround Yourself With.

Be mindful of the people you surround yourself with and interract with. What do they say about you, what do they think of you, how do they talk to you, what do they say about your dreams and inspirations, what are their values, how do they live their life, how much faith do they have in you? If they are doubters – that means they’ll doubt you too. If they are gossipers – be sure they will gossip about you too. Move away from negativity, entitlement, jealousy, envy, criticism, judgment, doubt and fear – set your boundaries and distance yourself. This doesn’t mean they are bad people – but that they usually just don’t know how to control their own energy and take responsibility for how they intervene with yours. And if they don’t respect your energetic space and take responsibility for their own energy – then you take responsibility for your own energy and move away. We become who we hang out with because we adapt to them unconsciously. This is human nature – to connect or feel we belong, we start to unconsciously act like the other or the group. Remember it is much easier to get pulled down – then bring another up.

Do not shake hands with people who you believe are negative or angry. There are more than a million nerve endings and receptors in the palm and hand shaking acts as an energy transmission.

We absorb everything, consciously or unconsciously, and everything affects us, including the music we listen to and the news/movies that we watch. Everything carries its own vibration and imprints on us. Be aware how it impacts you and make mindful choices.

And when you move away from those who no longer contribute to your life or cause you discomfort or harm – please, remember not to judge or hold negativity towards them – because you’ll just do the same as them.

We live in a world of duality. Life needs all of us. A beautiful teacher once said, “A fly will not hug a spider.” Both the fly and the spider are needed in life – both of them have their own purpose and contribution to life – but that doesn’t mean they can be friends and be together. That doesn’t mean one is bad and the other is good. What’s pleasure or good for us, may be pain or bad for someone else in the same mutual exchange. Just be true to you and continue on your path of well being and higher vibration.

v. Reject The Energy.

Visualize shield around you and say, “I reject all energy from …” and name the person if you know them. Remember that we can always say NO to someone’s energy penetrating our own. If someone is physically, emotionally, and/or mentally abusive towards you – disconnect immediately from them and spend no more thoughts towards it anymore. Detach completely and don’t focus your energy on that person and their negativity.

vi. Protection Stones. 

Black Tormaline: It is always good to have this crystal as this is the ultimate crystal of psychic protection and a very powerful one indeed. I personally carry mine all the time when I go out and you can also place it around the house, or you are doing a video place it behind you. Black Tormaline also bounces off energy and seals it with the sender – meaning that the energy stays with the person who sent it. This is something to be mindful of because it is a very powerful stone, which is why we needed to first learn whether it is our energy or another’s. Tourmaline transmutes energy and drains the negativity from the atmosphere. This means that you might feel dizzy or even nauseous when you wear it if you have something negative sent your way and have absorbed it. This is because the tourmaline is draining that energy from your field and your body is feeling the intense drainage from your system, thereby making you feel sick. In the case that the stone is just too strong for you – you can always use black onyx or selenite.

Shungite: Known as “the stone of life”, shungite is an ancient stone believed to be almost two billion years old. This is another powerful psychic protection stone. It is also available in soap form, which is amazing because you can do shower cleansings with it. It is believed that it purifies water. Shungite grounds you to the earth, and guards you against electromagnetic frequencies, alongside other harmful toxins in the air and all around us.

Selenite: Aside from being one of the most beautiful crystals, it is amazing to have at home as it cleanses energy constantly and vibrates on an angelic level. Selenite is very gentle and serene; it calms the mind, as well as it transmutes negative and stressful thoughts. To perform psychic protection, or even cord cutting, you can hold the crystal a few inches away from your body, like a wand, and go around your aura field moving energy outward from shoulder to palm, and from head to bottom. This will also move stuck and unwanted energy away from you, and invoke your peace of mind. 

vii. Egg Cleansing. 

This is an old tradition used for centuries across many cultures. Rather than using a selenite wand, take a fresh egg, preferably organic from a farm, and do the same technique moving the egg around your body moving the energy from the inner towards the outer and out. Then wrap the egg in white paper and throw it in the garbage outside of where you live, never inside the house, or you can also bury it in the ground, thanking the earth and wildlife for providing you with it. As a gift exchange, you can leave some food for squirrels or birds, with a grateful heart.

viii. Prayer.

This is always very powerful and in my opinion, it is the most powerful because it comes from the heart and as we know, we can never create something outside of us without the energy already being present inside of us. It is love, and only love, that is the greatest breaker of all harm. Pray for protection of self and send peace to the person. There are great Psalms in the Bible which have powerful energy – but you can just speak softly from the heart – it is your intention and heart of gratitude that gives everything in life energy. Remember to never ever send any negativity towards other people – this is about you, not others. Pray with a grateful heart. 

ix. Talisman. 

This can be a necklace, bracelet, ring, stone or any small object that is near and dear to your heart. You can charge it yourself by performing a small ceremony where you will cleanse it, purify it and cast it with protection power to shield you from physical harm, energetic harm and danger. The essence of this is that it is something to remind you of a very special moment – so that by holding it, it grounds you and brings you to a time of pure love and safety within. You can choose a small item even all the way back from your childhood. Whatever you choose – do it wholeheartedly and let it be special to you. Like I already mentioned – the best protection against all harm is a heart filled with love.   

x. Spiritual Baths.  

Spiritual bathing has been used throughout the world for many centuries. It is a bath of not just washing and cleaning the skin – but a purposeful and ritualistic experience with the intention of purification and connecting our body to our soul. It is also one of the most powerful rituals for psychic protection. I wrote an in-depth article on The Art of Sacred Bathing where I discussed its origins, purpose and ways to use it, not just for protection, but also for drawing in desires. 

To begin a spiritual bath for psychic protection, set a clear intention and purpose, which in this case would be: to cleanse the negative energy from our field. Think about: what outer change are you looking for, and what inner state do you need to support it?

Before you begin, make sure you’ve cleaned the house with salt and water, and have clean bedsheets and towel for when you get out of the bath. Also, consider the lunar phases and the time of day. For removing energy: choose waning moon, and a time of day when the hands of clock are facing downward, such as 6:30. 

Hold a bowl of water, salt (sea or epsom) and then add other ingredients such as milk, honey, flowers, and essential oils. The essential oils for cleansing and protection purposes are: Rosemary, Lemon, Lemongrass, Frankincense, Myrrh, Juniper Berry, Oregano, Peppermint, Rue, Rose, Sage, and whatever grows in your garden. Choose all you want to add, whatever feels true for you, and then mix it together. As a general guidance, it is good to use three ingredients and if you have a garden, choose your botanicals from there or just head to your kitchen. 

Bless the bowl with a prayer of protection. You can use some of the Psalms from the Bible, or whatever else you feel drawn you. It must resonate with you. Pray with a grateful heart. 

Light two white candles on each side of the bathtub as if you are walking through a temple, and enter the tub. Take the salt mixture in your hands and breathe over it with a prayer again, and with your intentions. Remember to keep the focus on you, not the other person, as per your spiritual integrity. To then wash away the negative energy, brush long gentle strokes outwardly (from neck to fingers, from top to bottom) as you whisper, “Thank you water to washing this away, what no longer serves me, may it be carried forward to your depths and transformed into something that is of good use.” 

Before draining the tub or stepping out, make sure you collect a little bit of the bathed water. Later, you will dispose of it with respect, love and gratitude, when you will throw the water over your shoulder at a four way crossroads facing west – and then walk away never facing it, and never going back there again. Let it go with peace and know it’s now gone. 

When stepping out of your bath tub, do not turn your back towards the tub – because you are honoring your sacred bath experience. Imagine how we exit a church, walking away from the altar. We do that out of respect. 

After the bath, rub oil or lotion all over your body noticing each part of you and honoring it. No matter what has happened during your life, your body carried you forward. No matter how you felt, your body held you. Oil yourself into gratitude, beauty and calmness. Speak softly “Thank you” to each part of you – ankle, knees, tummy, breasts, neck. Acknowledge your feelings and sensations. Acknowledge your desire to shield and nurture yourself.

Lay on your bed in silence – this is your sacred time for you, your faith, and your higher connection. Breathe in and breathe out. Allow yourself to air dry and stay in a pleasant state. You can remain nude or wrap yourself in a special blanket, towel or beautiful silk lace slip – whatever you prefer and feels good for you. Afterwards put on clean clothes and dispose of the water as stated above.


This is also how we bless ourselves. To bless something is to protect it. And in our times of self care, nurturing and attention, we gather ourselves back to our mind, body, emotions and soul; we re-connect to our heart and our wholeness, and stay in our tenderness and strength. The breaker of all harm is tenderness. (You can read my article on Tenderness, here.This is because when the body is attacked it becomes dry, and even in the old days the “evil eye” was known to cause a state of dryness. This is why it is precisely in our moments of vulnerability and exposure to negative energy that we need to stay in our tenderness by keeping ourselves nourished, nurtured, and watered by softness and compassion. As much as we need to wear our armours of protection, we must also know when and for whom to take them off. Our tenderness, empathy and generosity are not meant to be shared with everyone because they are treasured gifts. And yet for those who are in our hearts – adorn them with your openness, sensitivity and affection. Build a bridge to love, and build a fortress around it with trust, respect, and faith. Honour it. Protect it.

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