The Art of Spiritual Protection and Energy Cleansing 

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In this extensive lecture delivered to you via email in PDF format of 111 pages, you will not only learn various esoteric, ancient and classic techniques to protect and properly align yourself for psychic and spiritual work, but you’ll also explore the inner dimensions of consciousness itself. You will learn how to enhance and purify your energy, strengthen your aura and raise your vibration, and how to lead a more spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically balanced and healthier life.


Sample Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Essence of Protection
  • Natural Protection: The Aura
  • Levels of Being: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual
  • Symptoms of Psychic Attack
  • How and why it happens
  • Entity Attachments and Places
  • Mass Media, Social Media and Public Events
  • Types of Psychic Attacks and What to do for each
  • Know Thyself
  • Grounding Techniques
  • Clearing Sacred Space
  • Spiritual Integrity
  • Salt
  • Plants and Oils
  • Protection Stones
  • Talismans
  • Self-Adornment Techniques
  • Protection Prayer
  • Spiritual Bath Ritual
  • Alternatives to Spiritual Baths
  • Egg Cleansing Ritual
  • House Cleansing and Blessing
  • Quantum Entanglement and Telepathy
  • Power of The Woman’s Womb 
  • Ritual for Release
  • Spiritual Secrets of Sexual Energy
  • Soul Ties and How to Release Them
  • Psalm for Soul Renewal
  • The Body Love Ritual and Self-Love
  • Transforming Emotions
  • The Power of The Mind
  • Imagination Exercise
  • Balancing The Layers of Being
  • Purification Rituals for Energy Enhancement
  • Christ Consciousness and Developing the Heart Center

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