“Alchemy requires the interaction between the experiment and the experimenter and that to be a successful alchemist one has to be pure of spirit, to ‘receive’ understanding by divine transmission” ~ Sir Isaac Newton

Manifestation is a bit more complex than what it’s been made out to be; it’s an ancient magical art where the magician acts like an alchemist to work with universal energy to purposefully and intelligently impress their desired intention into physical reality. Let’s analyze the alchemical process a bit further, because I’m just old school and I believe that when we truly understand something, is when we’ll be better at it, and also, have more respect and responsibility with our own energy, whether by thoughts, feeling and/or action. And afterwards, I’ll guide you in-depth through the steps of manifestation, and share the secret ingredients, used by the ancient alchemists.

 The alchemical art of manifestation has two major components:

  1. Clear intention
  2. Careful and responsible combination of the energies involved and the building blocks of manifestation

There are three building blocks, or qualities of alchemical principles: mercury, sulphur and salt. Whenever alchemists work with these three building blocks, they are basically bringing their desires consciously on the physical plane. They are also actively working with purifying their desires by transforming and transmuting their consciousness; because our free will is dependent on our thought patterns, and because we can only attract that which we are in a harmonious vibration with within our own selves. This is what the alchemists called “from lead to gold”, which was essencially a shift in their perceptions and expanding of spiritual energy within themselves, which in turn, changed their physical reality experiences also.

The three basic building blocks or qualities of alchemical principles, are: 

1. Alchemical mercury: the “what”.

This is associated with Prima Materia, or Astral Light, corresponding to the “what” you want or need. The “what” we want is essencially the arrow of energy we are sending into the universal ether; it is the first Astral Light or Prima Materia (First Matter), as if it is the electricity spark that is directed, controlled, influenced and impressed on by the sender. Whatever we receive later on will be based on the energy that we’ve sent, which is why pure energy is crucial. The “what” is our conscious and intentional focus, that is usually done by our mind’s eye, or third eye, or pineal gland. It is intense concentration, using our own energy as the “thing” that will take physical form later on. The secret: is in the knowing how to “seed” in and embody a particular “virtue” which will be expressed in physical form.

2. Alchemical sulphur: the “how”.

This is associated with desire and drive, corresponding to the “how” the physical form will express itself. This shapes the Astral Light and in a way gives definition to the expression. It is not “how” in terms of how the thing should happen, but rather, how it makes us feel or would want to feel once it arrives. This is because we attract based on feelings and our vibrational energy. The secret: is in purifying our energy and raising our consciousness and vibration continuously, so that our desire is truly what shapes as outcome. Remember that what we attract is only what we are in harmonious vibration with within ourselves.  

3. Alchemical salt: the “where”.

This is associated with form, structure and the physical plane, corresponding to the “where” things need to happen. This refers to the physical result and gives form to the creation, as the focus is in what area of the life of the sender is the embodied energy needed for them. The secret: is in knowing that physical forms are actually not fixed but can be modified and changed according to will.

There was also a forth factor which was the alchemist (or sender) who is the inseparable and most important part of the manifestation process.

This may seem obvious but it actually isn’t. Remember that it is the individual state of consciousness of the manifestor and their inner ability to direct mind-feeling-body-energy that is constant and continuous interaction with them; as we can only attract to us what we are harmoniously in vibration with within ourselves. This is why alchemists, magicians, and all people interested in and truly understanding the process, are in continuous process of purifying, transforming, transmuting, self-developing, spiritually growing, and transcending the shadows sides of themselves, and raising their vibration and consciousness, and even doing deep psychological work and mind re-programming to get rid of old beliefs and thought patterns – so that they not just attract a desire, but to be able to sustain this, and for that desire to have the true nature/essence of their intention. Because it is all about our own energy – manifestation is just shaping our own energy in different ways and forms, to serve other areas of our life.

So let me guide you through the steps of the manifestation process, and share the secret ingredients, which is what people rarely talk about.


The first thing to remember and understand when working with energy is that universal energy only has one language: expansion. What this means is, for example, someone is looking for love. The “looking for” implies that they feel they don’t have it; that there is a lack. And what that means is: the universal energy expands that “lack” which is what their inner self is expressing through their external actions, and their inner belief and state of being. And so: feeling, believing and acting should be based on what they want to expand more consciously. Remember that our free will, i.e. our decision-making, is based on our inner self, which in turn is based on our thought patterns and conditioning. This is why the prerequisite to anything “spiritual” or energy-based, always starts from within, and our self-development. In fact, spirituality at its core essence means: an expansion of perception

Next, we need to understand that: Thoughts are electric while emotions are magnetic, which means that we project based on our thoughts and we draw in based on our feelings. In fact, the heart carries the strongest electro-magnetic energy, and so it is our feelings that will always overpower all else. This is a key point to manifestation; that when the two are not in alignment, the results will be a bit off. Since the heart chakra is largely comprised of feminine energy, we also see that the most important part of manifestation is our divine feminine energy (you can read more on that in my article “The Love Dance: Feminine + Masculine Energy”). Let’s begin.

The Third Eye: Quiet the mind and connect to your third eye. This is located between the eyebrows behind the skull. The third eye has photo receptive cells, which may sound weird because there is no light hitting it – it is behind a bone. Nonsensical, right? Well, remember that what we see is all just a perception anyway. We need to connect, feel, hear and see not with our ears or eyes but with our third eye. We need to sit still and see with the third eye. Focus. Think of it as seeing a movie in your mind. Imagining. Praying. Meditating. You tune into your mind to see through it. Because of the photo receptive cells – this collapses reality into something tangible that we will see shape through your mind’s eye. You are basically seeing something out of nothing, which starts the process of tangibility. This is why imagination and visualization are so powerful. If you are trying to attract a partner into your life, don’t envision a specific face but rather focus on the qualities that you’d want; then in your mind’s eye, have conversations with them, go out for walks with them, cuddle with them, shop with them, kiss them, make love to them. 

The Audio: Once you are in the space of seeing the reality you desire through your mind’s eye – it is now time to actually “hear” it. Voice and words create vibration, which is needed to get the energy moving. This is why yogis chant. This is why shamans sing. And this is why people pray out loud. All these carry high vibrational energy. It heals and calms even our physical bodies. Sound can literally depress us or heal us depending on its frequency. This is why it is also so important to re-evaluate how we speak to ourselves and others. The words we use carry so much vibration. So be mindful of the words you use.

In fact, the Ho’oponopono Prayer which is basically repeating out loud, “I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you” has been used for ages in healing and even in psychology. If we want to help someone from a distance, we can just say these words as a prayer with pure intention and they will feel better. And in fact – here is a tip – instead of fighting with someone, just close your eyes and say these words thinking of them. Send them healing energy to wish them well, instead of burdening yourself with their negative energy. No reason to engage otherwise.

The Feeling: This is the most important. It is the feeling that we are creating and pulling in. Aligning our mind’s eye and audio with feelings is the ball of fire that will create the energy, which will connect the “plug”. But we need to really truly feel it. If that thing you wanted is sitting right here in front of you – in your reality already – how would you feel? Loved, calm, abundant, excited, ecstatic, moved. How does it feel as a sensation? 

Feel it.

Exciting isn’t it! Imagine it’s happening! Yes, good. Stay with this.  

Sit with it now. Relax. Do nothing. Just sit with that feeling. And just feel. 

It is the feeling that creates our reality. 

It is the feeling that we are manifesting. 

Realize this and just let it be. Allow yourself to just sit with this ecstatic feeling for a few seconds or minutes. 

And here it is – you just created energy which was sent out. Keep doing this other days by imagining how it’d feel if that thing already was in your life. For example, if you are attracting a good love partner: if you are out on a walk, how would it feel if they were with you; if you were kissing or making love or talking to each, how would it feel?

The Physical – Let It Find You: Now comes the believing. You have to believe this and continue to believe it. This belief will push you towards acting as if and resisting the old patterns. Don’t doubt it. Don’t contradict your new desires with your actions. Just because something is taking its sweet due time, don’t go back to old stuff, because actions are important as they shape our vibration and energy – which is what we are essentially attracting with. For example, if you want a guy who treats you right – why are you involved with someone who doesn’t treat you “right”, why do you still hang out with people who don’t treat you right, why do you yourself not treat yourself right? Well, he’ll change you say – no, he wouldn’t. But there’s no one else – okay, so don’t be with anyone at the moment, what’s the hurry? Why are you identifying with someone outside of you to validate your existence anyway?

Relax. There is nothing else to do now. You are the creator. The energy you sent out has nowhere else to go other than back to you. You created it and so this feeling and experience will find its way to you – you are its home. So don’t repulse the energy because it desires you and is looking to plug in in its own time. Remember sustained effort: you have to act and start living proving the validity of your desire and space for it when it comes. The universal energy likes space because this is how it fills it in.

Let it find you – because it is looking for you, because it doesn’t belong to anyone else but you, because it is you who desired it and pulled it towards you.   

Habits, or the repeated thoughts, feelings and actions, are the things that essentially create change in our lives. So you need to put in the continuous effort to repeat the thoughts, feelings and actions of your desires, whether new mindset, feelings or physical manifestation. Visualization is also one of the more popular ways of changing, breaking and making new habits, which ultimately shapes our reality and self-image, and helps us grow. Remember the alchemists: continuous purifying, evolving and transcending shadows and old beliefs/pattern for consciousness to grow and for their energy to remain high.   

The Nurturing: We need to nurture a safe loving space for the experience to conceive. When you want a rose to grow in your garden – she doesn’t just fall from the sky. You need soil, seeds, water and sun life. All of these look and smell nothing like a rose. And yet, you need all of them to cultivate the environment in which a rose will grow. In the same way, we need to create and nurture the environment in which an experience will happen.   

We are matching our vibration to the intended experience we truly desire to have and feel. We are becoming mindful of our energy and intention. We are understanding that if we want an experience of a higher vibration – we ourselves need to raise our energy to match that – otherwise, it would not be sustained to experience it.     

The Secret Ingredients – Gratitude and Joy: These are the secret ingredients. Joy is our highest vibration similar to love – this is how the universal energy works with us. And when the things we want happen, even little signs of it; practice gratitude! Now you may think that nothing is ever happening, but are you really sure? Maybe you just need to be more attentive. 

One of the greatest teachings how to establish a connection to the mystical world, or with animal spirits, is: 1. listen, 2. respect and share, and 3. validate/acknowledge the connection. This is actually how to establish connection with people in our lives too. First, we need to “listen” and be attentive to what’s actually happening, because everything has its own language and we need to learn to understand it. Next, we need to be respectful and give back, because there must be equivalent energetic exchange; this is how universal energy works. This is why when we work with animal totems or spirits, after sightings, whether in real life or as visions, we donate to an animals shelter or give back to nature. What we give will come back in its most needed shape. And applied to our human relationships – in order for a relationship to be long-lasting, intimate and fulfilling, there needs to be interexchange and respect. Otherwise, one feels drained, the other greedy, and it’s all downhill from there. And third, acknowledge the connection; we do this through gratitude.   

By gratitude we acknowledged that “it” has happened and have now established a relationship with it; a bridge to it and it starts to transmit the energy of interchange. Gratitude also starts to transmit the energy of trust, joy, expansion and love, which keeps the vibration high and pure. So remember – when something that you’ve needed and wanted happens, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, acknowledge it with a gesture, such as a dance. 

Many old traditions, such as in shamanism for example, use dance in their rituals and prayers. For example, they believe that earth is alive, so even when they step on it, they take light steps, with the intention of love. In their rituals, they dance in circles at the end of prayers, because the circles symbolize the family ties and bonds of love and closeness. Actually, dancing in itself is prayer though many people may not realize it. We actually pray all the time, just as we manifest all the time; but it is understanding how to live more consciously, more intentionally, that will create a better experience for ourselves. If you were aware how our words can becomes “spells” that we bind ourselves with, and others, what words would you use in your every day vocabulary? Be mindful. Be kind. Cook with love. Speak with intention. Focus your energy on what actually matters for you in life. And love. Love with your heart.


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Cover Art by Martin Stranka.