Who was St. Anne and what does her story teach us about cultivating the right environment as we weave through us the Divine plan; about how the threads of fate align throughout the generations? Do we choose our children and our bodies before reincarnation?

Nurture versus nature, which is it? Yes and yes. Because it’s both. We need the right environment that will cultivate our own growth, so that we fulfill our purpose. I believe that while we can never stray too far from who we are on a soul level, our environment will definitely speed up or slow us down towards our intended destination. I also believe that we are born into the family that matches our vibrational frequency at the time of birth. But let’s begin with a story.

According to apocryphal Christian and Islamic tradition, St. Anne was the mother of Mary and maternal grandmother of Jesus. In writing, we learn of her name and Mary’s childhood from New Testament apocrypha, or more precisely the ancient Gospel of James, written perhaps around 150 AD. I am not going to go into details why she isn’t mentioned in the (revised) canonical books because that’s not my focus here; what matters is the essence of the story and the wisdom it may teach us.

Anne was known as an ancient mystic who dedicated her life to laying the foundations for Christ consciousness (or Love consciousness) to be woven through all of life around her. Without her (and of course, all those before her), the threads of fate would not have aligned.

The story goes that she and her husband couldn’t have a child, so after many nights of prayers, an angel came to her, telling her that she will be blessed with a girl. Overjoyed and in gratitude, Anne promised she’ll raise her child to be dedicated to faith, in service of God. And so it happened as promised; Mary was born and raised with the needed love, values and higher awareness of her mother, to be open-minded and spiritually evolved so that she can carry the Christ consciousness into her womb and then provide her own child with the supportive and nurturing environment he needed to fulfill his own soul’s purpose.

The threads of fate are woven from many lifetimes ago. 

Anne reminds us of the quiet dedication that is sometimes required to live a life of purpose. She represents the generations that came before us that dedicated their lives to dream a new world into being, while knowing they might never witness the glorious end results. Anne is a dutiful warrior, the unconditional mother and a mystic; deeply knowing the truths beyond the veil, as she saw the invisible thread that is woven throughout lifetimes.

This is a simple story that teaches us that we all have a part to play in the Divine plan; that our purpose is unique to us but also encompasses many other fates. In a way, our purpose is so much grander than we may ever realize. No deed is too small and as many ancients have said it agan and again – purpose is not about the “doing”, it is about the being and becoming. Purpose is not a “job” or “aha moment”; it is found in the words, gestures and affections along the way, which we spread in the hands and hearts of others.

Purpose doesn’t have to be seen on the world stage to be significant. One person’s part is no more worthy than another’s. No part is better or worse; no more important or less significant. We each have within us a seed of love and wisdom that we reincarnated to share. Anne is gathering us all to remember and surrender to our part of the plan, especially when we can’t “see” it.

Like many Indigenous cultures will tell us, we borrow this land from our children. 

And so a baby was born, named Jesus. He showed the world how to love and how to have compassion. While religion was been long abused and misused for various geo-political reasons, the true essence of all teachings, religions and beliefs, is love. If one actually reads the stories of Jesus, they’ll understand that he was a heart healer; he only taught people about kindness, love and oneness, so that we stop separating ourselves from ourselves and from others, based on race, colour, beliefs, and shapes. It is only us, humans, that abuse the ancient texts to fit some narratives. And here we are, in a world of separation and hatred and blame yet again. Despite the efforts to unite, society has only divided itself further into new categories, genres and groups. How is someone “spiritual” if all they do is just use spirituality to judge others, or to fall into yet another dogmatic narrative? How is someone a “feminist” if they criticize other women who don’t align with their versions of truth and vision? Is it empowerment only when we devalue or demean others, so that we feel better about ourselves? True empowerment is when we support others even when their individuality and inner truth doesn’t align with our own narrative – because we are confident and live within self-acceptance. How sensible and responsible are we? Intelligence is the ability to know that we don’t know – and to consider various viewpoints and perspectives, which challenge our own beliefs. But that’s a different topic.

Our children’s wellbeing depends on our wellbeing. It’s energetic bonds. And it is the reason why we attract the souls of the children in our lives. Even if we look at astrology, any hard aspects that we haven’t dealt with, are then usually seen in the child’s chart as well. Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe not. But it is a well-known fact that the way we live our lives, will be directly impacting the destiny of our children. That’s just psychology 101. Children carry all the trauma and unresolved issues not just from their own past lives, but also from their parents, grandparents and the entire ancestral line of the birth family. Children are our teachers and our healers too, but unfortunately that comes at a very high price for them; a burden they often have to deal with themselves as they become more aware and conscious of how life works.

All that children need is a loving, safe and supportive environment, to express their emotional selves, natural gifts, individuality, and they need us to be well, also. We see the importance of this portrayed in the Indigenous story of The Rainmaker Man; where by merely changing our own vibration, we help the energy of those around us because of the energetic cords.

Even throughout my humanitarian work, whenever we worked on developing a marginalized community through building schools for children – it was of absolute importance to educate the parents and the community as well. Because we can’t have one without the other; because we need the right environment to cultivate real growth and expansion. For the parents, it is so important to be more aware, so that they’ll be able to provide the nurturing environment needed to support their child’s wellbeing and unique life path, rather than project themselves onto them. It is parents and adults that need the greatest education – because when the parents are emotionally and otherwise immature and unprepared, no amount of education for children would ensure their wellbeing.

Do we choose our children?

There are many theories as to when does the soul decide to reincarnate; is it when the fetus is formed or is it a soul contract?

The first situation to have a child is: you and your child’s soul choose each other before you are born; one of you will be the parent and the other will be the child. The parent incarnates, does their thing, and when the time comes, if the circumstances are still right for both, the child comes. If it’s a contract and you are more spiritually conscious, you’ve probably known (or felt) that you’ll have children since you were little. And a psychic will also be able to tell you straight away that you will – because it’s a contract made. 

In a second situation, the parent’s soul incarnates and then decides to have a child – so they make a contract with a soul that is yet to incarnate. This is not done very consciously, as in most people are not aware they are doing these contracts, unless you are very “awake” and aware of how you make soul contracts on a higher dimensional level, even as a human. In these cases, the child’s soul usually has the upper hand because unless you’ll fit into their soul’s mission, it won’t be right for them.  

Does the child make a contract with one or both parents?

It can be either way. From what I’ve learned, it is usually with one parent if it is a soul contract made prior to reincarnation. And sometimes it is with both parents, especially when the contract is made after the two parents get together (like the second situation described above).

One thing is a common thread though: a soul will come to you when it is the right time and circumstance for it to come to you. And the best thing you can do for your child is to follow your own higher truth and heart’s calling – because the soul of your child aligned with you, already knowing what your higher truth was and where you intended to go in your life’s path. Now it’s up to you to understand what it is and be more aware. So don’t doubt your decisions or feel guilty, what matters is today: don’t underestimate the wisdom of our souls that transcend our ego and human minds. And if you are following your higher self and true heart, trust that it is good for your child, and everyone else around you, also.

For us, as children: we should remember that outside of their role as our parents in this life, they too are human, and were children to their own parents carrying burdens that weren’t theirs, also … and we should forgive them, or at the very least try to have compassion for their unique life path. We are all the same, today a child, tomorrow a parent; we’re all just walking each other home and nothing is not as it should, even when we can’t understand it. 

Can soul contracts be broken?

Of course, they can! We have to remember that we are spiritual beings having a very short human experience; we are not here to become spiritual but to remember that we already are and apply this higher wisdom to our human connections. There is a spiritual master beneath the shroud of your skin waiting to be re-awakened. And it is always, always, up to us to say “yes” again to a soul contract, which I already discussed when talking about “The No-Shows”. Nothing and no one can ever surpass the power of our free will. Children and parents can break their contract and move on at any time if they feel it isn’t working out, just like any other relationship. But don’t worry as you will never be denied your soul’s intended experience in this life and another one will come forth.

Soul contracts especially related to children are a complex and very sensitive topic, which is why I don’t want to discuss further but one last thing I want to mention is: No one “deserves” anything in life and soul contracts certainly don’t negate having healthy boundaries or making decisions that lead us to happier and healthier lives. Please, never think you are cursed or meant to stay in suffering. You always have the free will to move on … and sometimes this is the greatest lesson of all: to move away from unhealthy/toxic situations despite the false sense of obligations. Choosing to be happy is not a crime.   

On another note: purely energetically, any soul will only be able to be carried by the womb of someone who is on a similar vibrational frequency. Sometimes there might be complications during pregnancy because the timed contract with the soul’s child wasn’t yet of a vibrational match with the mother – and so, she’ll have a harder time to carry its higher energy. But if it was contract, trust that the soul will do its best to come through especially if it needed to come during a specific time and year to fulfill its destiny later on. Furthermore, this is also why women who are of high vibration will attract many lower vibrational men who want to get them pregnant, just so that they ensure an energetic bond created by a common child; which would then “feed” them as well. But that’s a whole different topic, though suffice it to say, please always be mindful of who you “bond” with.

But then again, maybe that’s not true, so don’t believe me. In fact, don’t believe anything that anyone tells you. All I want for you, my dear reader, is to ask yourself some questions and be open to different perspectives. And then – make up your own mind, your own beliefs and follow only what resonates true for you. Whatever you believe though – make it a conscious, aware choice.

This is what spiritual development is; the ability to open ourselves to new perceptions. It isn’t about “knowing everything” but rather about considering viewpoints that challenge our own beliefs and then making our own minds. This is how we expand our consciousness. It is important to have our own values as a foundation, but we must also be flexible enough, and allow ourselves the freedom to change as new information comes in. It is through the childlike eyes of curiosity that we open the doors to God, and the Divine.

Cue the bodies. 

Do we choose our bodies when we reincarnate?

Our bodies. Our blessed beautiful bodies. 

If there is one thing that I intend and wish for you, my dear reader, to take away from this very long article, it is this:

Your body is the perfect vessel for your soul’s purpose; for your consciousness to experience everything that you wanted to experience.

Your body is a mutual decision of all of your cells with the divine consciousness that all said, Yes. All your cells devoted themselves for you to experience yourself and fulfill your soul’s calling and heart’s desires.     

Our bodies comprise of so many different cells, all of which have their own purposes.  Some cells are truth seekers while others are calm bringers. Some are the kings of discernment in our times of confusion or crisis. Other cells are the hard workers flushing crap as well as distributing food, information and energetic resources. Some are alchemists and magicians, others are transformers and catalysts; bringing us from one state of consciousness and beingness, into another. Some sit quietly yet alert with animal instincts, that will warn us of coming dangers. Some are defenders, like jaguars who will keep our immune system strong.

We need them all.

Our body is a shell of wisdom and spiritual knowledge that we can retreat to and find strength within. It lays the foundation for the divine plan to be woven through us, as life breathes through us and molds us into what we were always meant to become.

We have to stop judging, shaming and blaming, whether ourselves or others. All of us have our own paths to walk and we have to let people be whoever they want to be. If we don’t like someone or someone is harmful to us – move away from them. But no need to do them harm or judge them or criticize them. All of us have our stories to tell just like our individual body cells: peace bringers, nurturers, inspirers, motivators, space holders, value reminders, information seekers, danger alerters, catalysts, pain bringers, healers, helpers, stabilizers, comforters.

Your body is already the one it needs to be for you to fulfill your purpose and heart’s desire. Maybe it is in the way you hold someone’s hands. Maybe it is your beautiful singing voice. You don’t have to do it on center stage; it is blessing, a gift that you will give to all those around you who are meant to experience your blessed gift.

Be grateful. 

Being alive and reincarnated is sacred. There are far more disincarnated (spirits) than there are incarnated. The universe put in so much effort to create this vessel, which is your body, to experience itself in this life and there is a reason for that. It took so much effort, trust and time, for you to be here in a human body; for a chance to experience how it feels like to smell pastry, to touch the hands of love, to have the body to dance, to have the ears to hear the laughter of your family and the lips that move to say “I love you.”

Why would the universe expand itself and its energy to create a body?

Each cell has its consciousness. Your body is your perfect vessel for your specific vibration – so we need to learn to accept and love the natural state of our bodies also. Trust me – your body and every single cell is just as it is supposed to be – it is made specifically for you and for what you were meant to do.

Respect your life because there is a reason you were born. Be grateful and remind yourself that you are needed and that life truly is special. It doesn’t matter whether you know what it is or not – you are purposeful and you are enough just being.

We live in a society which gains when we are out of balance – so it is almost like when things are good we become suspicious or we feel guilty if we are just “being” content. We need to zoom out from the social conditioning. Contentment is a very important word – it means being comfortable and happy with just being in the moment. You don’t have to do anything. Just be content in that moment before running to the next thing of imbalance. Allow yourself to be happy and trust the divine timing and unfolding of your life.

And since you reincarnated during these challenging times that we live in currently – trust that it is because you are perfectly equipped with all the inner power, strength, heart and knowledge to be here. In other words, you were one of the best heavy lifters selected.  

Nothing is not as it should.

In love + faith


Cover Art by Valeri Tsenov.

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