and the sky opens mouth wide of fireflies

~ Moonhold 

A wise woman once said: When we can’t step away from our house, the simplest acts can carry great symbolic weight. We can open the windows for fresh air to circulate and take a new route by shifting the soul of our feet towards familiar destinations, allowing the new landscapes to inform us. Our current situation is pulling us to the core of ourselves; to the very foundations of who we are, what we value and what matters to us. This is a time to explore the richness of our inner world; to build a connection deeper and more authentic, realizing that connection is not just physical but also, energetic and spiritual.

Now is the time to be discerning and responsible with our energy and our emotional fields. We are in realignment assessing what is important and essential for us – and transmuting what no longer is into something more meaningful.

How we live matters now.  

Access your private emotions and stay in touch with your quiet self.

Convert your life into a dream from home.

Let your animal body lead you the way into the woods, into the liminal, where in the unknown darkness you might bump into some things but you will sharpen your instincts and senses, and you will go through the leafy paths. And we’ll come out and rejoice around the fire and dance together. Build a bridge to love and build a fortress around it with trust.

This is what I wrote about in my last article, The Choice: Love, I Will That I Am; about our current worldwide situation and the importance of our energy focus. But let’s expand further.

Open, Sesame. 

We walk through many doors every day; both physically and emotionally. Each one holds an opportunity and carries its own sensation, feeling and thought when we pass through it. Some doors make us nervous and we raise our armours of protection. Other doors make us stand tall and straight with pride. And yet others feel like coming home; as we settle into safety, comfort and peace.

We open doors, we close doors, we pass through them and yet rarely do we remember to remember that they are thresholds through which we experience a kind of change.

What happens when we move from one space to another? What do we go through emotionally, physically and mentally? What doors would we want to go into and out of? Why? What is the deeper symbolic meaning of that?

Anything and everything in our lives is essentially a door we walk through; a feeling, an emotion, an experience, a memory and a thought we walk into. Maybe it is the colour blue. Or the smell of pastry. Maybe it is a song or a movie. The scent of vanilla. Or a necklace. Maybe it is a photo or an old casette tape. Maybe it is a moment of great passion. Or a story that was deeply meaningful to us. And then something happens – the worlds kiss and the liminal becomes very real.

We need to know ourselves well enough to be mindful of the informational intake and choose that which benefits our wellbeing and keeps us into a higher vibration. Fear is a currency of control and there’s a lot of it out there from all mediums. Fear, shame, doubt and blame are the four things that our body sends us as warning signs when we are on the wrong path for us. So any time we feel any of these – we need to stop and walk away. We need to remember that just because we are currently in a state of self-isolation, we are continuing to walk through many doors which create an experiential reality for us. Where focus goes, energy flows.

Everything in life begins with noticing. It may be subtle shifts that we feel but it is still very present and real. Reflection itself is a door. We experience new sensations, feelings, meanings, perceptions and essentially a new opportunity within it shapes. And it is this noticing, this reflection, that allows us to tend more caringly to the spaces it connects us to; life, ourselves and each other.

Liminality is a state of the in-between; the unknown, the uncertain, the unseen, the deep woods. Liminal comes from the Latin word “limen” which means “on the threshold”. This is what doors do: they show us how worlds are woven together to connect continuously to one another.

Think of some of your favourite objects or things that open doors for you. Why do you love them? What do they mean to you? What sensation arises within you? What door do they open for you? Where do they take you? How do you change?

We can move through a door because an old story was deeply meaningful to us. Or through a scar. Or through a feeling of great passion. Honor your feelings. Focus on the sensation rather than thinking your feelings. And keep noticing how there are other doors and other experiences in your everyday life that take you to these places. Remember the feelings and thoughts associated with each door in your life and go back there when you need to. And be mindful of the doors that don’t take you to good places, such as fear, shame, blame and doubt. Maybe it is certain people that open these doors for you – so just limit your exposure and conversations with them, or if possible cut contact completely. Certain songs and movies, due to their vibrations or just memories associated with them, will make you feel bad. Our thought patterns are doors also – and very powerful ones. Know where you go – because you should honor your feelings, protect your spaces, and nurture your soul. We need to remember what is dormant and what is potent. 

And sometimes the stories that we enter by passing through a door can lead us down very subtle paths; at first seemingly wonderful seducing our various thirsts and curiosities, until ultimately leading to paths that don’t contribute to our wellbeing in a positive way. Often times it is because subconsciously we are using them to feed our own fears, distrust and need for control. And there is nothing wrong with that – we are just human – as long as we remember not to fall into the rabbit hole. For example, reading too much conspiracy theories or at the other extreme – obsessing over the mainstream media. While many of the conspiracy theories have turned out to be true or we say that we just want to “stay informed” with the news, we have to admit that obsessing over them is just a coping mechanism for our inability to let go of control. We want to control the narrative, too. We want to know why and how and what – because uncertainties are scary.

I’ll be the first one to say that we should always keep our free thought and critical mind – and always question everything, so that we form our own independent thoughts and values. However, we have to be mindful that we are not falling into someone else’s narrative forgetting our own power and selves, and that we are not feeding our shadow sides. There is nothing wrong with satisfying our desires and senses but over-indulgence is never good.

Intelligence isn’t knowing everything – it is challenging our perspectives and being comfortable with not knowing. And we have to be willing to truly consider evidence that contradicts our own beliefs. We have to be mindful of the paths we are led by our own selves and we have to know when to stop and turn around the corner.

Don’t fall into anyone else’s narrative. If something is leading you down the path of fear, distrust, shame, doubt and blame – it is not good for you. Don’t let anything or anyone, whether person, ideology, story, establishment or state, make you forget your own power and infinite awareness. You are the magician of your life. Be more in love with your future than your past. 

Doors are part of our everyday moment and situation. Some small, some big, some powerful, some subtle. But they all have stories to tell. They all hold their wisdoms, insights, opportunities, and feelings; yet when worlds meet, we begin a relationship. Like any other relationship – it is an engagement requiring our attention and choices will be made. And it is a fact – that we make wiser choices for our life and wellbeing when we are more aware and more conscious; because we have began noticing.     

Liminality is the state of ambiguity when we are in between; in the middle stage of a rite of passage; it’s a transitional or an initial phase of a previously unknown process. Whether as a mere moment or a phase of life, we stand at a threshold between our previous understanding of known established identity and ideas – and a new unknown world, which demands curiosity. In the liminal spaces we need to adopt a beginner’s mind, embrace curiosity and be self-sufficient, as we realize new opportunities in the unknowns. The world that we once knew may no longer exist but that’s okay. It will be better, I do believe that wholeheartedly.

We are currently in a state of transition and we need to honour that. We need to allow life to breathe through us. Nature adapts to anything. And nothing and no one can ever overpower the human spirit. Remember the power that you hold and choose what to focus on – because you are currently creating your experiential reality. We need to be mindful of how we are manifesting. 

When we talk about manifestation, people often talk about “thoughts”. And this is what the media is doing with all this fear mentality. But… Thoughts are electric while emotions are magnetic. This means that we project things based on our thoughts and we draw in based on emotions. In fact, it is the heart that produces the highest electromagnetic field – so it will always be more powerful than the mind. Our thoughts can’t overpower our heart – so all we have to do is be intentional about our feelings and emotions when we desire to draw in experiences. This is why it is important to know our thresholds – so that we don’t lose ourselves to fear and anxiety. This is why there is so much fear mongering – so that we become powerless and do as ‘they’ want.

Remember that it is our feelings and emotions that are the most powerful ingredient in manifestation. So focus on that. Close your eyes and enter the spaces that make you feel the most amazing and beautiful you possibly can. Feel into it and see it with your mind’s eye. How would you feel if that thing you wanted is already happening?  

Bless + Protect Your Doors:

Begin by de-cluttering. Donate, recycle or throw away what no longer serves you; make space, so that beautiful new things can come as the energy moves around freely. Sprinkle salt on the outer and inner thresholds of the front doors of our house. Salt is for purifying, cleansing and protecting the space. You can say your own prayer or “May peace and harmony enter my house, may all harm and ill-intentioned stay outside.” Intend that any attitudes, thoughts, behaviours and ideas that are harmful to you and your loved ones, are no longer needed in your beloved space.

Stand outside the door and visualize the gratitude and love for your space – say “I am blessed and grateful for my space and my family” and then exhale, walking in your front door. Bring in any other blessings that you want – blessing of health, blessing of joy, blessing of protection, strength, prosperity, abundance, generosity, love, passion. Whatever it is that you need – you know best. Feel into it. Say it. And settle into an exhale with gratitude.

It is our intentions that make the difference to everything that we do in life. Living an intentional life is the key to wellbeing and peace. This means: being aware and noticing.

Salt is the most ancient remedy used throughout the world and even traditional Japanese restaurants always have a bowl of salt on their entrance.

For the inside of your house, you can mix salt with water, bless it, and then use this to wash/wipe the floors, shelves and window frames.

Salt is also used for psychic protection and spiritual cleansing – whether in Spiritual Baths or just for a normal bath. This is how you can take care of your emotional and energetic fields; the home that is your body.

Another way to clear up your space, besides circulating the air by opening the windows, is to mix water with lemongrass oil in a spray bottle – and use this as a room freshener. And of course, having flowers and plants, and anything that beautifies your home is important. Especially spend time making sure that the front door invokes a sense of calm and beauty, however that may feel for you, when you open it to go in. Place a favourite object of yours near the entrance – so that it is the first thing that you see when you enter.

Your home is your space. Your body is your home. Take care of it. And just like you won’t like someone walking around with dirty shoes all over your newly cleaned floors – don’t allow those dirty shoes walking in your mind and heart also.

May we have a heart that knows the wisdom and discernment when going through doors. 

You are blessed, be blessings in turn.

Much Love & Peace


Cover Art by Margarete Petersen.

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