Dear miracles,

It seems like the world changed in a day. I know it’s a scary and uncertain time, so I wanted to write a few words on our current affairs hoping it’d be of benefit. First and foremost – I hope you and your loved ones are home and safe. My thoughts and my prayers are with everyone.

The great theologian and philosopher, Augustine once defined love as: “Amo: Volo Ut Sis”. Translated from Latin, this means “I Love: I Will That You Are”. What this implies is that the only thing love required was for us to just “be”; as love is about full acceptance; of ourselves and others. I know that we all talk about self-love but I find it much more important to talk about self-acceptance. We all imagined life would be extraordinary when we grow up. We all imagined this world would be beautiful. But that’s not really how it turned out. Some things happen and we can only appreciate their purpose in hindsight. We all failed at least once. We were all rejected. We’ve known loss and sadness and betrayal and disappointment. And we all know – very, very well – what it means to be really hard on ourselves and even lose ourselves, forgetting the simple pleasures and the old way of how humanity once lived.

We all want to understand and make sense of this world. And we would exhaust ourselves searching for answers. Why, who, where, when, and why and why? And that’s okay because this is human nature. It is a way to control, so that we feel more comfortable and safe with the unknown. This is why we like categories, numbers, groups, identities and even words. Anything that somehow “defines” something, gives us certainty because now it has become a box which maybe we’ll be more capable of studying and understanding – or at least “seeing”.

But this is not how life works.

Love is God. God is a lover. He, she, it, king, queen. The creator, the divine, mother nature, higher power, higher self, universe. However and whatever we want to call this higher consciousness – it just is. It doesn’t need our validation for its existence. It always has our back and our highest good in heart and is only capable of expansion. God is without definitions or even a face to be conditioned in. God loves us as we are because we are his creations; and he wills us to just be as we are.

God is a loving presence. Love is a being, not a thing. It’s a consciousness, faceless and undefined, always present and always feeling, yet not a feeling desired to be felt. It just is as is. Love is about the appreciation of its existence and being-ness.

The willing ego when it says “volo ut sis” in its highest manifestation and vibration – is not out of possession but rather to show itself capable of godly, divine love – like how God created humans and loves them without desiring them to be a specific thing. God created us only because he willed us to exist. And we willed that too. It’s a relationship and like any other relationship, it requires mutual decision making and it requires attention.

What Augustine’s statement also echoes is the need to pay attention. Pay attention to how we feel and look beyond that. Whatever you feel, it is okay. Pay attention to those you love; to the fears they might have behind their smiles or denials, to putting down the phone or switching off the TV so that we spend time together. Pay attention to their own worlds and the realities through their eyes. Pay attention to your body because our body tells us how it feels and what it needs for its wellbeing. Pay attention to those outside when we cross paths (from a social-distancing) because we are responsible not just for us, but for everyone else.

Make no mistake. What’s going on in our world with the coronavirus is serious. I personally have always had a bit of an issue with “breathing properly”, and every time when I get even a simple cold, my chest tightens and so this is concerning for me on many levels. It is important to be realistic but not to spiral into fears. Downplaying it by saying “it’s just a flu” is unrealistic. Panic is not serving us neither. It will pass, in a few months but until then we’ll be forced to make choices on these unwalked roads.

Depending on which level of consciousness we look at this from, there are various stories. From a 3D perspective – it’s a bioweapon. From a 4D perspective – it’s spiritual warfare. From a 5D – it’s a purge meant to cleanse the Earth as we evolve and all will be good. And look, all will be good eventually.

But the point is – don’t get lost in the stories.

Now is the time to focus on, what does this mean for us individually?

Who are we? How do we take care of our needs; emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs? How can we take better care of ourselves? Where does our attention and energy go? What matters to us? How self-sustainable are we? How responsible are we? What does connection mean to us?  What stories do you feed ourselves to distract from ourselves? How much trust do we have in ourselves and in our higher guidance? How can we connect to ourselves more deeply?

What does this moment of incarnation mean for us?

This is an opportunity to see ourselves beyond our known boundaries. This is an opportunity to peel back our layers like cinnamon bark and purge all the bullshit that no longer serves us; to become naked in front of the divine and surrender to its flow of love. This is the time to come into our authenticity; to align to our true self and do what our soul desires. And we can’t live a life of authenticity when we are stuck doing things out of fear and living in fake situations.

Fear will try to stop us. But remember that fear is only allowed to influence our minds – not take over. The taking over we do ourselves when we let it spiral. Don’t let it. Our mind is a powerful tool. But it is the master of our mind – not the other way around. Whatever beliefs and even thoughts we have – are just a product of our childhood, environment, people, mainstream media and whatever we learned and read and absorbed and listened and watched throughout our lives. It has archives of everything we even forgot it’s there. But what we think is not who we are. Just as we learned it, we can also learn new things. Our mind is not our enemy – it is only trying to do the best that it can based on the knowledge and experience that it had; when it had to force itself, like a scared child, to self-preserve and self-protect because of all the things that happened in our past. “It worked then so it’d work now,” it thinks so and it’s automatic. Make your mind a friend; a child that you can teach all over again how to protect itself in a way that works for you better now.

What’s going on in our world is very real, make no mistake about that. It is very physically, tangibly real. Fear is natural because the situation is real. Acknowledge the fears but don’t hold on to the stories and don’t spend your time on that. Fear is the currency of control.

It is time to learn to listen to your intuition and develop that true inner connection. Any time you feel you shouldn’t do something or that it’s not safe, regardless of social pressures or what others say – don’t do it. Any time you feel guilt, shame, blame and fear arising in you – these are your warning signals that you are on the wrong path. These four feelings are not coming from your soul and are not your inner voice.

Now is the time to choose love and come into our deeper knowing.

Ask yourself, “Am I making this decision based on fear or based on love towards myself and others?”

We have to hold on, hold together and hold close.

The only thing that heals fear is Trust.

When fears come, it is important to stay in a space of love, safety and connection. Connection is not just physical – it is energetic, too. And I believe after all of this is over, we would have changed a lot of our beliefs and the way we live our lives too; including how we connect to one another and to ourselves.

Build a space of love, safety and connection and hold that space as much as you can. Protect it like a sacred heart. We can’t change most things in life, so we should focus our energy on what we can change for our wellbeing. We are creators and we should focus on the choices that we make.

Choose love every day. Choose love and acceptance and then love and then acceptance and then love again and again and surrender. And keep doing that, blindfolded if you must, until these events pass; until you find yourself out of the woods.

In these dark times of uncertainty, doubt and worry – is the time when we learn to sharpen our instincts and strengthen our connection to the divine, or God, or however you call that higher consciousness or whatever else you believe in.

Now is the time to re-evaluate. What do you believe in and whom do you believe in?   Because this is the connection you’ll be strengthening whether consciously or unconsciously.

Go deep down in your gut – and be honest with yourself. When things get tough and scary – when you feel hope and faith are almost or entirely lost – who do you turn to and what do you believe in?

This is the principle that you hold yourself to. And if you don’t like it – that’s okay – you can change it and choose another instead.

Find a principle and align yourself to it – be consistent. Find your North Star and look to it for guidance. And each time, each moment, ask yourself “What would my principle do in this situation?” Know your fears well – is it fear of abandonment, loss, rejection, failure, aloneness that dictates your decisions sometimes? Why do we believe in things or people that harm us?

The choices we make will dictate the way we move forward and through – and the consciousness we would be tapping into and aligning to for our future.

We are always connected to the divine but the only perceived distance between us is our awareness.

Align to the higher consciousness and connect to it consistently to build that relationship. Just like any other relationship in life, it requires trust, patience, time and compassion. The higher you evolve and clear up that channel, the clearer you will connect and hear your own higher self. This is how we come into inner peace. It’s a knowing. A deep knowing that all will be okay. And that we are supported. And we can navigate through this with intuition as best as we can and connect to higher guidance when we ask for it. This inner peace will give us the stability required during these difficult times.

And the more you develop your relationship, the easier you’ll slip into it with trust. Choose whatever resonates with you and build a consistent connection to it.

Build a bridge and understanding to that energy. Build a fortress around it with trust.

There is no good or bad. These are hard times. These are unwalked roads. And no matter how some generations think they’ve been through this – no one has. This is new. Things have changed. But this is not to fear. This is for us to accept the reality and focus on us; accepting all of our self with trust and faith.

Choose love and let love hold the hand of fear, telling it, “It’s okay.”

Let your animal body lead you the way into the woods, with your sharpened instincts and senses, you will go through the leafy paths and we’ll come out and rejoice around the fire and dance. Allow your brain to rest from the should and should-nots. You are love incarnate. You have all that you need. You will be provided for. You are safe. Sink into that. 

It is the time to stay home and isolate as much as you can. Lay low. Take care of your body and wellness. Wellness is a holistic thing; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Strengthen your immune system. Move the body as much as you can. Be mindful of what you listen to.

Anything and everything in our lives is essentially a door we walk through; a feeling, an emotion, a memory and a thought we walk into. Know yourself well enough to be mindful of the informational intake and choose that which benefits your wellbeing and keeps you into a higher vibration. Walk into the doors that offer you safety, comfort, joy and love. Like watching a comedy. And like we already discussed above, use that time to build your deeper connections to whatever it is that you believe in; to your north star, to yourself and to your loved ones.

Be responsible with your energy and your emotional fields.

Go within. Re-connect. Detach from the old paradigm. Co-create responsibly. Trust yourself. Listen to your body, embrace your feelings and settle into the inner peace that connects you to higher consciousness.

Use this time to focus on what you want after all this passes. Focus on joy and love. Where thoughts go, energy flows. Dream the life that you want. Dream the life that you want for your children. Dream the biggest, most beautiful dream you are meant to live, and will live. Envision it. Dream it. See it. And focus your attention on what you desire.

All will be okay.

Appreciate this life. Respect life. Because there are far too many more souls that weren’t allowed to incarnate in a human body; to have this human experience in which we have hands to touch those we love and sit surrounded by flowers in a garden.  

In the next weeks, I will continue as usual with my articles on mysticism, relationships, wellness and folklore. I built my website so that it is of contribution and benefit to you, my lovely readers – and so, if there are any topics you are interested in, send me an email.  

From behind a screen, your hands are in my hands. 

Stay safe and take care.

Much Love & Peace


Cover Art by Louis Welden Hawkins. 

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