Our greatest adversary to re-claiming our power is forgetfulness. True power is calm and has the ability to do nothing because it understands how energy works. We need to remember ourselves and we need to learn to trust our inner voice. 

Dear heart,

This is part one of my series Mystic Nights. Think of it as nightly stories where I sit down to share and cultivate a space for mysticism, esoteric understanding, philosophical principles and ancient magical wisdom. May it be of benefit to you wherever you are in your life. Tonight, let’s talk about “finding answers” which was inspired by my conversations throughout the years with renowned mystics, Shamans, philosophers and clairvoyants.

The Seven Rays

God. Creator. The Great Mystery. The Universe. However we choose to “name” our creator, the one we pray to or look up to or believe in, it is of great unconditional love made up of the intention to help us and support us. It is a loving presence. And it is within us; and every thing around us is a part of that creation carrying the breath of God also. We all come from Oneness. And that oneness supports us. Life supports us. God is on our side. The Creator will give us the answers when we ask.

In terms of how the spirit world sees us – we are like colours vibrating around. This is known as the Seven Rays. The Seven Rays are part of ancient mysticism teachings. The idea is that we are all created from that Oneness, God. Esoteric philosophy says that as we re-incarnate (our souls come into bodies), the Oneness is broken down into seven frequencies of vibrations called rays. Imagine it as shining a pure white light through a prism – you’d get a rainbow of colours! That’s us. 

Humanity is an expression of the life of God; breathing through us and experiencing itself though our feelings and emotions in a way it could not have otherwise. Our soul ray is basically the reincarnated “us”; our dominant impulse and walk of life.

Our souls use the rays, or the so-called “paths of destiny” to come into reincarnation. In this way, our souls continue to vibrate on that ray’s frequency throughout our life. 

There is no better or worse ray; they are all purposeful and needed. It’s as if saying one door is better than another; it’s just a way to pass through. What is important though is this:

The way to approach each other as humans in this life is to respect one another’s individual paths. 

Our vibrations depend on our intentions, perceptions etcetera. The more we expand our consciousness and open-mindedness, the more we evolve spiritually, thereby changing our colours. The way we communicate and perceive one another, as well as our reactions, will depend on our vibrations.

If I am vibrating blue and someone is at red, the red might be angry with me – because it is not vibrating with their frequency. And anything unknown to us and our conditioned belief systems, even if good, is scary and so, we react to it. So sometimes people come in and then leave our lives, not because we don’t like each other but at that current state of consciousness, we are just not mutually resonating. Depending on which ray we are at, is what we are learning. And we vibrate upward as we evolve in our spiritual selves. This is why sometimes we meet people later on in life and suddenly we get along. This is why sometimes we open an old book and we suddenly “understand it”. Because we are currently vibrating on similar frequencies and can mutually resonate.

We have to respect everybody on their own spiritual growth and their unique paths. No one is “better” or “worse”; we just have different paces of learning and evolving. And we can’t expect someone to understand what they yet haven’t understood nor “seen”. People can only give as much as they have within them. People find what they search. If someone is concentrated on the bad, they’ll find it anywhere. And in the same way – whatever beauty you recognize in another, know that this is a part of you too. You would not have noticed it or felt so drawn to it otherwise. It is calling you towards itself because it is yet to resurface or manifest in your life for your eyes to see. This is the same with desire. If you feel drawn to something, know that it is your heart and soul drawing your attention towards it because it is meant to be experienced by you at that point in time.

If we want to help or guide someone at the red ray, for example, we should meet them a little further down at the orange ray to get them to an understanding that’s a bit closer to their perception or “vision”. We would seek a way to connect with them through the orange level vibration. This way, we are able to heal and move people a lot quicker as they’ll be more receptive, while allowing them the space and pace of their timelines.

It is already within us

All that we ever seeked was already given to us. But our ability to understand it is only dependent on our perceptions. So find that old book again. The one that didn’t make sense at all. Is there something new now when you read it? Look how far you’ve come. This is life. The more we evolve, the more our perceptions open beyond the limited conditioned minds, thoughts and belief systems – and we see life through a different lens. We gain more clarity and peace; we see the cycles of the land more clearly.

There is already so much channeled information out there. Nothing is hidden. It only needs the eyes to be seen. Once the energy has changed within you, more information will make sense even when it didn’t before.

There is spiritual master waiting to be awakened beneath the mysterious shroud of your skin.

As children, we are more connected to the supernatural world and so, it is also a widespread belief, that whatever we were mostly attracted to during those times, had special meanings (or premonitions) for what was yet to come in our life and our main lessons in this incarnation; it unveiled our destiny. In fact, we can ask someone to remember which tale (or song or movie) was their favourite and we’ll see how closely it resembled something important about their life’s path.

Stay with Curiosity

To move beyond limitations and fear, we need to stay curious. This requires attention. Like children are naturally curious, so it is easier for them to access information from the higher realms. They don’t get stuck in fear mentality and doubt; they remain open-minded little philosophers questioning life. A sign of that is also their infinite imagination.

As we grow older though, we begin to build our bubble of strong fears. To help someone who is very closed off, with fears or rigid beliefs or superstitions, it is really hard to “teach” them something. So it is most important to just get them curious about something new and then they’ll get excited and move out of a fear state to then be open enough to receive the answers they seek.

To know and understand, we must see through the childlike eyes of innocence and curiosity.

Curiosity is the secret to expansion.

Curiosity is aware of not knowing and then explores this further.

Curiosity seeks to understand; it allows us to not just look within our own selves but also to find out the unique world of the person beside us. This allows us more appreciation of one another, more respect and greater compassion. We all have our own worlds that we live in. The only bridge connecting us is found through curiosity; so that we learn our unique languages.

Sacred Dialogues 

Ritual, prayer and ceremony, are essentially a dialogue; a language with the sacred. It is a way for various energies to interract together and it is understanding that the sacred interracts with us continuously through everything. Learning that wordless language teaches us how to relate more deeply to all life surrounding us. 

To build a deeper connection to nature, spirit and life – we don’t have to go out and look for the faeries – all we have to do is just spend some silence in our bedroom. Sit still and notice – truly notice how everything around you is a part of greater consciousness and unites it all together; how every object is imbued with spirit. This is shamanism. We can do this anywhere, even in a prison cell.

This is how we build a connection to everything and everyone – spend time with it, see it truly see it and appreciate it even when it doesn’t look like you or share the same language.

This is how we build respect towards life and everything and everyone in it.

This is how omens work as well; it is a language, a dictionary with meanings unique only to us. What one omen may mean to me will not have the same meaning to another.

Life Paths

We can never stray too far from who we are. No matter how many twists and turns we make, no matter how off the road we go – eventually we will go back on our path; towards our soul’s destiny.

Our life path is unique to us. It isn’t about comparing to others because you are not them. What works for you may not work for another. We need to learn to trust in our process no matter what that looks like.  Every day we make choices which shape our future, so choose your life, it is never late for anything and actively follow your choices. And know that it is okay to change your mind also.

And be patient because sometimes we get glimpses of our future but then things stall and we begin to doubt it. Don’t doubt. Just be patient.

What’s rightfully yours, the creator will bless you with that and you’ll never be denied what belongs to you. Sometimes it will send you the people needed to take you further along in your path that will open up in you whatever was needed. So sometimes when things are not good for us, there will be the mystical hands of “no” that will be very clearly stopping us to move in that direction.

Experiences are based on how we feel, so sometimes a person may come into our life just for a little bit but through them and their presence, something inside of us became alive, opened up, expanded, or we learned something – like maybe how to be more trusting or emotionally open. And because of them, we were then able to go into our next desired experience or even dissolve karma and evolve spiritually.

Nothing is not as it should. Trust it even when you don’t know how it will unfold. We will get where we need to; where our soul desires to.

We are not always meant to know the answers at a particular time. This is because we would limit our experiences if we knew everything. And sometimes even when we have a vision of what (not so happy/successful thing) would happen in the future, we still do it – because we know on a soul level, we need to go through that experience and learn from its feelings.

Its purpose is intentional discomfort, like the indigenous sweat lodge tradition. This is when people sit in complete darkness around red-hot stones to sweat away old habits and beliefs; to purify themselves by first journeying inward unveiling their hidden dark places, to then cleanse and be able to reconnect to ancient wisdoms. Whatever emerges in this darkness and intentional discomfort – is to be observed without judgment, allowing it to shape like a box, accepting it fully for whatever it is and then deciding whether to shed it away like old snakeskin or carve some potential gifts from it.

It is only in the dark woods – when we don’t know, can’t see, when we bump into things and “wrong” people – that we sharpen our instincts and learn to trust ourselves in a way we could not have otherwise. It is by knowing fear that we know courage; one doesn’t exist without the other. Sometimes, we are not meant to know even the most beautiful things that await us – so that we learn to trust ourselves.


Because one of the greatest lessons for all of us here – is to learn to trust our inner voice.

Many years ago, I had a dream visitation from my grandfather. I asked him to tell me what would happen in my personal life. He smiled and said, “I’d love to tell you but you said not to.” Knowing that this is something I’d totally say being a bit too stubborn, I knew it had roots on a soul level. A couple of years later, I learned about how prior to re-incarnation our souls make contracts not to be told certain things at certain times. This is because we want to find out on our own. It is still up to us, of course. And our free-will can truly do whatever we want and break soul contracts too (I already discussed this in my article on Soulmates, Puzzles and No-Shows, you can read it here).

The question becomes: Is it truly what our soul wants or is it fear or ego? Because our lips might be saying “yes” but if our soul says “no”, it’s a “no”.      

Looking back now, it was precisely during the moments when I didn’t have any answers that I learned to trust my own guidance and intuition, and developed my senses further. And that’s priceless.

We need to trust that we know much more than we think we do and that we are much stronger than we think. We’ve outsmarted and outwitted our human ego of limited understanding and conditioned beliefs. We are amazing strategists and we made sure that we’ll be okay. We need to trust our past decisions as well. We know even when we think we don’t. The souls of our feet are leading us where we need to. Just trust.  

The Timing and Seasons of Information  

We need to learn to trust the cycles of the land; as in nature, so in our personal lives. Everything in life has its season and timing. And simply put – we were never meant to know it all at a specific time. There are spiritual laws. Sometimes this is because we need to experience some other things first, so that we can even come to the understanding of the “next”; we need to have the eyes to see and understand the information we thought we wanted. Other times it is because if we know the “answers” right away, we would ultimately rob ourselves of all the other experiences in-between.

It’s like going to a psychic. Some things they’ll be able to tell you and others they can’t. Unless it’s a soul contract, they won’t know the “answer” and neither will anyone else know your answers for you anyway. Because it hasn’t been “written” yet or decided by you – and so it hasn’t been manifested into “reality” for your future; it is still up there in the unmanifested energy of infinite possibilities. And that means: it is all up to you to make it a reality by your intentions, energy and actions.

I know a story of a girl who was completely sick of her job and her boyfriend and consulted a psychic. The psychic told her that she should stay in her job and stay with the boyfriend because she won’t find a job and she won’t find a man neither. Well, the girl got really pissed and the next week she quit her job and moved out of the apartment breaking up with the boyfriend. Within three months, she had found a better job in another city and was having a great exciting new life; she felt happier than ever before. Was the psychic wrong? Or did the psychic tell her exactly what the girl needed to hear to take the actions that she needed based on her personality?

We have to trust that what we need to know for our wellbeing and next step forward – we’ll know it; we’ll be guided to it in the way that”speaks” to us. Don’t hurry up your life. Life is such a puzzle sometimes and so many pieces have to come together. Every little thing and detail matters – and it has its perfect divine timing to come into your life as knowledge. Trust the divine unfolding of your life. Trust the timing of your life. We may not always know why – but trust that there is a reason why things are sometimes stuck or don’t make sense at all. From a zoomed-out view, it is all purposeful.

Finding Answers

So how do we connect and find answers from the higher realms? Our problem is forgetfulness; forgetting to ask, forgetting to listen and forgetting to trust.

And the Creator said, “I sit here holding all the answers and just wait respectfully for my children to ask, so that I may give to them.”

Be clear what you need and ask for it. The higher realms can’t interfere or help or answer unless we ask. And we must always be clear of our intentions – otherwise we won’t understand the “answers”.

Listen. Listen. 

“What is this feeling?” I ask the weaving woman. 

“You don’t need to know what’s coming. It’s growing in strength coming closer. You’re being prepared now, so just keep noticing it in the sound of the trees and the animal speaks. Keep yourself open to it like you have been, allow it to come to you, in its time.”  

Answers will come in their own way. It can come through a commercial, a stranger, the cashier in the store, a Youtube video or a holy messenger like an animal or a plant. It will come in some ordinary, seemingly meaningless manner, but when it does – we’ll feel this was what we were looking for.

And then we’ll doubt it. So …

We can of course ask for confirmation that it wasn’t our ego which then you will also get because remember that this is a supportive and expansion universe. And the more this happens the more you will also trust the creator and the flow of life. And the more you’ll trust your inner language; how it communicates with you, the signs, the omens and the connection you share with everything and everyone around you.

What’s yet unfound isn’t lost.

And last but definitely not least – Trust.

Trust the natural unfolding of your life. Trust yourself. And allow life the space that it needs for things to come together.

Have patience. Because just like when we sow the seeds no matter how ready we are for the roses to bloom, they need their sweet time to bloom. We are not the center of the universe – the rest have their own timing and order too for all the pieces to come together. Meanwhile we should continue to cultivate the nurturing environment needed for the bloom. Everything grows with time and there is learning involved. It is in the discovery that our perceptions expand – so it is the trusting and patience in the process that are very needed and purposeful.

Until then say,

I am grateful for what is yet to come.

Much Love & Peace


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