Our body skins are beautiful and while they protect our organs, they are not rigid boundaries to the world outside of us. Beneath the outer skin, there is another skin – invisible skin – of the soil of our soul. This is our bridge to connect to everything and everyone around us. As empaths, sensitives, clairvoyants, clairsentients, and spiritual seekers or just humans – this is our biggest blessing and yet it is also our biggest challenge. As highly attuned sensitive beings, we are open to perceive the greatest treasures of our world – to see beyond the veil – to feel love wholeheartedly and experience the deepest of connections that many people could not even dream of. And yet – we are also open to absorb negativity, feel great pains and even mundane daily stressors can bring our entire energetic field down. To keep ourselves tender yet protected – it is not needed to thicken our outer skin nor harden our hearts. We just need to take care of our energy – to nurture, protect and bless ourselves.


How To Enhance Our Energy

i.  Self-Development: Know Thyself

By truly knowing ourselves, we can learn to discern what’s ours and what isn’t. Shining awareness into the previously hidden corners of our psyche is what makes us more conscious and more rooted within ourselves.

Empaths, intuitives, and highly-sensitive people need to cleanse and protect their energy constantly, which is what the rest of this article will be focused on. It is important to acknowledge our true selves and our unique sensitivity attunement, so that we can understand what is going on. Often times if we don’t equate this with a psychic attack, the energy will continue to deplete us, weakening our barrier and immune system eventually even causing us an illness. We may continue to treat the illness for its physical symptoms, such as s cold for example, but without fully understanding the root cause, it will persist or come back after, again.

Other times, it is just our own energy or something we are going through in our current situation that is causing us depletion, worry, exhaustion, numbness and emotional imbalance. It is important to know ourselves, so that we can know exactly what we need to feel better. If the root of our energy imbalance or overwhelm is because of our own selves, then we’d need some other tools that tackle the specific issue and cause.

One simple exercise to check if it’s an external attack or not, is to take a long salt bath. If after the bath, you feel completely different and all negative energy is gone, then it wasn’t “you”. If however you still feel low, then you might want to take a look at why you feel that way, what has been happening in your life lately such as a stress and worry, and how to feel your emotions that need to come out. Our feelings are not the problem – they are the solution and they are our inner compass on what is going on inside of us, and what we need most. Learning how to understand our feelings, and what they are telling us, and how to navigate through all of our emotions is what must be our first step in life. You can read my article on The Brilliancy of Feelings. We should regularly check in with ourselves and understand where we still hold anger, disappointment, hurt, etcetera. This is not to guilt ourselves but just to acknowledge our emotions and work with them better; to learn what they are teaching us, otherwise they will just dwell within us, we’ll radiate them and project them.

Self-development is also about learning the patterns and old beliefs that have been rooted since childhood. We all have stuff – that’s not a bad thing. But we need to be aware and resolve that – to face it by validating its existence within us, as part of our past and then facing it to resolve it into inner peace. What matters is to have a peaceful and calm understanding of the reality of how our past has effected our current behaviours, attitudes and beliefs. If we still carry unresolved matters that are not made aware of – we’ll often float around like leaves in the wind, not knowing where each feeling and emotion came from; is it intuition or projection, is it ours or theirs? We need to become the root of the our tree that is our body.

ii.  Cleansing Our Energy

We should regularly cleanse our aura and energy fields. Water is perfect for that as it is a natural cleanser, purifyer and protection. When you take a shower for example, make it a conscious ritual. As you wash your body – wipe outwards and away (for example, shoulder towards palms and away) and say, “Water wash away any negativity, wash away my worries and fears.” Wipe inwards towards yourself to invite joy and peace of mind. Always focus on yourself though – if someone has hurt you just wish them peace – never mess up with anyone else’s energy and free will – and never wish anyone else harm even if they have done harm onto you because essentially it is still your energy that will always come back to you once you send it out. You can always just say, “Thank you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you” which is the Ho’oponopono Prayer when someone has hurt you and you want to just release them from your energetic field.

We have four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Our well being is a holistic system and we should cleanse and take care of all of them. Cleansing our thoughts and emotional body radiates inner beauty which shows physically and visually on our face and in our eyes. Dance, go for walks and move your body to spread around your energy. Get creative – by cooking a new meal, by seeing something new, by painting – by anything that gives you pleasure. Share joy and happiness with the people that you love. Stay away from gossipers and people who judge and critisize with negative energy. Don’t judge others yourself and don’t focus your energy on them. Every time we involve ourselves with the negative energy of others, we essentially  absorb ourselves with their energy – where attention goes, energy flows.

iii.  Cleanse Our Space 

Now that we’ve cleansed our inner selves and skins, it is time to cleanse our space. Clean the house, do the laundry regularly, sleep on clean fresh sheets and make your space beautiful for you. Have plants and flowers around the house, and don’t hold on to clutter. Allow the in-house energy to flow and move freely. And always have fresh air inside – if you smoke, do it outside.

iv.  Awareness of Sexual Energy

We absorb the energy of everyone we sleep with. Like I like to say, “Don’t involve yourself sexually with no one who don’t want to become.” Through sex, their aura starts to intervene with ours and then we carry it on with us and it radiates from us. Be aware that sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the universe; it is the source of creativity. And we can use it not just to create life but to create art like books or cooking a beautiful meal or tidying up the house! Learn how to harness that energy and use it in a way that is comfortable and healthy for you – in a way that enhances your energy and makes you joyful, rather than bring you lower vibrationally.

v.  Be Mindful and Aware of Who You Surround Yourself With

Be mindful of the people you surround yourself with and interract with. What do they say about you, what do they think of you, how do they talk to you, what do they say about your dreams and inspirations, what are their values, how do they live their life, how much faith do they have in you? If they are doubters – that means they’ll doubt you too. If they are gossipers – be sure they will gossip about you too. Move away from negativity, entitlement, jealousy, envy, criticism, judgment, doubt and fear – set your boundaries and distance yourself. This doesn’t mean they are bad people – but that they usually just don’t know how to control their own energy and take responsibility for how they intervene with yours. And if they don’t respect your energetic space and take responsibility for their own energy – then you take responsibility for your own energy and move away. We become who we hang out with because we adapt to them unconsciously. This is human nature – to connect or feel we belong, we start to unconsciously act like the other or the group. Remember it is much easier to get pulled down – then bring another up.

Do not shake hands with people who you believe are negative or angry. There are more than a million nerve endings and receptors in the palm and hand shaking acts as an energy transmission.

We absorb everything, consciously or unconsciously, and everything affects us, including the music we listen to and the news/movies that we watch. Everything carries its own vibration and imprints on us. Be aware how it impacts you and make mindful choices.

And when you move away from those who no longer contribute to your life or cause you discomfort or harm – please, remember not to judge or hold negativity towards them – because you’ll just do the same as them.

We live in a world of duality. Life needs all of us. A beautiful teacher once said, “A fly will not hug a spider.” Both the fly and the spider are needed in life – both of them have their own purpose and contribution to life – but that doesn’t mean they can be friends and be together. That doesn’t mean one is bad and the other is good. What’s pleasure or good for us, may be pain or bad for someone else in the same mutual exchange. Just be true to you and continue on your path of well being and higher vibration.

Protect Yourself

There are many protection ceremonies that we can do but I’ll need a whole new post on that – a very, very, very long one because it’s a book of itself. But here are a few easy tips.

Black Tourmaline: Always good to have this crystal as this is the ultimate crystal of psychic protection and very powerful one. I personally carry mine all the time when I go out. It also bounces off energy and keeps it with the sender – meaning that the energy stays with the person who sent it. Something to be mindful of – this is a very powerful stone. Tourmaline transmutes energy – drains the negativity from the atmosphere. Which means that you might feel dizzy or even nauseous – if you have something negative sent your way and have absorbed it. This is because the tourmaline is draining that energy and your body is feeling the intense drainage from your system, thereby making you feel sick. In the case that the stone is just too strong for you – you can always use black onyx or selenite.

Selenite: This is amazing to have at home as it cleanses energy constantly and vibrates on an angelic level. It is very gentle and serene and calms the mind, as well as transmutes negative and stressful thoughts, and is known to heal illnesses also. You can also hold it a few inches away from your body, like a wand, and go around your aura field moving energy outward from shoulder to palm, and from head to bottom – to move stuck and unwanted energy away from you – and invoke your peace of mind.

Egg: If you don’t have a selenite wand, you can do the same with a fresh egg (organic from a farm) and then wrap the egg in white paper and throw it in an outside garbage, thanking the earth and wildlife for providing that egg for you. As a gift exchange, you can leave some food for squirrels and birds with a grateful heart.

Shield Putting: say to yourself, “I reject all energy from …”

If someone is physically/emotionally/mentally abusive towards you – disconnect immediately and no thoughts towards it anymore! Detach and don’t focus your energy on that person and the negativity.

Prayer: This is always very powerful. Pray for protection of self and send peace to the person. There are great Psalms which have powerful energy – but you can just speak softly from the heart – it is your intention and heart of gratitude that gives everything in life energy. Remember to never ever send any negativity towards other people – this is about you, not others.

Shungite Showers: I do this all the time. Shungite is just like black tourmaline but you can get it in soap form and perform your shower cleansing (mentioned above) with it.

Spiritual Bath: Seal and Bless Yourself

Spiritual Baths are amazing to cleanse and purufy our auras. It is a great time to just relax and intend on love, peace and protection. Cleanse and clean your space beforehand – you can also wipe water and sea salt on the floors and window frames. Mix and match whatever ingredients and oils feel true for you, and beeswax candles are always best for use at home.

Hold the bowl with the water, salt and herbs in your hands and bless it by saying a prayer. There are many Psalms of protection that you can find but pick one that resonates with you.

Ingredients: Moon Water, Ocean Water, Holy Water, Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Honey, Milk, White Flowers

Essensial Oils: Frankincense, Oregano, Rosemary, Basil, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Lemon, Peppermint, Rose

In the bath, focus on your body and how each part of you feels – and stay in grateful heart. In long strokes, scrub the salt (from neck, to arms, to feet) focusing on what you want to be washed away from you. After the bath, wipe lotion on your body in calmness, silence and smile. Notice how each part of you is purposeful into carrying you through the day. No matter how you felt or did – your body held you unconditionally. Thank each part – ankle, shoulder, the tenderness of your forearm, your tummy and your breasts. Sit or lay yourself in silence and smile. Intend what you want to invite into your life – now that you are clean and fresh. And always pray with a grateful heart.

Give gratitude for each part of your body, mind and feeling. Give gratitude for everything in your life – speak it softly and feel in wholebodily and wholeheartedly. Acknowledge your desire to shield and protect yourself. Bless yourself exhaling in gratitude, Thank You, and make that physical gesture to yourself by placing your hand on your heart – it’s been decided upon by you to be well, safe and loved.

You can learn more about the beautiful tradition and practice of spiritual baths in my article The Art of Sacred Bathing.

And yet sometimes we’ll just feel emtpy – this is something we all go through at some point in our life and for many reasons. Sometimes it is because of grief. Sometimes it is because of stress. Sometimes it is because we’ve been spending great amounts of energy in constant states of extreme emotions – and suddenly we feel drained. After we’ve spent so much of our emotional resources, we just don’t have anything left – and the feeling is of emptiness. Sometimes it is because of too much TV, media, social media or prolonged hours and days on the internet. When we consume so much of these, our minds get overflowed and turn off to recharge. We should be very careful and mindful of what we watch and read and listen to every day – because it is all consumed and becomes a part of our beliefs and unconscious thought patterns. Do not underestimate the impact of such negativity online that propagates numbness and meaninglessness of this world – which affects us directly in subtle quiet ways. Sometimes it is because we don’t feel a purpose anymore. The universe is so big, years go by – and we are just small. What’s the meaning of life – why are we here, did we have dreams we abandoned, what makes us happy anyway?

It always helps to understand why we feel the way that we feel but the truth is – sometimes we won’t know at that moment and sometimes that’s okay too. Healing is the ability to remain strong in our tenderness – to allow ourselves to just feel. Sometimes we need to relax and be okay with not knowing, not doing – just have trust and faith that this too shall pass. Because it will. I promise you. Just acknowledging your feelings can feel peaceful. And engage in things that give you joy – little by little remembering the things that make you happy. And spend time with those you love and remember how much they love you – because you are more loved than you know. This I know for sure.

The true magic of all the above mini bath rituals, cleansing house etcetera – is that we give ourselves some time to connect with ourselves and with our intention; remembering what we need and don’t need anymore. And when we do that, we just have no other way than to live a more mindful, grateful, connected life; to come back to our bodies and Self again, even if just for a little bit during a busy day. What greater magic than that?


Much Love & Peace



Cover Art “Catskin” by Arthur Rackham.
In-Text Art “A Mermaid” by John Waterhouse.

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