Our greatest adversary to re-claiming our power is forgetfulness; forgetting our inner truth and our purity of heart. No matter what has happened to us through the years, we all have, at one point, been touched by love.

Now is the time to remember ourselves. Now is the time to remember the power we hold within and realize the responsibility we have as co-creators. Now is the time to appreciate our deeper connection to the natural world.

Magic is a kind of wild animal; a panther, a wolf, an eagle and a sparrow. Magic is a kind of wild animal, like us. A body of energy shifting into shapes, to experience itself through different forms. Magic is a shapeshifter. The alchemists described it as “the ability to turn lead into gold” or in other words, it is the ability to turn something mundane into extraordinary. At its true essence, magic is a way of perceiving our world in a new way – engaging with it and falling in love with it again – instead of manipulating it or controlling it.

Magic is weaving the ordinary into extraordinary as we deepen our connection to life and allow it to move through us. It runs wild and free, as wild animals do – but it is not found outside of us – it is rooted and threads in our everyday life and experiences. Magic is found in no other place than the fertile soil of our soul.

Doing the laundry, cooking, making babies, writing a book, cleaning the house and watering the plants – all of these are the product of our creation. Magic is made by the power of three; intention, energy and action. We pour our intention into everything – and the energy we send out comes back to us. In a way, we are love making and creating magic every day. The question is: what are we creating?

Magic is Know Thyself – so that we are conscious of what we create and how – and be able to harmonize within.

Magic is found in our ability to build intimate connections to nature and ourselves – because magic only comes from within – because our relationship to nature is a direct reflection of our relationship to ourselves. Magic is a way of harmonizing our inner self and moving the energy with our clear intentions and actions.

Each seemingly small thing that we do carries its own imprint, scents of us and is a giant created by our very own hands. We create magic by the words we choose to speak each day – making a decision on the kind of person we want to be and how we want to contribute to others; kindness or harm. There is magic in how we fold the clothes, how we prepare food or how we make our tea, appeciating these sacred ingredients of our hands and love for those we do it. Magic is our imagination – the vessel through which spirit connects and works through us. Magic is our creativity.

Magic is spreading petals across the bath and across the wedding aisle. Magic is dad buying you peonies to surprise you in the middle of winter; when there are no peonies anywhere. Magic is finding snowdrops with your mom, and seeing her joyful smile. Magic is the sound of laughter; the laughter of your family. Magic is love and love is magic.

Love is the basis of magic; of creation and of life.

When we realize the power that we hold – is when we can also realize the responsibility we have towards ourselves and others.

Magic is to fall in love with the world all over again. It’s a choice, a leap of faith, to intimately connect to all beyond our understanding and human face.

In Indigenous and many others cultures, people have an intimate connection to the natural world. They relate to rocks and trees – as they connect to humans. This is what I do as well – ever since I was a child. I believe that everything around us has consciousness – in its own way of course, maybe not as evolved as a human mind – but it is alive. I believe that spirit flows through everything. And I believe that how we treat nature and everything else around us – including our furniture – reflects our relationship to ourselves.

How do we keep ourselves from ourselves? Why do we need so many things – material and seen – if only to avoid feeling? Can we remember how the sun touched and how the water feels and how a rock is soft?

Can we remember how wind slips back into the shape of leaf just to experience itself as touched by loving hands again? 

What do we feel when we put our hands to our faces?

As children we give names to our toys and dolls – and look at animals with wonder as if they speak to us. As adults we continue to give names to things – sailboats, trucks, cars – our bigger toys. Name giving is actually a very important tradition and ceremony. Children do this authomatically because they have a greater connection to spirit, the (super)natural world and their psychic senses.

To build a deeper connection to nature, spirit and life – we don’t have to go out and look for the faeries – all we have to do is just spend some silence in our bedroom. Truly sit still and notice – notice how everything around you is a part of greater consciousness and unites it all together; how every object is imbued with spirit. This is shamanism. This is spirituality. We can do this anywhere, even in a prison cell.

This is how we build a connection to everything and everyone – spend time with it, see it truly see it and appreciate it even when it doesn’t look like you or share the same language.

This is how we build respect towards life and everything and everyone in it.

Ritual is essentially a dialogue; a language with the sacred. It is a way for various energies to interract together and it is understanding that the sacred interracts with us continuously through everything. Learning that wordless language teaches us how to relate more deeply to all life surrounding us.

When we feed the squirrels, they can’t thank us with words and yet nature communicates back to us in its own unique way. Everything in life is an exchange of energy. Money itself is exchange of energy. When we walk into a temple, we leave a donation in exchange for its contribution of peace and harmony in the community. And so we learn that whatever is given, something of that intentional weight will be received. If we understand these concepts – we’ll be more responsible in life.

We live in a consumerist world where all we do is take, take and take – and this is what has caused a lot of imbalance because life cannot sustain itself that way. We will ultimately destroy ourselves if we continue to do that. I meet many people who constantly talk about social issues and justice – and yet don’t pay attention to the very person sitting beside them.

Life is about harmonizing ourselves. There is a beautiful story that Carl Jung told: The Story of The Rainmaker. A village was at the end of starvation and called a rainmaker. He came, asked for a hut and then secluded himself there for four days and four nights. The rains came. “How did you do it?” asked the villagers.

“When I came into the village I noticed that the villagers were out of harmony with Heaven and Earth. All I did was place myself in harmony with Heaven and Earth. All I did was work on myself.”

We are all magical creators, rainmakers – if we can only recognize the unlimited potential, healing and unconditional love that flows through us. The rainmaker brought rain not by striving or demanding or berating it – but by creating the environment needed for the rain to fall. He only worked on himself – because that’s the only thing that changes energy around us. This is the same as healing: we can’t heal others, we can only heal ourselves and through us healing energy flows outward also. We all have the ability to heal ourselves. The key is to remember this – and remember the power and ability we have to harmonize ourselves within.

Yesterday, I watched Soylent Green. “How did we come to this,” Sol broke down in tears when Thorn brought home steak (a giant rarity in a world of starvation). It’s a relevant and scarily accurate representation of the countless happenings and trends in our modern world; and the dangerous consequences that may lie not far ahead.

We’ve abused nature and wildlife, treat others with disrespect. We are killing our Earth – but no worries, let’s focus on migrating to Mars. We’ve objectified humans and normalized abuse. We live in degradation of values as reflected by the degradation of nature.

And yet what struck me most in this scene was that they still had each other. I think we can all see how this world has changed relative to the “good old days”. Yes, but …

Are we not grateful enough? While we are longing for what’s gone, how much of our present are we missing? How much do we appreciate the tomato we ate today or the hands that served it?

While we are focused on what’s missing, how much are we taking for granted what’s still with us, next to us?

Today is your wish come true of some yesterday – maybe a long ago yesterday – can you remember which wish it was? How easy we forget sometimes – or just not see.

Maybe the greatest ingredient to our magical self is grace; grace in accepting and appreciating our life and ourselves as we are, and being content in these simple moments that we are blessed with.

Grace is about letting go of what is beyond our control – we can only focus on ourselves. Through us – all else flows like water. As within so without.

Make every thing you do a devotion – finding pleasure in the doing. No thing is too small or insignificant. An important part of magic is taking care of the little things; of the not-so-obviously meaningful things. Such mundane things are just as important because they show an honoring and gratitude for what we already have and care for. 

We can infuse power, magic and mindfulness into our everyday life; into each moment, act and choice we make. Some mini rituals:

  • The coffee you brew, or tea or water you drink each morning becomes your first potion of the day. Take a time to yourself and be mindful – make it special time for you and setting your intention.
  • Pick a shawl or blanket and dedicate it to your magical one – the one that every time you use it, it will make you feel calm and protected.
  • Prepare you favourite meal and eat it slowly savouring its tastes. Notice if any part of the ingredients stand out for you and how you feel – and ask yourself, where else in your life have you felt that? Then do more of that thing.
  • Identify your favourite things in the house. What does their presence tell you about your area of focus and how can you have more of that throughout the house (in various shapes and forms).
  • Notice the beings and things you pass by each day. Is there something new you discover as you notice them more?
  • Think about your favourite part of the day. Set aside time for it without any distractions to just be in your favourite moment. Chores can wait ten minutes.
  • Think of what you’d want to have in your life. Imagine you already have it. Write down (or just actively dream) of how you feel to already be in that situation or to hold it. Describe the feeling as vividly as possible as if it is already happening.
  • When you feel your hands or feet, name them, “Hi hand, Hi little foot”. Ask your body how it feels each day and what does it need? What do you need to feel good today? When did you feel good and where else in your life are these feelings also to be found? How can you make your day better today by doing something that you love?

Magic only comes from within. 

Much Love & Peace,


Cover Art by Susan Seddon Boulet. 

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