As Scorpio season approaches, we move into the energetic realm of deep emotions, intimacy and ancestral healing; of the ancient women’s wisdom that speaks in the still voices within ourselves; of the many secrets trees keep and the truths they know – and will share if we are perceptive enough to hear them.

Throughout time, women have been shamed and numbed for our intuition, sensitivity, creativity, natural healing and life force sexual energy. We all carry the “witch wound” – which is a deeply ingrained ancestral wound of the brutalities and shames that have been endured once we’d become aligned to our feminine energy. So many women died during the Witch Trials which were basically a scheme to get rid of those women who defied suppression; burned and brutalized were those women who were healers, doctors, learned, wise, rebels, intuitives and so on and so on. And nowadays, it is always frowned upon if we stand up for our inner truth, or say we want to be mothers or nurturers. We are shamed of our sensitivity and intuitive abilities; of our clair (psychic) senses and abundant fertile creativity; of our sensuality, wisdom and natural power.

In Indigenous cultures, once a girl become woman at their menstruation, they need to feel a sense of acceptance into womanhood and so, a celebration occurs – where the older women welcome her and take her into their hold to teach her and guide her into the creative power of feminine energy and intuition to create and nurture the next generation – they guide her into accepting her immense power and its beauty and responsibility. 

We’ve been numbed and dumbed. So that we suppress our intuition and true power – anything from cosmetics, sex, objectification, “medicine”, and pushing us to be aggressive rather than stay and own our true energy. Contraception and even deodorant are filled with harmful substances. Meanwhile we’ve become objectified by media and treated like some porn dolls. We are shamed if we don’t have the ambitions to become CEOs and have instead chosen to have a family a care for them with love. And most have become so detached from their feelings, sensitivity, compassion and empathy – that they are starving on the inside – and as a result harming others or just using others to replay their wounds or or or or or. There is poverty of souls – as many have fallen victims into the mass propaganda of humanlessness, perversion, brutality, separation and plain inhumanity.

Have we forgotten the secrets and wisdom we all carry? Have we forgotten the mothers, grandmothers and ancient grandmothers – like Changing Woman and Spired Grandmother and our own grandmothers and great-grandmothers – who watch over us; whose prayers, even if said just once, are still protecting us because they are filled with intention of love and power?

We fly from place to place, looking for external stimulations – and we forget that everything we need is already within us – and that if we just listen, shhh, we’ll align deeper to ourselves and to everything around us.

All these tales we’ve been told by the ancestors, passed down through our own mothers and grandmothers, are not to be forgotten. These are simple truths, to be protected and carried within us. Each one of us carries our parents and grandparents karmas – and we can heal them too as we stay true to ourselves and we care for ourselves. We heal them by healing ourselves – and vice versa – as we share an invisible string of energy and vibration.

There are so many distractions today. Most people wouldn’t even know what to do with themselves if there was suddenly a blackout – no internet, for example – if there was suddenly no validation of your existence and worthiness from others, would you be okay to just be comforted in your own arms? When we begin to satisfy our own desires, whether emotional, sexual, mental and spiritual – then we will no longer be in need of someone, but it would be a conscious decision. When we begin to stimulate our own selves from our own infinite capacity within – is when we will not longer be slaves to harmful or toxic bullshit. And if our attention span has become a few minutes long – how would we even expect to hold a long term relationship which requires dedication and commitment? We are always in a hurry. Money, money, career blah blah. What about our wellbeing? What about who we truly are as humans? Why don’t the questions people ask be, “Who are you outside of the identification of career, house, other people, status and money? What makes you happy? How do you love? What matters to you? How do you feel?” Support is not just financial – it is emotional and spiritual. And this is priceless. So don’t ever feel ashamed if you can’t support someone financially – being emotionally and spiritually there for them, is often times, all they’ll ever need, and the greatest gift you can give them. This is not measured by currency and money – and yet it’s impact is invaluable. You are not defined by money, status and career – but by who you are on the inside, on the kind of person that you are.

Feminine energy is receptive. To always be a go-getter is a perversion of its purity and healing ability. The feminine energy needs to draw in (like the ocean draws its waves) and receive all that she already possesses in herself. And when we are out of balance with who we truly are deep within – this starts affecting our physical health as well. It is extremely stressful when as women we have to live as men, or when we don’t have our core needs cared for. We begin to harm our root chakra and sacral chakra – which then harms our creativity, abundance, safety, fertility, sexuality and attractiveness. And I don’t need to tell you how these manifest as physical symptoms too.

We need to allow ourselves to receive and to say “no”. We need to let go of the shames and suppression – and embrace our intuition and sensitivity. And we need to surround ourselves only with those who respect us and nourish us.

We need to stand in our feminine energy – and while it may seem like we are doing nothing sometimes, it takes a lot of work – and it is not just for us, but for other people too, since we become transmuters of the energy. On a collective level, energy is all one and part of the same tea pot. Feminine energy receives the masculine energy of everyone around – and then cleanses it on the inside. The Masculine is The Protector. Give him the sword, Queen – you have other powers to take care of.

“Calling on the spirits of nature, animals and plants, she harvests with her own devoted hands and blends together in water gathered from her own blessed spring. She sings nature’s songs – and they sing with her. In that moment, powerful magic is present.

Old, even for a faery, she has gathered deep wisdom and much experience and thus can weave life perfectly. She knows what is important, what is the best use of these gifts of nature. With practiced motions, she moves her hands over the steam mingling the energies to summon precious blessings for her loved ones: a peaceful, compassionate face; deep, intimate connections with others; and commitment and honor.” ~ Tarot of The Hidden Realm

May we never understate the importance of these things; connection, family, honor, compassion, empathy and love. 

May we always honor those who came before us and the gifts of deep wisdom they have passed on to us.

May we never take our intuition and sensitivity for granted and never harm our sensuality and healing ability.

May we never be shamed and guilted for the choices we make – because choosing to be happy is not a crime and it is okay to walk away from someone when it is no longer good for us. May we honor and respect ourselves. May we honor our compassionate truth facing it with courage even if it’s uncomfortable.

Sometimes we look for answers everywhere – but if we just stop and listen, we might see we already know. If we just stop being obsessed with thought and learn to tune into our sensitivity, feeling and intuition – we will recognized the truths with compassion and acceptance.

And so I entered the house of Weaving Woman, where next to the fireplace she was weaving the integrity of emeralds, the sacred lovers, the intimacy in tents and the laughter of otters; she weave and weave the wisdoms of life under the constant beat of the only sound there is: of love.

What is this feeling, I ask her, this beckoning me in the sound of trees, it feels human, like hands pulling me towards itself, a yearning, like a homecoming, what is it always saying but not speaking?

She smiles: You don’t need to know what’s coming. It’s growing in strength coming closer, you’re being prepared now so just keep noticing it in the sound of the trees and the animal speaks, keep yourself open to it like you have been, allow it allow it to come to you, in its time.

I wonder how many of us have such deep trust in ourselves and in life – to know the cycles of the land. Trust in the timing of your life and listen to your body.

Dear reader, I want you to now listen



Listen, just listen

Trust. Trust in an old wise woman’s kind of way

Trust that the pearl is yours



Close your eyes and prick up your ears

Hear the still small voice within

Trust in the ancient wisdoms and in the primordial truths

This pearl is yours

In the unstable place where language fails, the leaves will lean forward, the veils will unveils when the wind tells them to. The waves will come high and low, then slow. I tell you: nothing is not as it should and noone can take away what’s yours



This pearl is yours

May we always honor our ancestors, respect nature and care for & feed the animals – who are always guiding us along our way. For it is they that speak in the winds and water, and if you can listen and be perceptive enough – you too will hear it and maybe even see it.

Honor your intuition and allow your soft side to stretch. Feel the feels in your body but don’t rationalize them with thoughts to get lost in the emotions – settle into yourself and become the stable root of the tree.


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